Almanac Travel: Highway 39 Revisited (with apologies to His Bobness)

Almanac editor Ian Hauser loves a road trip. He’s just back from a Noosa to Melbourne jaunt, retracing a path from 18 months ago. He and wife Anne saw a very different countryside this time around.

Advice to innocents Down South regarding the terminology of footer

John Harms prefers accuracy in the language which describes football codes and offers a basic explanation for those Southerners who are struggling.

Celebrating Essendon’s Back to Back Flags

Ahead of their 30th Anniversary and reunion celebrations later this year, Wesley Hull recalls a time of great joy for many Essendon fans: the back-to-back years of 1984 and 1985. [I still tear up in joy watching Leon Baker’s blind turn goal in the last quarter that starts the comeback avalanche! – Ed]