Season 2017: Fragen von einem, arbeiter der liest

What an amazing season it’s been! Theoretically 17 sides can still reach the finals. Are any of the top 4, let alone top 8 safe?


The eventual premier? It’ll come down to who fires in September. It has parallels to 1997, 1964, when the eventual premiers weren’t the best team for the season, but the team that fired in the finals. In 1997 the reigning premiers North Melbourne were probably the best side, Geelong finished on top of the ladder, with Adelaide,who lost in the first week of the finals, peaking when it counted. 2017 will possibly be very similar.


It’s not just the evenness on the ladder but it’s the amount of close games. In 13 completed rounds, remembering everyone’ s had a bye, my maths say there’s been 127 games played, with 21 games decided by under a goal, circa 1-in-6, with another 6 games by between 7-12 points.


Now I want some advice/information. As a question from a worker who reads, can someone tell me has there been a season with more close results?


Over to you Almanackers.




  1. Stainless says

    Glen – I can’t say for sure about the overall number of close games but I’d be pretty certain there’s never previously been a single round in which three matches were won by sides scoring less goals than their opponents.

  2. Glen, this season has been the ultimate in close games. It has made it very frustrating for tipsters but all the more exciting for neutral fans watching on. All I know is my North Melbourne are pretty dreadful with the close margins. Btw, what exactly does ‘Fragen von einem, arbeiter der list’ translate to in English?

  3. Valid point Stainless. It’s an intriguing statistic that one, having four matches being decided by under a goal,including those three where the victors scored less goals.

    Matthew the English translation of “Fragen von einem, arbeiter der liest”, is ” Questions from a worker, who reads.” It was the title of a Bertolt Brecht work from 1935.


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