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Choosing two good rucks for your Supercoach side is one of the most crucial things you’ll do when it comes to Fantasy Football. A ruckman’s job is to win the hitout around the ground, but in Supercoach, if you pick a ruckman that does that, and just that, then you won’t go far. You need a big guy who can cover the ground, rack up disposals, apply tackles and kick a goal or two, as well as winning the hitouts. There are a couple that spring to mind with that explanation.

Lock them in

Aaron Sandilands (FREM)

The All-Australian ruckman has dominated the AFL in the past couple of seasons, so much so he was in strong consideration for the Brownlow medal last year. Does it all, wins a stack load of hitouts, covers the ground well, can take a big mark, and kicks the odd goal or two. All of this, and it’s hard to remember he’s a whopping 211cm and 122kg. Injury hit him late last year, so take that into consideration.

2010 SC Average: 114

Highest Score: 157

Lowest Score: 45

100’s: 14/19

Shane Mumford (SYD)

The second best ruckman in the AFL after his swap to the Swans from Geelong. Cats fans could only look on and watch as Mumford asserted himself as Sydney’s number one ruckman, and came close to All-Australian consideration. Had a slow start to the season in terms of scoring wise, but after a two game suspension he came back strong with a string of high scores.

2010 SC Average: 92.6

Highest Score: 175

Lowest Score: 46

100’s: 6/19

Buy with caution:

Mark Jamar (MELB)

The Russian had an outstanding year in 2010, gaining All-Australian selection at the tender age of 27. Posted some high scores during the year, but scored quite low on too many occasions for my liking. May go from strength to strength, or last year could’ve been a flash in the pan.

2010 SC Average: 82.3

Highest Score: 138

Lowest Score: 47

100’s: 7/22

Kepler Bradley (FREM)

Once lauded as a useless player, Bradley forced his way into the Dockers side in Round 7 and scored well from then on to secure a place in the Dockers 22. Posted some unbelievable scores with his recent history as a footballer, and could improve on that this year, or go to the other extreme. Good secondary ruckman choice, as he is quite cheap in comparison to the aforementioned players.

2010 SC Average: 89.7

Highest Score: 141

Lowest Score: 38

100’s: 4/12

Dean Cox (WCE)

The aging giant played every game in 2010, and impressed on many occasions with glimpses of his best form, but went missing far too easily. Pushing 30 years old, is too pricy for such a risky pick in my opinion.

2010 SC Average: 88

Highest Score: 126

Lowest Score: 33

100’s: 9/22

Matthew Kreuzer (CARL)

The number one draft pick sustained a torn ACL injury in Round 13 last season, and is on track to return in Round One in 2011. Price is cheap for such a classy player, but his knee injury will be in the back of many Super Coaches minds.

2010 SC Average: 82

Highest Score: 140

Lowest Score: 6

100’s: 3/13

Josh Fraser (GC)

Taken by the Gold Coast SUNS, Fraser was on the outer for the whole season with the Magpies, and a change of scenery may help the 200-gamer revitalise his career. Will need to stop being so lazy in such a young side.

2010 SC Average: 48.8

Highest Score: 101

Lowest Score: 15

100’s: 1/9

Don’t think twice

David Hille (ESS)

Has the ability to post some huge scores when he’s fit and not suspended, go for Hille if you have a decent scoring ruck in reserve, just in case he gets injured or reported, which happens too often.

2010 SC Average: 79.9

Highest Score: 152

Lowest Score: 9

100’s: 4/16

Darren Jolly (COLL)

Many people had Jolly as an automatic selection into their side prior to the 2010 season beginning, and many had traded him out a few rounds earlier such was his poor form. Really turned it around later on though, helping Collingwood towards a 15th premiership.

2010 SC Average: 79.8

Highest Score: 127

Lowest Score: 22

100’s: 5/22

Matthew Leuenberger (BRIS)

Former number four draft pick is coming into his prime, playing a full season for the first time in his career last year. Agile and can take a mark, just needs to work on his endurance. Should be ready for a breakout season in 2011.

2010 SC Average: 68.5

Highest Score: 135

Lowest Score: 25

100’s: 2/22

Kurt Tippett (ADEL)

Multi-position player, after a huge 2009 season went cold last year. Returned to some of his best form midway through, but finished off weakly. Has potential to be one of the best tall forwards in the league, just needs to get his head in the right space. Pick him as a second ruck or a forward.

2010 SC Average: 67.7

Highest Score: 153

Lowest Score: 16

100’s: 6/22

Hamish McIntosh (NM)

Don’t be turned away by the recent news of McIntosh having Achilles surgery, word on the street is he’ll be back by Round One, Two at the latest. Very agile, and has been set a task by Brad Scott to really start dominating other rucks in 2011. Combines well with teammate Todd Goldstein, resting in the forward line where he can kick a goal.

2010 SC Average: 81.6

Highest Score: 115

Lowest Score: 28

100’s: 4/20

Value picks

Paddy Ryder (ESS)

Will be cheap after a poor end to 2010, is one of the most agile and athletic players in the league. Works with Hille to go forward when needing a rest and can kick goals. Tackles hard, and wins majority of his hitouts.

2010 SC Average: 85.7

Highest Score: 120

Lowest Score: 52

100’s: 5/21

Daniel Gorringe (GC)

Pick 10 in the National Draft last year, was described as the best ruckman in the draft by a long way. Will be competing with Zac Smith and Josh Fraser for a ruck position, but will be given a go.

Nic Naitanui (WCE)

Played the whole season last year and has another pre-season under his belt, and more understanding of the game. The excitement machine is the Eagles’ primary ruck now, so expect some big scores this year.

2010 SC Average: 71.2

Highest Score: 126

Lowest Score: 43

100’s: 3/22

Mark Seaby (SYD)

His AFL career was given a new lease on life when traded to the Swans, and made an immediate impact in the early stages of 2010, before breaking ankle, which saw him for the rest of the year. Is raring to go again, and could partner with Mumford to form one of the strongest ruck divisions in the league. Price will be very low.

2010 SC Average: 62.5

Highest Score: 135

Lowest Score: 3

100’s: 1/6

Sam Jacobs (ADEL)

The former rookie was traded back home to Adelaide after an impressive season at the Blues. Missed 10 games, but showed enough for Crows fans to be licking their lips.

2010 SC Average: 74.2

Highest Score: 107

Lowest Score: 46

100’s: 2/12

Ben McEvoy (STK)

Was unlucky to miss out on the Grand Final, but earned a reprieve with the replay a week later. Was a top ten draft pick, and with another pre-season under his belt, may become the versatile big man he was touted to be.

2010 SC Average: 63.4

Highest Score: 97

Lowest Score: 25

100’s: 0/16

Jordan Roughead (WBD)

The lesser-known Roughead made his debut during 2010 and impressed with his ability to go forward and kick a goal, as well as his general athletic capabilities. Will be putting plenty of pressure on Will Minson as they both vie for the second spot in the ruck next to Ben Hudson.

2010 SC Average: 52.1

Highest Score: 85

Lowest Score: 37

100’s: 0/8

Hope this helps in some way, good luck picking your rucks, it is a hard thing to do, and pays massive dividends if you do it well.

Stay tuned for the forwards article!

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