The 2012 Phantom Draft

Pick 1


Lachie Whitfield

DOB: 18.7.94

Height: 184cm

Weight: 74kg

Position: Midfield

Recruited from: Dandenong Stingrays
[Image: 806679-lachie-whitfield.jpg]
Clearly the best of the bunch in the class of 2012 (excluding possibly Daniher), Whitfield is a must for the developing midfield of Greater Western Sydney. He is perhaps the most aerobically-gifted players in the draft, which hasn’t come naturally, only from plenty of hard work, showing how determined he is. He has a left foot to make most Hawthorn players weak with envy, but he can also use his other side effectively. That is because he is actually a right-footer, but you wouldn’t know it. Has good goal sense, if put in the forward line he is more than capable of playing as a fast, small forward. Sees things before they happen, meaning he can find teammates through the congestion, evade opposition tackles, and read the ball in the air very well. Another string to Whitfield’s well-developed bow is that he is very unselfish, and Kevin Sheedy and Leon Cameron will be hoping he sets a good example for his fellow teammates at Breakfast Point. Once he fills out physically, one will be accurate in saying that Whitfield could be the most exciting midfield prospect we have seen for quite some time.

Pick 2


Jimmy Toumpas

DOB: 2.1.94

Height: 183cm

Weight: 77kg

Position: Midfielder

Recruited from: Woodville West Torrens
[Image: crowb.jpg]
A well-rounded midfielder will complement the growing wealth in the centre for the Giants. Toumpas will join the likes of Whitfield, Coniglio, Greene, Smith, Hoskin-Elliott and Tyson as first-round draft picks in the midfield, which will make GWS a very scary proposition for other teams in a few years time, if not now. Toumpas is deceptively quick, which may surprise a few teams next season. He uses the ball by hand and foot excellent, can play inside and outside, while his poise and endurance are superb. Toumpas is a little bit like Jimmy Bartel, in that he is excellent in the clinches, lifts for big games and can play through injury, as highlighted by his performances throughout the U/18 Championships, when he had a dodgy hip. But unlike Bartel, Toumpas possesses great speed, which makes him a great pick for Greater Western Sydney, rounding out their midfield.

Pick 3


Troy Menzel

DOB: 22.9.94

Height: 187cm

Weight: 77kg

Position: Forward

Recruited from: Central District
[Image: croppedimage225300-IMG3733.jpg]
Yes, we know Menzel has had knee problems, similar to his brother Daniel at Geelong, but Troy is too much of a talent for the Giants to pass up. I’ve listed Menzel as a forward, but he is very much a midfielder as well. However, with the plethora of options GWS have in the middle, I can see them playing him in a forward pocket for the first few seasons of his career, where he will gain strength and confidence in his troublesome knee before moving into the midfield to replace Tyson or Hoskin-Elliott when they succumb to the ‘go-home’ disease. Has brilliant awareness on the field, and has a great leap with strong hands. Like his brother, he has excellent skill, both in general play and around goals. Menzel could end up being one of the most productive and entertaining players of this draft, similar to Steve Johnson or Stephen Milne (without the obvious flaws).

Pick 4


Oliver Wines

DOB: 7.10.94

Height: 185cm

Weight: 83kg

Position: Midfield

Recruited from: Bendigo Pioneers
[Image: 401912ec-e157-4d5e-b824-4b78e8243e1d.jpg]
If the top three play out as I have here, then I can see Melbourne agonising over who to select with this pick. One one hand they have Brodie Grundy, one of the most promising ruckman to come through in some time who was tipped to go at pick 2 or 3. On the other, is Oliver Wines, good mate of Jack Viney, and a seriously good player. Melbourne have made their love for Wines clear, and it comes through here. Looking at him, he looks one of the most ready-made players for AFL in the draft, which will no doubt please Melbourne supporters who have endured a lot lately. Has a tackling technique that just works at AFL level. The inclusion of Viney and Wines will complement the Melbourne midfield nicely, as Wines can regularly pinpoint teammates when shovelling a ball out from underneath a pack of players. He is also good at reading the play, and just seems to be where the ball will end up next. Not the fastest player in the draft, but has excellent endurance.

