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Almanac website guru James “Dermie” Demetrie has enabled avatars to be displayed on the site. You too can show your handsome/beautiful face by following the instructions at Gravatar (click here). It won’t take too long and will help personalise the comments section.

Please also let us know if you have a twitter handle. We tweet all stories to help increase readership of your pieces and I’ll include your twitter handle when possible.



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  1. Signing up with gravatar ensures you can see what my hat looks like in this particular photo

  2. Cookie, I’m up. Will use my ugly mug for now, but would like to borrow your hat for future use as my avatar?

  3. My hat is available for all to use. All queries regarding Harms’s jacket must be directed to him.

  4. Looking good fellas!

  5. Cookie

    Actually forget the hat my end, I’ll stick with my mug. Just want to show the ladies how much I don’t look like Geoge Clooney (just in case they sensed his handsomeness in my pieces.)

  6. Joining the Rogues Gallery.

  7. Peter Schumacher says

    Did it work!?

  8. Peter Schumacher says

    No, of course not!

  9. Peter Schumacher says

    Bugger me, it did!

  10. Lets see if it works for me.

  11. I’ll have another try later

  12. This will save people a lot of time. They won’t need to look up the author in the back of the Almanac now

  13. Will the real Phantom grace these pages???

  14. Hey we avatar people are a handsome bunch of bastards. Ladies form an orderly queue

  15. nice one

  16. I went out to the theatre and when I came back, there was my avatar. Magic!!

    BTW what I went out to see was “At Last – The Etta James Story” featuring the brilliant Vika Bull singing Etta James songs with a top band behind her. Fantastic. If you like Soul, Jazz and Rock, don’t miss it.

  17. Hey look I’m on the internet!

  18. Andrew Fithall says

    I thought hats were comulsory.

  19. ..or scarves?

  20. … or baldness and noses

  21. Neil Anderson says

    Should have stayed in my garret with the blinds down.

  22. It’s fantastic to put faces to names! Hope my avatar has worked!

  23. Didn’t work, hopefully it will this time!

  24. Just testing to see if I can work the new fangled technology stuff…

  25. well that doesn’t look like me!

  26. Skip of Skipton says

    If I could work it out, I’m sure you can Sean.

  27. nice to see everyones faces!

  28. trying again…

  29. When I tried to log on the web site this morning, it said “this site not accessible as band width limitations have been exceeded”.
    Obviously there is a restricted view of our Gravatars that extends down to the waistlines.

  30. Just as the photo byline was a harbinger of doom for journalism, so I suspect this is already proving a mixed blessing.

  31. craig dodson says

    Have I mastered the technolgy

  32. $2.02 All Too Hard on Betfair. Smells wrong?

  33. Sorry wrong thread!

  34. Would just like to point out that I’m the Emma look-a-like, not the Malceski look-a-like!
    And yeah it’s great that we can now put faces to the stories – thankyou Dermie!

    (Nice hats everyone by the way)

  35. David Downer says

    Can someone perhaps provide some step-by-step instructions to this whole Gravatar palaver!?!

  36. Skip of Skipton says

    I am a modern computer technology quamby*/special needs person. If I could do it, so can you David. Go to the bit that sayeth ‘My Account” then ‘Add an Image’. Having an image ready to upload might help.

    *Army lingo

  37. DD – lift son, lift.

  38. Greetings all. Another shiny head I’m afraid.

  39. Shane Kennedy says

    I need to borrow Harmsy’s turtleneck first.

  40. John Butler says

    Yeah, I know. I’m dreaming. But since we already have an Elvis, I thought I’d go for the only other guy to ever get away with leather trousers.

  41. i think i picked the perf pic.
    Taken at Etihad before the Mariah Carey concert bc im a part of THE BEST TEAM IN FOOTY at the ALMANAC :p PLUS i think id look better on than poster than Gary :P

  42. Am I avatared?

  43. Andrew Weiss says

    Sorry forgot my hat

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