An unpredictable season? We’re not so sure

With all the defections, rule changes, dodgy training programs, off-field scandals and on-field upsets, is anything certain in footy anymore? Yes, says Cheryl Critchley. In fact, some things never change.

The unintentional comedy in the 2012 membership videos.

With the 2012 regular season less than a month away, clubs are stepping up their efforts in order to get more members on board for the upcoming season. Given how important membership is to fans and clubs alike, it seems appropriate that we should analyse the membership videos. Some promise success. Some promise excitement. Some [Read more]

Crio’a Q: Memberships

I’ve been thinking about Memberships and their worth. The days of them offering a sense of belonging seem gone in Melbourne’s corporate AFL world, with home grounds redundant and fixtures fragmented. No doubt this is less so in “lower” leagues where your money up front makes a statement and a difference. But honestly, despite the [Read more]