Pick 5


Lachie Plowman

DOB: 11.9.94

Height: 191cm

Weight: 86kg

Position: Defender

Recruited from: Calder Cannons
[Image: 516344-lachlan-plowman.jpg]
Has really firmed of late to a top 3 pick, but with his lack of height for a key defender, I can see GWS going after Menzel instead and focusing on a defender later on. With Plowman, the Western Bulldogs have a kid who can either play up back, which is where I think he’ll start up, or in the midfield, where he will develop into later on. Has terrific mobility for a person of 191cm, and can avoid tackles in the manner we see most midfielders do. In defence, he can rebound with plenty of flair, or he can play a close-checking game. Uses the ball well, which will give Western Bulldogs supporters good faith when he has the ball in hand.

Pick 6


Jono O’Rourke

DOB: 21.4.94

Height: 183cm

Weight: 75kg

Position: Midfield

Recruited from: Calder Cannons
[Image: e2d63798-be02-4beb-9bbc-fff4a2b088a2.jpg]
An interesting prospect is O’Rourke. He is fast, explosive and damaging, however he is also capable as an inside midfielder, although in his first couple of seasons I can’t see him being played there with his medium-frame. His explosiveness from packs is similar to Patrick Dangerfield’s, which is an extreme call, and he generally finds targets up field with his kicking skills. Is a good finisher when he has the ball within the vicinity of goal. With Plowman and O’Rourke, the Dogs have some much-needed class that will help build them back up from scratch.

Pick 7


ckson Macrae

DOB: 3.8.1994

Height: 188cm

Weight: 75kg

Position: Midfield

Recruited from: Oakleigh Chargers
[Image: 738990-tac-cup-u18-gf-gippsland-v-oakleigh.jpg]
With Brodie Grundy still in freefall, I can see Port agonising over this pick. As Matthew Lobbe, Jarrad Redden, Brent Renouf and Jackson Trengove are already on the Power list, I don’t think they have a need to add another 200cm player, despite how great Grundy is. The area that needs addressing is the midfield, with Hartlett barely on the field and Boak’s progress stagnating slightly. Combined with the loss of Pearce, Macrae adds some extra class to the Power middle. Has magnificent awareness all around his body, leaving his opponents in a tangled heap as they try and tackle him. Great disposal in tight, especially by hand, which can be used to great effect to let someone like Chad Wingard or Boak speed away. Has the poise of Scott Pendlebury, which is a huge comparison, but the kid has such high wraps that it could well be true. Not the fastest type, but makes up for it by evading past his opponents with ease. Once he puts some weight on, I think he can become as effective as Pendlebury, both inside and outside. Excellent finisher around goals. I think Port would be very happy to snap up Macrae, despite letting Grundy go.

Pick 8


Kristian Jaksch

DOB: 7.10.94

Height: 194cm

Weight: 85kg

Position: Forward

Recruited from: Oakleigh Chargers
[Image: 1_TAC01ErOcDT%20253.jpg]
The Lions will also ignore Grundy, given they have Leuenberger and Longer already on their list. Some could say that Grundy could be played up forward, but I think his real worth is in the ruck, and I can’t see the two existing Lion ruckman going forward so Grundy can play in his preferred position. To fill the need up forward, Brisbane will go after Kristian Jaksch, a key position player from Victoria. He will be drafted as a forward, but he is familiar with the needs of a defender, so he can play wherever the Lions need him the most. He is also capable of moving into the midfield, as his speed is above-average for a guy his size, and his kicking skills would make most midfielders jealous. Reads the ball in the air well, which is usually followed by a good overhead or contested mark up forward or down back. Makes a great effort when chasing opposition players, making continual efforts to bring his man down, which is impressive for a big man. The sky is the limit for this young man, and I suspect most Brisbane fans will be happy with his selection, especially with Jonathan Brown coming close to bowing out.

