Sport Week in Nepal

An air of excitement pervaded the playground at Samten Memorial School in Kapan, Kathmandu, Nepal on February 8th, 2016. Preparations were enthusiastically being made for the opening of Sport Week. Sadly it was the day of departure for myself and longtime (college) friend Marilla Gorman.
Before going trekking we had spent time at the school, engaging in activities with the teachers and students and delivered reading books and sports equipment.
Our first experiences at the school included watching the respectful and disciplined morning and afternoon assemblies and playing a game of cricket with enthusiast Jimmy Gyatso’s class. On that occassion chairs were used for the wickets and we all took turns to bat and bowl. We were impressed with the skills of the children, in particular their straight overarm bowling!

Today the chairs were replaced with proper stumps made from sticks which were carefully lined up with a crease marked out. After a shower of rain overnight Jimmy declared that the wicket would be perfect for a bit of turn.image

300 children somehow fitted under the outdoor shelter, where people had slept after last year’s earthquake.image

As quests at the assembly we were given kartas(white good luck scarves) and were called upon to make a short speech. Unfortunately we had to depart to catch our plane before the first ball to officially open Sport Week was bowled but look forward to returning to the school. In the meantime will treasure our shared experiences and memories.


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