Standin on the Outside Lookin In

The more things change, the more things stay the same. With January only a twinkle in the eye of 2013, the “news cycle” has began feeding out the same guff that we have had to endure the past 5 years.

• Buddy and Daisy yet to sign. They must be off to the Dockers or Masterchef.
• Warnie thinks cricket is stuffed and Warnie sure knows what stuffed means.
• The AFL is awash with druggies. 6 positive tests out of 3.6 billion samples is just the tip of the iceberg.
• Jeff Kennett says it’s a symptom of society gone wrong and asked for immediate government intervention.
• The government says it is powerless to act unless the AFL opens the door and becomes more transparent.
• The AFL says the door is open and that all the windows were cleaned over Christmas.
• Eddie McGuire says it’s the AFL fault for not using Windex.
• Windex say it was not applied in adherence to the AFL own cleaning regulations
• The Tigers are on the verge of breaking back into the big time.
• The big time says “Bring it on Tiges”
• Anthony Mundine is un-Australian and lacks respect and graciousness.
• Quade Cooper reportedly is a sook.
• Quade Cooper confirms he is a sook after humiliation in ring.
• SBW is the second best, second tier athlete in the world.
• Daniel Geal having an Australian flag draped over his shoulder proves that Anthony Mundine was correct about his heritage.
• Israel gets more touches in a Rugby practice match than is the past two seasons in Sydney.
• The GWS says his Aussie Rules background has served him well.
• The Ashes touring squad is bigger than Hawthorn’s list.
• John Invererity says that large Ashes squad proves how the rotation policy has increased the depth of Australian cricket.
• Warnie thinks he should have been picked, as the young bloke need an old, settled head around them.
• Young blokes ask who Warnie is.
• The Aussies are too good for “Calypso Kings”
• Vic Richards and Joel Garner come out of retirement and beat Aussies.
• ODIs dead in the water.
• ACB announces a tri-nations competition to boost flagging interest in ODIs.
• ACB accepts that is may have been prudent to have all three teams in the country at the same time.
• State of Origin clash expected to be then most fiercely contested contest ever seen.
• Phil Gould says “I wouldn’t be surprised if someone is killed out there”
• Star player questions why he would want to hit his best mate just because he was born in Cootamundra.
• Wayne Bennett queries the need to go into SOO camp six month prior to the first whistle but accepts that it’s the show case of the game can understand the League’s position.
• AFL team membership tipped to break through the million barrier this year.
• Eddie McGuire is over the moon with Collingwood’s membership of 803,047.
• Public outcry as “magpie preservation levy” appears on bank statements.
• Ethiad Stadium defends price increases placing blame on the Myki ticketing system, climate change and the low Australian dollar.
• AFL star in late night incident at St Kilda night spot
• Dane Swan admits he jumped the queue at Luna Park.
• Police raid AFL star’s home.
• Dane Swan would like to thank Vic Police for returning he thong that fell off while on the roller coaster last Saturday
• AFL player linked to outlaw motor cycle gang.
• Outlaw motor cycle gang takes out restraining order against AFL star.

It’s going to be along year folks

About Tony Robb

A life long Blues supporter of 49 years who has seen some light at the end of the tunnel that isn't Mick Malthouse driving a train.


  1. Had some chuckes here Tony

  2. Tony – I don’t think that you and I write for the Almanac. More like we are auditioning for the Australian version of Grumpy Old Men.
    “At least it’s better than holding it in” to paraphrase Monty Python’s Doug and Dinsdale Piranha skit.
    Yours splenetically,
    Peter B

  3. Peter Schumacher says

    This preseason will be the best, the most meaningful ever.

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