Pick 9


Brodie Grundy

DOB: 15.4.94

Height: 202cm

Weight: 100kg

Position: Ruckman/Forward

Recruited from: Sturt
[Image: 4_U18VCSA12MW%20114.jpg]
Finally, the young man tipped to go within the first two picks in the draft is snapped up, at pick 9 by the very lucky Tigers. Grundy is very athletic for his size, and has a huge leap. Combined with his height, it makes him a very valuable prospect in the ruck. Can play right from Round 1, and not only does he ruck and play up forward, but he contributes around the ground, being very useful with his disposal which includes a booming kick. Has that ‘extra gear’ that some players have, and uses it well in crucial moments of tight games. Very strong mark overhead, which again, combined with his height, makes him very dangerous up forward. Grundy is one of the steals of the draft if he goes this low, and Richmond will be delightfully surprised if he ends up in their laps.

Pick 10


Joe Daniher

DOB: 4.3.94

Height: 201cm

Weight: 89kg

Position: Ruckman/Forward

Recruited from: Calder Cannons
[Image: 20120706_daniher_article.jpg]
No surprise here, but Essendon clearly have the biggest steal of the draft, getting Father-Son Recruit Joe Daniher to the club for pick 10. If he wasn’t a F/S, Daniher would be vying for number one position with Whitfield. Boasts an amazing contested marking ability, the best in the draft pool, although he sometimes lets his teammates down by missing goals he should be nailing. Is terrific at ground level for someone of his size, with the ability to bend down, pick it up, turn around and screw the ball around the shoulder for a goal, all in the one motion. Will most likely be used up forward, as Essendon seem to have some depth in the ruck, and Daniher’s true value is in front of the big sticks. This kid will be a star.

Pick 11


Sam Mayes

DOB: 20.5.94

Height: 187cm

Weight: 78kg

Position: Midfield/Forward

Recruited from: North Adelaide
[Image: 1_U18QLDSA11CG%20376.jpg]
A very silky user of the ball, Mayes is a terrific lead-up forward, despite his height, with excellent marking abilities and good acceleration, which usually leaves defenders in his wake. He won’t stop working until a goal is kicked. Mayes is one of the best kicks of the ball in the draft, which will hold him in good stead when he moves to the midfield later in his career. Will be able to learn from the best in Chris Judd and Marc Murphy, meaning Mayes will be a perfect prodigy by, say, 2015.

Pick 12


Jake Stringer

DOB: 25.4.94

Height: 191cm

Weight: 91kg

Position: Utility

Recruited from: Bendigo Pioneers
[Image: 1_U18VCSA12MW%20260.jpg]
We all know Stringer’s story, and with plenty of picks in the draft, I think GWS can afford to take a couple of big risks. Stringer could potentially end up being in the top three players of this draft, but it all depends on how much is horrific broken leg ends up hindering him. Some say that he’ll have his gait for the rest of his life, which will affect his running style in a negative way, but some say that it can be corrected, so we will have to wait and see. After the Giants sent Jon Patton to Sweden for surgery on his knee, it is clear they will take good care of Stringer. Used to have an explosive speed with a huge leap, but it hasn’t been since after his broken leg. Stringer is similar to Brendon Goddard in that he can play anywhere on the field and have an immediate impact. Uses the ball well with both hand and foot. Could end up being a KPP, despite his height, but will most likely end up being a tall midfielder, hopefully with the trademark speed and skill he had prior to the injury. Despite his issues, Stringer attacks the contest like it is his last, which could be true in a way.

Pick 13


Taylor Garner

DOB: 8.1.94

Height: 186cm

Weight: 77kg

Position: Midfielder/Forward

Recruited from: Dandenong
[Image: 756955-taylor-garner.jpg]
Plays around half-forward, pushing into the midfield and into the forward line depending on where the ball is. Can take a strong mark, especially one-on-one, while he is not afraid of flying high for a speccie. For his build, he is a great winner of the ball in close. His skills by hand and foot are good, but is prone to making the odd mistake, so his consistency needs some cleaning up. For Gold Coast, Garner could develop into a nice player in the similar mould of Nat Fyfe, which would complement Harley Bennell nicely.

