That Summer Feeling

Apart from a season scoring for the Adelaide Uni B Grade in 1982/83, I haven’t spent much time at the local (as opposed to First Class) cricket coalface.

As in sat and watched the afternoon unfold surrounded by the non-fielding participants as the slow inevitabilty of the result takes up valuable drinking time or the futility of a meaningless second innings becomes an exercise in protecting averages or allowing the ‘keeper to doff the pads and trundle down a dozen (left arm – who knew?) straightbreaks.

So my Sunday morning perusal of the Victorian Premier Cricket results had me pondering results like these:

How does one player, in this case W Sheridan, stand out above all others when faced with seemingly similar conditions?

What made it so difficult for SA Koop and AH Delmont to hit the ball further than the square?

Cameron White’s three balls faced, was it 1,2,3 1,3,2 2,1,3 2,3,1 3,1,2 3,2,1 or 2,2,2 ?

Richmond could have done with MJ King in the first dig, but 1/72 off 39 in the second, exquisite bowling from B McGain or water torture accompanied by grass stains?

Dandenong were never in the hunt, but how does 3/121 become all out 133?

What goes on during collapses like this? Is there a pivotal moment when the best batsman departs, leaving those following with a sense of “why bother”? Did Fawad get one to turn square, leading to a crisis of confidence in numbers 6-11?

What gets said while the carnage mounts? Does the batting side turn to gallows humour or recrimination against the perpetrators of ambitious but ill-timed slogs?

At last, a glimmer of success for Frankston Peninsula in what has been a season laregly devoid of anything resembling premiership points – twin tons and near-miss helping them tot up a respectable 3/341(dec) and a possibility of six first innings points.

With big contributors Mash and Motschall in the sheds with the velcro unfastened, Fitzroy Doncaster were teetering at 7/315 then 9/337 when SK Duckworth, fresh from conceding a team high 0/84, strode (or perhaps hopped, skipped or ambled) to the crease. From zero to hero, he struck the final five runs of the innings to drive a dagger into the Frankston hearts – the proverbial long drive home from Schramms Reserve for the boys from Jubilee Park.

Your turn now – play along at home …

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