AFL Round 6 – Adelaide v Hawthorn: Sunday Mail Back Page

soft whistle then fifty
green maggot on a crow’s corpse
in umpiring round


  1. Ben Footner says

    Haha. Great match report Simon, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. Rick Kane says

    Hawker response:

    crisp, clean, even cool play
    Danger afield maketh
    mighty Hawks mightier

  3. Simon Willcox says

    Nice work Rick
    Hawks played well
    Only good sides win away
    Gieschen was saying that any push in a marking contest is now illegal
    Not just in the back
    It rubbed salt in the wound when Gunston marked in the goal square a few minutes later and literally shoved (I think it was Otten ) with both hands out of the way
    Both marks should have been paid only one was
    It’s the old cliche we just wanted consistency

  4. Ben Footner says

    In fairness Adelaide’s response to the decision was very poor. 50 metres – then easy goal – then lose the following centre clearance for another easy goal – all within seconds.

    By contrast the Hawks saw their gift horse and did not look it in the mouth.

  5. Rick Kane says

    Well before the ridiculous decision against Thompson on Saturday evening there were plenty of Hawks supporters around me at the Peacock Hotel pulling their hair out about the umpiring inconsistency. One or two bad/dumb decisions in the last ten minutes do not a win or loss make. A seemingly unfair decision in the first five minutes has as much weight on the games as any other does. Chin up old boy.

    Dangerfield (love his work) may well have been BOG but the next four best players were Hawks. That’s the Crow’s concern, spreading the workload around, not the umpiring.


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