Pick 14


Tom Clurey

DOB: 23.3.94

Height: 193cm

Weight: 85kg

Position: Defender

Recruited from: Murray Bushrangers
[Image: 128548-tom-clurey.jpg]
Played against Clurey a few years ago and all I could think was ‘shit, this kid does not belong at this level of competition’. He was so fast, so athletic, so big, so strong, and ran all day. So it is a bit strange to see that he’s developed into a defender since then, but i’m sure he’ll use those attributes, usually suited to a midfielder, well. Is solid when trying to shutdown an opposition forward, but his rebounding from defence is very impressive. Has elite footskills for a key defender, and takes a strong mark. I will be watching Clurey closely during his development at Greater Western Sydney. He will be the second player drafted into the AFL from Katamatite in five years, the other being Sam Wright.

Pick 15


Dayle Garlett

DOB: 9.1.94

Height: 180cm

Weight: 75kg

Position: Midfield/Forward

Recruited from: Swan Districts
[Image: 210712sptsteel02_181m24p-181m25h.jpg]
Along with Menzel and Stringer, Garlett is one of the more risky picks in the 2012 Draft, not because of any injury history like the other two, but because of behavioural issues, however I think they have been paid too much attention to by the media. Garlett is a fantastic prospect, with elite pace and the composure and footy smarts to know when to take his opponent on and run and bounce. Makes good decisions, and doesn’t show any sign of selfishness. Has a cutting left foot, with plenty of penetration. Good at ground level. It will be interesting to see if the risk North Melbourne are taking in selecting Garlett pays off or not.

Pick 16


Nick Vlastuin

DOB: 19.4.94

Height: 187cm

Weight: 83kg

Position: Midfielder

Recruited from: Northern Knights
[Image: vlastuin246.jpg]
Well-rounded midfielder will slot right in as the likes of Cameron Ling and Joel Corey depart, and Jimmy Bartel moves to more of a forward role. He consistently wins his own footy, and goes into every contest hard as nails, which immediately draws comparison to the player he’ll play under at Geelong. Does not make mistakes with the ball, either by hand or foot. His skills are terrific. Not very fast and doesn’t possess great pace, but excellent endurance and works hard all day. Tackles very hard, while he is already being touted as a future captain of an AFL club. Can play off the half-back line, which could appeal to Geelong as their midfield wealth is still strong.

Pick 17


Mason Shaw

DOB: 15.1.94

Height: 197cm

Weight: 82kg

Position: Forward

Recruited from: South Fremantle
[Image: a_310512sptu18train6_189rdv1-189rdv5.jpg]
Shaw is one of the oldest players in the draft pool, and one of the most talented forwards. Kicked 66 goals in the 2011 season, including 7 in the Grand Final. Takes his marks out in front, overhead and in pack situations. Really has a presence on the field, and demands the ball. Shaw is a perfect foil for Matthew Pavlich, and will one day be Fremantle’s number one forward option.

Pick 18


Ben Kennedy

DOB: 3.3.94

Height: 174cm

Weight: 76kg

Position: Midfield/Forward

Recruited from: Glenelg
[Image: 532058-ben-main.jpg]
Despite being one of the smallest players in the draft pool, Kennedy is highly skilled, and is readymade. One of the fastest players in the draft, he possesses explosive speed that no one else in the draft can rival. Picks up a lot of the ball while also letting his presence be known around goals. Uses the ball well with his left foot, which can be described as neat, but penetrating. Doesn’t make full use of his speed to be an outside player, while has some attributes to be an inside midfielder, but is neither here nor there. Given the strength of the Collingwood midfield, I doubt he’ll see any midfield action for a couple of years yet.

