Sat’dy arvo at the footy: June 11 2011

The major suburban matches highlighted in this column last week threw up interesting results, with the top sides losing in the EDFL, NFL and EFL.

Maribyrnong Park’s stranglehold on the EDFL title is now under serious challenge after Damien Peverill inspired Aberfeldie to victory. Luke Livingstone, king of the Marby goal square in recent weeks, must have known it would be more difficult when big Mal Michael rolled up in an Abers jumper!

In the NFL, and despite 3 goals from Cameron Cloke, the Bundoora Bulls lost to the vastly improved Greensborough.

And, completing the clean sweep of leader losses, Scoresby gave Blackburn a reality check, coming from behind to overrun the early season pace-setters.

Whilst all of these teams can still harbor valid dreams of premiership glory, throughout the state there are others facing a grim, winless slog through winter – even getting blokes to train and ”fill” a side becomes a challenge when floggings become ritual.

Look, for example, at results in the WRFL. These comps have divisions, ostensibly to create more even combatants. Yet, in Div.1, 3 of the 4 matches produced the aggregate winning margin of 532 points! In Div.2, James Condos’ 19 goals brought his personal tally for the season to 86 as Deer Park won by 272 points.

Unfortunately, it tends to get uglier down the grades and in the bush – Milawa, for instance, stitched up Swanpool 45-23 to zip.

I posed this question to a Yr 12 Psych class this morning-

“Why would anyone bother?”

I was hoping for noble stances like camaraderie / personal challenge / bigger picture blah, blah..

The only response was “Money!”.

“Not sustainable”, I explained. When the side’s getting belted the gates drop, bar and canteen taking droop, the critical club raffle ceases to sell, sponsors lose interest…

So get down and support your local club if you can because -win, lose or draw- your backing is essential and you can be assured that there are people putting in big energies for no personal gain.

Lots of teams will be able to take stock this weekend as many competitions offer a bye for the Queen’s Birthday break.

Our choices are, therefore, more limited this Saturday.

We’ll maybe choose between the VFL novelty of Willy playing North Ballarat at Keilor, or head to Coburg to watch them face old enemies Port Melbourne.

Although there are no games in the top flight of the EDFL, WRFL  and the NFL (and none at all in the Ammos), the EFL has one feature game and it is always a grudge at Noble Park as the Bulls “welcome” bluebloods Balwyn, whose season is at the crossroads.

Let us know what’s on your footy calendar. It looks like a perfect Saturday for morning sport, visit an afternoon game and then home for the Hawks and Cats on TV.


  1. Season at the crossroads at 5-3!? You must have something against the ‘bluebloods’ crio..

  2. Mic Rees says

    Mr C

    I was told that Mr Condos only played the first three quarters of last Saturdays game against the Road Runners.

    The Coburg v PM game might be the last one between the two great rivals at City Oval Coburg – Hope I’m wrong.


  3. Syd, We did have an unhappy experience with Balwyn C C!
    I just reckon they need to win to show they are in touch with the top sides. Blackburn, remember, belted them. Could be wrong. What’s your view?

  4. plus, Syd, I had to call them the Bluebloods, not only relative to Noble Park, but because I wish the Tigers were the Blues, as in
    “and now you’ve got the Balwyn Blues…” (Balwyn Calling)

  5. Agree that they could probably use a big scalp. They should get on a bit of a roll after this week looking at the draw.

    The cricketers colours are Blue, but they are still the Tigers. Blue and Yellow.

    Should get a good crowd out there tomorrow arvo.

  6. player or supporter Syd?

  7. Grew up around the corner – still growing actually. Three time premiership waterboy in my younger days, when they were in the SFL.

    Haven’t been able to watch them yet this season unfortunately..

  8. Chalkdog says

    Ordinary Park [described by Trev Marmalade as viewed from the top tier of the Stand at Sandown] v Balwyn Tigers wearing Yellow & BLUE. Sorry but tigers in cartoons, zoos and great club songs wear yellow & BLACK. I hereby declare Balwyn Tigers as fake. Penalty – return to the SFL until they work it out or immediately rename as the Balwyn Calling. Benefit 1 is a pretyy unique club song.

  9. they could play around like a cat and a rat……and Advocaat specials on Saturday nights!

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