The 2019 Ennui Cup – Pre Season

Earl O’Neill is back for another season of tipping advice to the masses. Should literary style replace enigmatic single-voice meanderings? Or should Earl get off his couch and read more of The Greats so he can mimic them?

Round 11 – St. Kilda v Melbourne: Joe Frazier’s revenge; Saints win a thrilla but it wasn’t in Manila

Braham Dabscheck finds parallels between St Kilda’s thrilling win over the Dees’ and Ali and Frazier’s 1975 classic; The Thrilla in Manilla.

Almanac Rugby League – Hope is a glorious thing

Strangely a game with no sense of ‘The Grudge’. This on the most hate-fuelled, bloodthirsty, full-mooned weekends in recent memory, some say in a decade, strangely with this match post ‘Battle of Brookie’ the only game without a ‘Let’s get it on’. As usual, New Zealand were referred to as the ‘Dark Horse’ of the [Read more]