Pick 19

Josh Simpson

DOB: 9.2.94

Height: 183cm

Weight: 72kg

Position: Midfield/Forward

Recruited from: East Fremantle
[Image: josh-simpson-120610246a.jpg]
Simpson has the potential to be a very good player, but no clubs seem to be showing genuine interest in him. Uses the ball well on both sides of the body by hand and foot. Is strong overhead, with a surprisingly high reach. His kicking has a lot of penetration. Probably won’t ever be an inside player, as he prefers to get fed the ball where he can speed away with the traditional indigenous speed (unless your name is Relton Roberts).

Pick 20


Kamdyn McIntosh

DOB: 3.4.94

Height: 192cm

Weight: 78kg

Position: Defender

Recruited from: Peel Thunder
[Image: McINTOSH-Kamdyn-2012.jpg]
With Ben Rutten nearing retirement, the Crows, if still in possession of this pick, should seek to draft a key defender. Out of Aidan Corr and McIntosh, the Peel Thunder boy has more chance of becoming a quality stopper that Adelaide are after. Can play on talls, smalls and everything in between. Shows plenty of discipline, and just tries his hardest to restrict his opponent. Started to show late this season that he can play offensively, with his ball use by hand and foot a pleasure to watch. A no-fuss defender, McIntosh will be worth the money at the Crows, hopefully paid legally.

Pick 21


Nathan Hrovat

DOB: 7.6.94

Height: 174cm

Weight: 76kg

Position: Midfielder

Recruited from: Northern Knights
[Image: 290612_Vic_IA.jpg]
Very similar to Toby Greene of the Giants, Hrovat could end up as the next Sam Mitchell. Shows great leadership and good character qualities, which are almost as important as good skills, which luckily for Collingwood, this guy has in bucketloads. Terrific extractor in tight, and finds the right target time and time again by hand. Tackles hard. Finds teammates by foot without being penetrating, and can usually pinpoint teammates when they’re tight on the boundary or wedged in awkward positions. Very courageous, especially with his marking abilities, as he is not afraid to back into a pack with no regard for his safety. Has shown great improvement this year, and will no doubt continue on up in 2013 wearing the black and white, much to the disappointment of 17 other clubs.

Pick 22


Tim Membrey

DOB: 26.5.94

Height: 188cm

Weight: 87kg

Position: Forward

Recruited from: Gippsland Power
[Image: 701644-tim-membrey.jpg]
Imposing figure in the forward line, demands the ball most of the time, and is a leader. Has a man’s body, meaning he can play Round 1 next season if fit. Good mark on the lead and can find the goals from almost anywhere set-shot wise. Could one day become a midfielder, but for the first few seasons he will be kicking plenty of goals for the Dogs, something they couldn’t do in 2012.

Pick 23


Sam Colquhoun

DOB: 20.12.94

Height: 179cm

Weight: 72kg

Position: Defender/Midfield

Recruited by: Central Districts
[Image: SA-Sam-Colquhoun-1-WEB-PAGES.jpg]
A good reader of the play, Colquhoun is an expert at intercepting kicks coming into the opposition forward line. He is not dangerous with his disposal, but he isn’t one to make mistakes with a kick out of defence or a short handball to a teammate. He has great endurance, which will suit the Swans’ style of play. May want to put some weight on his light frame if he’s going to have any say in helping his team go back to back in 2013.

Pick 24


Mason Wood

DOB: 13.9.93

Height: 190cm

Weight: 78kg

Position: Midfielder/Forward

Recruited from: Geelong Falcons
[Image: 290760-mason-wood.jpg]
One of the overagers in the draft pool of 2012 (not counting pre-listed AFL players), Wood has the potential to fill out into an imposing figure which will hold him in good stead as he trangresses into a midfield role as Simon Black nears retirement. Up forward, Wood is a neat finisher with the goals in sight, while he is a strong mark overhead. Very athletic for his size, Wood can be a little inconsistent with his disposal, but can do some very nice things with the ball.

