So, what footy will we be going to this week?

Once again, no MCG Saturday game gives us an excuse to check out other options.

Out my way, the big drawcard this Saturday will be at Aberfeldie, where Jason Akermanis will join new recruit Mal Michael and former Essendon  players Hayden Skipworth, Damien Peverill and Courtney Johns as they “welcome” Chris Johnson’s Avondale Heights. This should be a big win for the home side, but AKERfeldie Day is expected to pack them in at the lovely Clifton Park and there’s hope that the visitors’ captain/coach might try to ruffle the guest star. Should be fun!

Our alternative is at another favoured venue, Coburg City Oval, where the Lions try to regain some pride after last week’s shock loss to Frankston. Collingwood, however, full of AFL aspirants, should defeat the Richmond affiliate.

In the Eastern ‘burbs, Daniel Harford’s high profile Balwyn host Scoresby as EFL sides battle to stay in touch with early pacemakers Blackburn.

Whilst I’m usually only keen to promote afternoon matches in this forum, I must give a plug to the sports extravaganza at Shep’s Deakin Reserve, where an afternoon of inter-league rep footy and netball culminates with the 7.30pm clash between the powerhouse GVFL and perennial rivals the Ballarat FL. Highly recommended for those looking to get out of town and see top quality sport in a terrific atmosphere.

Over the border, the pick of the Saturday afternoon options is at the Bay, where enigmatic Glenelg, perhaps aided by a Cornes or two,  must defeat the Eagles. If not this weekend, lock in the SANFL at some stage this year. Great little grounds and great contested footy.

For those with an interest in “next tier” footy, this Round of the FOXTEL Cup, live on pay TV, is the AFL curtain-raiser from Darwin, featuring the NT Thunder and East Perth.


  1. Crio,

    it looks like Collywood will need those aspirants if they send their injured players to the USA for R & R.

    Or will the AFL step in and postpone the mid part of the roster while they are away so they don’t lose any advantage through unfortunate injury to key players.

    Could be interesting.

  2. John Butler says

    Aker might as well put up a sign: ‘will play for food’. (or attention)

  3. Acker certainly is a bit of a show pony JB, but he may well be having the last laugh on the Scraggers who flicked him. His record of three flags and his contribution to them stands out.

    Crio, I have nothing but the greatest respect and empathy for Doggies supporters. Just being objective.

  4. Ian Syson says

    May get out to Bentleigh tomorrow night to see South.

    Saturday 3pm: Altona derby at Paisley Park, where no glory-seeking washed-up has-beens with big mouths will be taking on other glory-seeking washed-up has-beens. I expect little to no rolling and squealing though a couple of nips of ouzo will probably be consumed in a failed effort to keep out the cold coming in off the bay.

    Sunday morning will be watching Barca rip ManU a new one in proving just where the quality lies in European football.

    Sunday afternoon off to Coolaroo to see Essendon Royals U15A play the local team on a windswept tip.

  5. Rick Kane says

    With you IS on the Barca game.

    Sunday morning I’ll be running water (and tying up bootlaces) for the Preston Bullants Tackers. The boy asked this morning if playing for the Bullants meant he’d have to play for Carlton. I said no and explained the Draft. That didn’t help. Now he’s dreading having to play for the GCS.


  6. Ian Syson says

    As long as he doesn’t end up playing for Preston Lions (Macedonia)!!

  7. Rick Kane says

    With Greek Grandparents, I don’t think so.

  8. Adam Muyt says

    IS & RK are tuned in. Biggest game to watch this weekend is Barca taking on Man U. But a quandry? Do I go to bed around 9-10pm-ish and wake up refreshed at 4.30am or instead, head off to see Wagons at the Republic Bar, get home slightly drunk about 2am and STAY AWAKE until 4.30am for the kick-off? Mmmm, one of life’s forks…

  9. Ian Syson says

    Adam, just press that overdrive button you have and cruise on through. I’ll be going to bed at 10!

  10. Admire the optimism of..
    A- getting home 2am
    B- being just “slightly drunk”
    C- staying awake the rest of the night

    Go social early(ish), kip midnight or so and, at worst, get up at the start of half time to get the highlights, make a warm drink and enjoy the finale.

  11. Ian Syson says

    Crio, you wouldn’t want to miss the opening — I have a feeling it will be exhilarating. You working tomorrow?

  12. Yeah, I’ll be working.
    Maybe a net Sunday morning?
    I’d love to watch all of the game. But I won’t.

  13. Tommy’s off to watch cousin Matt’s U12s play under lights for Strathy at Keilor tonight. Better be a good canteen!

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