The ’69 State Schoolboys’ Football Competition – Adidas

When I came back to Perth in 1969, after having worked on Adidas promotions in Victoria and South Australia, Clark Johnston, Perth Manager of Goldberg International (Adidas agents) reluctantly agreed to employ me in Adidas sales and promotions. Clark must have come to some financial arrangement with Jan Van Hoboken of Ametco (Adidas franchisees) for there was no love lost between us, but at least it let me get my bags unpacked.


Adidas were gradually getting public acceptance of soft toed shoes by Aussie Rules players, but the cynics still weren’t happy with injection moulded soles (what happens when the sprigs wear out?), weren’t happy with shoes generally (there’s no protection for the ankle) and felt a hard toe was needed for protection.  No, I am not going there!


The State Schoolboy Football Carnival was coming to Perth, so I felt that this was an opportunity not to be missed. The Western Australian State Schools’ Association gave us permission to fit out the entire team with footwear. These 14 and 15 year olds were delighted to be fitted with top range footwear.

Our side was  – Robert Armanasco, Ken Ash, Mark Botika, Gary Chapple, Lester Featherstone, Gregory Frost, Howard Garner, Derek Gobby, Ken Inman, Robert Jeffries, Shane Lucas, Stan Magro, Bruce Monteath, Terry Mott, Keith Mullins, Kelvin Pense, Russell Pitcher, Tony Pozzi, Tony Pullella, Ian Smith, Gary Symons, Stephen Taylor, Barry Tyson, Robert Warner and John Watts……….(not John K. Watts !)

Stan Magro and Bruce Monteath both showed the class that was to take them to the League.

Victoria, Tasmania and Queensland also fielded well coached sides, but our boys equipped themselves well at Leederville Oval and were runners-up to the big V.

From a promotional point of view, this carnival was one of my best ever.

I must admit that the highlight came early in the final game.  By chance the Greek Soccer Team was in town for a game and their manager, Georgiades, couldn’t speak English but was keen to watch our game. After 10 minutes he screamed “Kamikazi”,  much to the amusement of spectators. He addressed the boys at half-time through an interpreter, and was clearly impressed. I dropped him back to his motel in South Perth where his players were just about kept under lock and key.




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  1. Hey Peter, that photograph is a gem.

  2. Great memories Peter. Do you know who the coach and manager are in the picture? Looking forward to reading and seeing more of your memories. Slater and Gartrell sports store in Midland is still going. I came to Perth 20 years ago and by then the big franchises were starting to take over from the smaller “famous name” stores. More please.

  3. Peter Thomas says

    You are stretching my memory, but I remember player Gary Symonds Dad was the Manager. According to the list of officials the team managers were H. Symons and I. Tassicker.

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    As PB said, keep ’em coming Peter.

  5. Nice one. Lester Featherstone is a cracker of a name – hope he didn’t have a lisp

  6. Kelvin Pense says

    Hal Symons was the coach, Lindsay Tassicker manager.

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