Pick 25


Tanner Smith

DOB: 9.3.94

Height: 194cm

Weight: 83kg

Position: Defender

Recruited from: North Ballarat
[Image: 25k0y9j.jpg]
Has the potential to be the best shut-down defender of the draft. Doesn’t care about getting a touch, as long as his opponent doesn’t either. Excellent spoiler. Can mark the ball well, especially on the intercept. Has the potential to turn into the modern-day rebounding stopper, but Smith may end up being the ideal full-back St Kilda so desperately need. Very much in the mould of Simon Prestigiacomo.

Pick 26

Jesse Lonergan

DOB: 14.11.94

Height: 183cm

Weight: 86kg

Position: Midfield

Recruited from: Launceston
[Image: 1_U18NTQLD12DT%2033.jpg]
A bull of a midfielder, Lonergan shapes as one of the most physical-ready players for AFL. Wins a lot of the contested ball and clearances, with a nice turn of speed, which is surprising. His kicking used to be poor, but he has worked on it, and it is now at an acceptable level, but for now it won’t really matter, as his outside game is almost non-existant. He will add some youth to the St Kilda line-up, especially to the midfield which relies on the old-timers in Hayes, Dal Santo and Montagna.

Pick 27


Jack Viney

DOB: 13.4.94

Height: 178cm

Weight: 80kg

Position: Midfield

Recruited from: Oakleigh Chargers
[Image: 1_TR270112MW%2024.jpg]
Another reason for Melbourne fans to get excited for the future. A father-son selection, son of Todd Viney, Jack is a tenacious attacker of the ball, one of the hardest in the draft pool. Leaves no stone unturned in his bid for the ball, which could spark some energy through the playing group of Melbourne. Great tackler, while his disposal by hand is excellent. Can kick the ball well by either foot, but struggles over long distances. Good speed and endurance, Viney looms as the one of the steals of the draft for the Demons.

Pick 28


Aidan Corr

DOB: 17.5.94

Height: 194cm

Weight: 80kg

Position: Defender

Recruited from: Northern Knights
[Image: Aidan+Corr+TAC+Cup+Rd+4+Northern+Knights...86b2el.jpg]
A bit of a slider, Corr doesn’t do anything jaw-dropping, but he has the potential to develop into a key defender, a rebounding backman or even a key forward, a bit like Tyson Goldsack, although with a bit more promise. Has good skills for a guy his size, while he is very team-orientated, which is another tick.

Pick 29


Nathan Wright

DOB: 16.2.94

Height: 183cm

Weight: 78kg

Position: Midfield/Defender

Recruited from: Dandenong Stingrays
[Image: 2066596.jpg]
Wright could develop into a shut-down defender on small opposition forwards, or he could become an inside midfielder, and it may be that we see a bit of both from him, and he looms as a good transition for the Hawks when Sam Mitchell, Brad Sewell and Jordan Lewis begin to near retirement. He has excellent pace, which means he could also be used off half-back. Has nice acceleration, and a very impressive side-step which seperates him from the opposition. Can jump high, meaning he isn’t afraid to take a high-flying mark every now and then, while he tackles hard. Wright is a bit of a jack of all trades, although his disposal could use some improving, which he will no doubt get under the guidance of Luke Hodge and Mitchell and co.

Pick 30


Tim Broomhead

DOB: 22.3.94

Height: 182cm

Weight: 73kg

Position: Utility

Recruited from: Port Adelaide
[Image: 7380149564_c1963f6362_z.jpg]
The Power will go local with their second pick in the 2012 draft, selecting promising defender/midfielder/forward Tim Broomhead. The exciting thing about Broomhead is that he can play each of those positions, and play it very well. Strong mark overhead, has good skills, but nothing exciting. Looms as an outside player, but that may change with some added kilos.

and that concludes my 2012 Phantom Draft of the first 30 picks! Thanks for reading. To recap:
1: GWS (Lachie Whitfield)

2: GWS (Jimmy Toumpas)

3: GWS (Troy Menzel)

4: Melbourne (Oliver Wines)

5: Western Bulldogs (Lachie Plowman)

