Smokie Dawson (or Smokey Dawson)

Righto Almanackers here’s the challenge. I know you are all up for a challenge. I want this illustrious organisation to be entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the first sporting entity to assemble a whole table of “Smokie Dawsons” (or Smokey Dawsons). Every footy club, cricket club, soccer club and knitting club has a “Smokie”, so call in a few favours and get them assembled.

The ideal time and place might be the famous Footy Almanac Grand Final Lunch. I reckon we need about 10 to make it nice and round and complete. So call any Smokie you know and lets get this done. Imagine the savings in name tags!

Our very own Smokie Dawson has already RSVP’d so we only need 9 more.

After this we’ll move onto Robbos and Richos.


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  1. That’s right, Dips. I’m a starter.
    I will ask my dad if he’s interested,
    he’s a Smokie also!

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