Finals Week 2 – Geelong v Sydney: In Our Favour

In Our Favour


Geelong versus Sydney


7:50pm, Friday 15 September


Melbourne Cricket Ground


Aidan Hammond


This match will impact the Crows a lot, the winner will play against us. I hope we play against Geelong but I think that Sydney will win. My friend Jack is pretty nervous, he is Geelong. If Geelong win it will go to our favour, we need that.


We make pizza and buy an ice cream and watch what is going to be a cracking game. The first quarter is a really good game with a high tempo. Sydney get the fast start with Sam Reid up forward and that makes it look like Sydney versus Adelaide.


Well if you thought that the last goal would have set the tone you were wrong. The next two Patrick Dangerfield goals are the ones that set the tone, they are the first Patrick Dangerfield goals of the match, Sydney trail by five at quarter time.


I really think this match is going to be a very good one. They are piling on the goals. They are playing so well. Patrick Dangerfield is dominating Dane Rampe. Mitch Duncan is noticeable in the midfield and Darcy Lang across the half back line is a good inclusion for Geelong.


Geelong score six goals to Sydney’s one and it looks like the Crows are going to be playing Geelong. Geelong lead by 36 points and the MCG is sounding happy, I still don’t know why this isn’t being played at Kardinia; they played a Prelim at Spotless.


In the third quarter it is much of the same. Except Geelong aren’t dominating by as much. They score four goals to Sydney’s one. Sydney are not scoring much at all, they have been so good all year on a knife’s edge and they are playing so bad.


Sydney are scoring a lot of behinds and it is very horrible. The frustration I am getting of them not taking their chances, I am not a Sydney supporter. At least we will probably play Geelong and it is good; I reckon that we will win.


In the last quarter it is closer, and Geelong win the quarter only by one goal and four behinds. They are not kicking very accurately. This match is turning out to be like a lot of the other finals matches, the losing team scoring 30-40-50 points. It is interesting.


In the last quarter Tom Hawkins scores the last goal of the match and escapes a goal less final. But Buddy didn’t escape. So Geelong win by 59 and we are versing them this week. Another twist of the season, but Adelaide are going to smash them and get in a grand final.


Bring it on.


Geelong      3.1   9.4    13.4   15.8 (98)
Sydney        2.2   3.4     4.9    5.9 (39)


Geelong: Dangerfield 4, Menzel 2, Menegola 2, Duncan 2, Stanley, Smith, Motlop, Hawkins, Blicavs
Sydney: Jack, McVeigh, Mills, Papley, Reid


Geelong: Dangerfield, Henderson, Menegola, Duncan, Motlop, Blicavs, Taylor
Sydney: Hannebery, Grundy, Lloyd, Jack, McVeigh


Umpires: Rosebury, Nicholls, Meredith Crowd: 55,529


Our Votes: 3 Dangerfield (GC), 2 Duncan (GC),  1 Menegola (GC)


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  1. You have to wonder what happened to Sydney, don’t you Aidan? As you said, they’d been playing on a knife edge for so long. Maybe The Cats responded to the wake-up call they got from Richmond. Dangerman was certainly back to his Brownlow best.

    I’ve been impressed by The Crows all season. How do you reckon they’ll match up against The Sleepy Hollow Mob?

  2. Thanks,
    I reckon that we wont have that much trouble against Geelong, especially because it is in Adelaide.

  3. I think you may have a little more trouble than you think Aidan!
    NO-ONE thought the Cats would beat Sydney and we know how that turned out.
    Playing the Crows at Adelaide Oval is gonna be tough but if Geelong bring the same intensity and form as this week, look out!
    PS. I hope all those civilised Croweaters will be polite to the boy from Moggs Creek!! Haha, as if!!

  4. We’re coming for you Aidan!! Buckle up!

    Very good report too.

  5. Don’t worry too much about those Catters Aidan. NO-ONE thought they’d fall apart against Richmond either. And Sydney are fast developing a reputation for having a September glass jaw anway. Just give them the Traditional Adelaide Welcome. That usually unnerves them. Tex, Talia & Eddie will do the rest.

  6. Thanks guys.
    It is always the trouble winning the qualifying final because you need to play the in form semi finalist. Also, you might lose your momentum like Payneham did against Walkerville then we beat them in the grand final. I will definitely making noise in the riverbank stand.

  7. Well covered analysis there, Aidan. Geelong got the jump on Sydney and never gave them a sniff. The Crows will definitely be looking forward to facing Danger in a prelim, massive moment. Best of luck to Adelaide.

  8. You give those Sleepy Hollow Millionaires hell from the Riverbank Stand Aidan. And save a special well one for that Moggs’ Creek Turncoat.

  9. Wrap – Moggs Creek is in Victoria. No coat turning there.

    How many Tigers come from within the boundary of greater Richmond?

  10. Nice one, Aidan. Geelong are always tough to transition the ball against because they are usually effective at throwing the numbers back. With Buddy clearly hampered the Swans struggled with that. Also, their midfield is not as good as all the wraps it gets. The Crows will need to beat the same trap, missing McGovern this week. I have faith Don has a plan.

  11. Al of them Dips, but over the centuries, the Tiger Diaspora has taken them to the four corners of The Globe.

  12. Thankyou everyone.
    The ticket sales are mad.
    So mad the general public could only buy single seats.
    But we will be on a websites where you get discarded members tickets 2 hours before the games.
    Trying my luck.
    Looks like everyone wants a go in booing Danger Matthew.
    Yes Dave, Don Pyke has been the best coach all year.
    Everybody will stop praising Chris Scott after we will silence him.
    My West Coast Richmond post is on the way!

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