6: Western Bulldogs (Jono O’Rourke)

7: Port Adelaide (Jackson Macrae)

8: Brisbane Lions (Kristian Jaksch)

9: Richmond (Brodie Grundy)

10: Essendon (Joe Daniher)

11: Carlton (Sam Mayes)

12: GWS (Jake Stringer)

13: Gold Coast (Taylor Garner)

14: GWS (Tom Clurey)

15: North Melbourne (Dayle Garlett)

16: Geelong (Nick Vlastuin)

17: Fremantle (Mason Shaw)

18: Collingwood (Ben Kennedy)

19: Collingwood (Josh Simpson)

20: Adelaide (Kamdyn McIntosh)

21: Collingwood: (Nathan Hrovat)

22: Western Bulldogs (Tim Membrey)

23: Sydney Swans (Sam Colquhoun)

24: Brisbane Lions (Mason Wood)

25: St Kilda (Tanner Smith)

26: St Kilda (Jesse Lonergan)

27: Melbourne (Jack Viney)

28: GWS (Aidan Corr)

29: Hawthorn (Nathan Wright)

30: Port Adelaide (Tim Broomhead)

and just for interest sake, here’s how I see the next 10 happening:

31: Port Adelaide (Jarrod Lienert)

32: Richmond (Cameron Banfield)

33: Brisbane (Marco Paparone)

34: Richmond (Dean Towers)

35: Essendon (Ben Jacobs) 36:

Carlton (Marvin Warrell)

37: Fremantle (Nick Graham)

38: North Melbourne (Liam McBean)

39: Collingwood (Spencer White)

40: Fremantle: (Michael Close)

About Josh Barnstable

21 year old North Melbourne supporter from country Victoria. Currently living in Melbourne studying a Bachelor of Sports Media. Dreams of becoming a sports journalist and broadcaster.


  1. Not meaning to detract from such a fantastic piece of work Josh, but there appears to be one glaring omission.

  2. N eil Anderson says

    Like your work. I only think about best draft picks, especially for the Bulldogs. But you actually write it up for all clubs. Wow!
    Back on my hobby -horse, based on your list of possibles, I am hoping like hell that the Bulldogs will pick Brodie Grundy. The Bulldogs are determined to go for the best mid-fielders first, but they must realize how desperate they are for a ruckman like Brodie, if that is an accurate description you have provided. Big Will can’t do it all even if he is surrounded by elite mid-fielders.
    Tim Membrey seems like the other great choice. Someone who can kick goals from anywhere on the field? Can’t remember that happening at the Bulldogs for a long time, if at all.

  3. Excellent phantom draft, Josh. I wonder whether Collingwood would pick two players under 175cm given that we already have Jarryd Blair. I would hope that they recruit Nathan Hrovat, who comes from our former zone and from your description sounds like a potential Luke Ball and perhaps Tim Membrey, who, from your picture has appropriate Tatts to join Swan and Beams and more to the point may fill future needs for a medium forward. Simpson seems like a wise third pick for Collingwood although I would be interested in Dayle Garlett if he was still available at pick 19 or 21.

  4. Skip of Skipton says

    I can’t see Grundy lasting to Richmond’s #9. GWS, Dogs or Port will have him before then. Menzel is going to slide through to the Cats at #16. He’s got bad knees, you know. Very bad knees!

  5. Andrew Starkie says

    great work mate. keep ya chin up. Go Roos

  6. Peter Schumacher says

    Gees Josh, how do you know this stuff. Your ability to provide informed comments on a whole range of players is outstanding.

  7. Excellent review!

    Saw a lot of these boys over the past few years, particularly the Northern Knights boys. There are lots of talented kids in the pool over & above the usual suspects.

    Hoping that a couple of local Warrandyte lads – Jacob Ballard (Northern Knights & Vic Metro) & Ryan Exon (Oakleigh Chargers captain) – get picked up. Also hoping Jack Baker (NSW/ACT Rams) gets picked up too.

    Good luck to all the boys.

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