Women’s Footy – VFL: Pepa Randall

Two years after beginning her Australian Rules career, Eastern Devils’ wildcard Pepa Randall is a balance between spontaneous and developing. Can the Western Bulldogs-listed player continue to learn the art of the game ahead of the 2017 national competition?

Characters III: Almost Everybody Loved Brauz

    Almost everybody loved Brauz. I did, in spades. He was a freak of a player. CHF. Strong, like Ablett Sr. Could leap and kick like Ablett. Run and hit packs like Ablett. He had natural power. Head-to-toe. And never trained and was always on the grog. He would win any 400 race, but [Read more]

Characters II. The Local Variety.

    The first character I ever saw in footy was at my first club. Andy had long, thin hair, a mo, three stops on each boot, as many teeth and played on the wing. If the niggle was up, and he gave away a free, he’d stand the mark, the ball between his legs. [Read more]

Characters. Part I.

Characters Pt.1.   Lenny Hayes has it. I’m sure. He plays with it, in a way that defines a person. Character. What a jet! I’d be stoked to meet him. Just to say thanks. But there is character, and there are characters. The game needs ‘em. I need ‘em. On the footy field, in my [Read more]