Stunning introduction for the first Women’s Footy Almanac

A very happy Yvette Wroby thanks the many people who made The Women’s Footy Almanac 2017 possible.


Last Thursday, a group of passionate, dedicated football fans (and my very supportive, but football agnostic husband) gathered at the North Fitzroy Arms to launch the very first Women’s Footy Almanac to celebrate the inaugural AFLW season. Pushing the Thursday regulars to the outer, the crowd buzzed with anecdotes of football, punctuated only by laughter and the clinking of glasses. While there wasn’t a lock-out like the first match, there were more people than would fit in the one room.


John Harms opened the official proceedings, determined not be thwarted by an overzealous sound system. Bobby Macumber kept the group laughing with tales of her sporting history, the fact that she missed the first AFLW game because she booked a gig that night, and a very clever song describing the AFLW season. [More on that later – Ed]


Yvette Wroby exuberantly thanked everyone involved; from sponsors, to the editing and publishing team, plus the writers. Jasmine from the Caulfield Bears, who is the young footballer on Kate Birrell’s incredible cover, deftly handled John’s questions about her football career. A common theme through all was the passion for the game and the incredible foundation this season has laid for the next generation of footballers.


For me, this was my first experience of being involved in an Almanac publication. The excitement around the AFLW season led me to write about a few of the Dees games, with a little liquid courage. The launch gave me the opportunity to share this excitement with everyone involved; a sense of belonging achieved over a couple of hours.


What has been created, through the combined effort of those new to women’s football and those who are stalwarts, is a collection of tales that encapsulate the passion and thrill of the season. Each writer, through their own lens, has given an insight into the clubs and the players who have become household names. Each writer has recorded the season with detail and energy that should be commended. And each writer has ensured that readers in the future will understand just how important this AFLW season was to players, coaches, clubs and communities.


The launch proved that the momentum of the AFLW season has not gone away and that this is the start of something big. Who knows which players will inspire new writers to take to their keyboards next year. With extra coverage in The Age, this debut AFLW Women’s Footy Almanac has shown that Australia is ready for the women’s game.


Best on ground: The writers for their tales, the sponsors for their funds and Kate for her cover.

Our votes: Shared between Y. Wroby, J. Harms, S. Connell

J. Harms warms up the crowd. Photo courtesy of Joseph Ryan.


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  1. Terrific atmosphere Cat. And a great effort from Yvette. A true champion of the women’s footy league, in many ways and for many years!!
    I thought Bobby’s words were delivered with such enthusiasm , thought and humour that enhanced superbly the mood within the room.
    It was great to meet lots of new people and celebrate too, with family and friends.
    My dad commented afterwards on the “understated’ environs of the pub but how it belied the spirit within. The way I like it.
    I am taking my time to savour the words within each article and haven’t got to yours yet.
    Well done.

  2. Superb account of a lovely evening, Cat. I was blown away by the atmosphere. This publication will be cherished for a long, long time. Massive congrats to everyone involved. Time to start reading the book!

  3. Cat Jones says

    Thanks, Kate and Matt, for your kind words. Definitely leaving small pockets of time to savour each and every tale with the Almanac. Here’s to a brilliant season!

  4. Great write up. Thanks Cat

  5. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    Bravo to all involved!

  6. Jackie Lynch says

    Such a great and historically significant night and publication. Loved the evening, love the book. Congratulations and kudos to the editors, contributors and artist. What a lovely report of the launch, too!

  7. John Butler says

    Nice one Cat.

    Like the AFLW, I reckon this will only get bigger.


  8. Anne Myers says

    Fabulous night, wasn’t it Cat?
    Thanks for sharing.

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