Seriously Social: Generic Team

At the courts of Waverley in the late hours of the night, the Generic Team prepared for game time. Having a record of 1-1 and in the middle of the grading matches, the team was hungry for victory. Playing against the 51CK L4DS, it seemed to be a match of the 2 worst named teams in the competition.


In the freezing cold of 9:30 at night, the game started and the matchup was on. Just like the weather, both teams started of cold. The ball was quickly taking from end to end but the ball movement and teamwork was resulted in little reward for both teams. Whether there was cling wrap covering the rings or they were smaller than regulation size I can’t be sure, not no shot seemed to be hitting. After 4 minutes of action Pete made his way to the free throw line and sunk both his shots. This broke the ice and metaphoric cling wrap for both teams, and the game truly began. 2-0


With back and forth action, the game was never in control for either team. The 51CK L4DS were playing a stronger brand of basketball, as their passing and spacing lead to multiple open looks but keeping the Generic Team afloat was Ian “Frenchy” Branch, being a monster on the boards and inside with his individual brilliance leading the team on offence and defence. This play helped the Generic Team weather the storm, and sparked a mini run to end the first half. Some solid defensive plays which lead to fast break buckets and a Hail Mary 3 pointer by Lachlan Geron to end the first half the Generic team ended with a 6 point lead and the largest point differential the game would see all night. 20-14


With the beginning of the second half, saw a new 51CK L4DS and the evaporation of 6 point lead within minutes. Hitting their first 4 shots, they were able to strangle back the match and make the game more of a challenge than it was at one stage appearing. 20-23


The second half also saw another few Generic players accept the challenge and attempt to drag their deflated team out of their slump. Rowan managed to singlehandedly turn defence into offence, rebound and weaving through the opposition for back to back baskets. Pete also became a key player for the Generic team, hitting baskets and the boards with an energy that the rest of the team desperately needed. This energy however also lead to a few quick fouls, and with 11 minutes remaining saw Pete head to the bench with 4 fouls and the game tied. 30-30


The final period of the match ended up being a tug of war. Neither team was giving and inch and the scores followed suit. The deadlock remained for the next 4 minutes with both teams defences proving to more effective and influential than offence and the scoring appeared to revert back to the first few minutes of the match. 5 minutes remaining, 30-30.


The next few minutes was dominated by the 51CK L4DS. They were able to get to the foul line with ease and despite a few missed foul shots, had gotten themselves a comfortable lead, one that appeared to insurmountable by the stone cold Generic Team. While they able to hold the 51CK L4DS scoring at bay, without being able to score themselves the game looked bleak and out of reach. 30-35


The final few minutes remained a close encounter, with only one Generic Team basket being made. Despite a few open looks, their shots still failed to fall and with 30 seconds remaining a 3 point deficit the game appeared to be slipping away. Having possession of the ball, helped the Generic Team with their situation but their ice cold shooting remained. A quick 3 pointer was the teams main objective with all attempts resulting in misses. Their first 3 attempts all missed the target, but the frantic and desperate rebounding of the team somehow kept the ball in their hands. With 15 seconds left, the team whipped the ball around the 3 point line and landed in Ben Lawless’ hands. With his teammates yelling to shoot, he threw up the ball wondering how he can shoot and pray at the same time. The ball travelled through the air and with both teams running in to crash the boards, the ball splashed the net and went in… the game was tied.


With little time left both teams hurried back to the opposite ring to try and effect the game. A hurried shot by the 51CK L4DS missed all trace of the ring and siren sounded. This up and down affair had ended in a disappointing but fair result.

35-35 draw.

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