Wally Miller: the doyen of administrators

Rulebook’s tribute to Norwood legend Wally Miller celebrating his AFL Life Membership.

In the fast lane with the centre half forwards

Following the post on her preferred full-forwards, Carolyn Spooner provides a list of the standout centre half forwards. Can you add to it?

Welcome to the 60s, SANFL Style

Swish is older than this 1960 SANFL Budget, but only just. It looks to have weathered the 55 years better than he has.

Ultimate Wool Team – South Australia: Getting close to finalising the SA team

In the mid-North of South Australia, a few very keen wool blokes have been getting together at local footy matches and have had a real crack at picking the South Australian Wool Team. (They’ve actually picked two teams – they need a coach and a manager for the seconds.) See what you think, and argue he case for a player from the Twos or a new nomination. [The South Aussie side is pretty well settled – Ed]