The Diva decides that today will be the day for spring cleaning.  ”But I have to cover the cricket today” I said.  No reply but I did understand that it has to be done today and definitely not tomorrow (the cleaning that is).


I work it out that I can assist at drinks breaks, when wickets fall and the lunch break.


Fortunately for me there are a few drinks breaks (becoming far too common in today’s cricket) and as for wickets well, that’s another story.  I do not put in my required hours


The day is the Pink Day for the Jane McGrath Foundation and the ground is awash in pink.  The only one’s not seeing pink are the Indian player’s who are seeing red.


By the declaration I have assisted with vacuuming, and washing the tiles and Clarke (329n.o) and M.Hussey (150 n.o.) givingAustraliaa lead of 468.

The Colonel Tom Parker has, like all other curators this season, given us a very competitive wicket.  These wickets have been spotless throughout the country and have put  the meaning of “contest” back into the game


India’s cricket today bordered on pathetic. Slow over rate, bowling wide of the wicket sloppy feeling and poor captaincy by MS did not help..  The housework has not been tidy.


Hussey’s innings will seem secondary in the record books in years to come but he took all bowlers to the cleaners.  His innings was flawless.


He is reborn, is Mr Cricket.  He and Ponting will go on forever if theSydneycrowd have their way.


Michael Clarke’s innings much surely put his critics to sleep at last.  Since being elevated to the captaincy Australian cricket has adopted a most positive approach and he has led by example. In every test match in which he has been captain something positive has happened.


It was a polished performance by a man who knows where he is heading


The Diva has called it a day and has settled in to watch the tennis.  The house looks marvellous, I must have missed something.


Warner is so acrobatic in the field and his catch of Sehwag (4) of Hilfy was a beauty.  He could be nearly the first player sinceSouth Africa’s Colin Bland who could stay in the side because of his fielding.


The difference between the two teams in the field is staggering.Australiafield likeGeelongat their best while the Indians well, could be anyone but particularlyRichmond.


The PM appears on television and the ABC. With funding to the SCG Trust and theAdelaideoval she should now be the favourite of the cricket and football loving public. She knows how to win votes and influence people has the girl fromWales.


“The Wall” has been bowled again.  The fourth time in three innings here inAustralia.  It was a beauty from Hilfy and probably the best ball of the match cutting back from outside the off stump. No longer is the wall impenetrable and he is one player out of the big four whose age is catching , or should I say bowled, up to him..


The Diva decides more work needs to be done but I tell her “I don’t feel in the pink” and I am excused fro the day.  After all I do have to get my copy through as millions of people are relying on me.


At stumps the visitors are 2/114 with the Little Master still there for which CA will gratefully and thankfully receive.  Gambhir (68) should not be there as a straight forward catch to Haddin from Pattinson bowling around the wicket should have been taken.  He is probably now two games away from retirement.


I haven’t said it yet in print, but here goes. I believe that James Pattinson will be the best fast bowling all-rounder since the left hander Alan Davidson.  He has everything going for him. A great body, a sound cricket mind and an ability to rise to the occasion when necessary.  Watch his batting improve. I rate him as Mr Muscle in my cupboard with a touch of Mr Sheen as well.


Another absorbing days play and we look forward to day four tomorrow listening to the ABC while watching most of the play between advertisements on the TV.


The Diva has not got anything lined up for the day but if there is I am sure it will commence at 10.30am.  Come to think of it I have promised to pick up the Grand kids at 10.45am.


I hope the Little Master is still there and I hope he is in the Pink.

About Bob Utber

At 80 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he wanted to do as a 14 year-old living on the farm at Lang Lang. Talking, writing, watching sport. Now into his third book on sports history he lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny ) and a groodle named "Chloe On Flinders". How good is that.


  1. Pamela Sherpa says

    I sympathise with you Bob. SS (Sporting Sabotage) occurs frequently in my household . Children decide to break arms with 5 mins to go of gripping preliminary finals or a husband decides to embark on an Indiana Jones type adventure, or wants help unloading a truck load of rocks (-mid important match) or a friend who has no interest in sport rings and wants a long conversation mid telecast on a Friday night or friends we haven’t seen for years arrive at the door with a massive photo books to share- mid thrilling finals match. Call me selfish, but today I’m praying for a peaceful day watching Tendulkar. Must remember to take phone off the hook.

    On an equally serious note – I can’t help think that ironically the good performance of Ponting and Hussey now is actually going to be of detriment to Australia in the near future . ( next Ashes series).The longer they perform and hang in the side the more it delays the blooding of the next brigade-who I’d like to see out their standing on their own feet making their own decisions , mistakes etc. now- (Some are of course) When Ponting and Hussey retire, the cricket world will expect sudden heroics from the next lot of deemed superstars and they will be crucified if they fail. I’d like see Christian and Khawaja in the team before the end of the series no matter how well Ponting and Hussey are playing.

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