SANFL Round 5 – Norwood stay on top of the tree


Bob Quinn Medal winner Matty Panos


Norwood defeated North Adelaide by 14 points to win its 5th successive game, remaining undefeated and on top of the premiership table while North Adelaide stay on -2 points following the 19 man fiasco of 2018 (how any club receives a penalty the following season for such a major discretion is bizarre, let’s leave it at that). One thing the SANFL has got spot on is the previous season’s grand finalists playing on Anzac Day it is a privilege NOT a right to play on the most significant day on the Australian sporting landscape. For those who say, “Collingwood and Essendon built Anzac Day”, North Melbourne were the pioneers of Friday night footy, the game has moved on. It is ridiculous that 2 clubs continue to monopolise the day that is a huge advantage financially, including massive sponsorship opportunities.


Norwood captain Jace Bode with club president Paul Di Iulio


Maddy & Jace Bode


Maddy, Nat (nee Von Bertouch, former Australian Netball representative) & Milla Bode


Norwood were on top from the beginning of the game with some elite ball movement and classy footy led by the brilliance of Matty Panos, his exquisite skills on display both in the midfield and at times at centre half-forward where he also kicked 3 goals. Matty Nunn ran hard playing the link role, his partnership and understanding with Sam Baulderstone, particularly out of the centre square, is very important to the outcome of the game.


Peter Bampton with partner Nicole


Peter Bampton continues to build – he is in as rich a purple-patch of form as he has had in his career, his overhead marking and ability to play tall again a feature, his finishing in front of goal, which in previous seasons was not always a strength, was again impressive, kicking 5 goals. Sam Baulderstone was the overall winner in ruck, also playing effectively as the extra midfielder in field play while his hitouts to advantage were very effective resulting in several goals. It was a intriguing battle in ruck with Alex Barns of the Roosters who had his moments, taking several pack marks, while North Adelaide actually won the clearance battle in the end particularly in the last quarter, but for the day overall, Baulderstone took the choccies. Brad McKenzie was polished in defence again, his judgement when to go for his marks or when to spoil was spot on while as always his lethal left leg offensively was on display. Norwood’s Mr Everywhere man fix any problem, Cam Shenton ran hard, linked up well, defended excellently, he is a fantastic example of modern footy playing in so many different roles and positions at any given time in a game and performing all with a minimum of fuss.


Mitch Grigg, returning from suspension, while not back to his brilliant best was influential in particular delivering several bullet like passes with his left foot. Mitch Wilkins is getting back to the form of 2018, playing again after such a serious facial injury was going to take time to get his confidence back. Dom Barry, recruited to add much needed run and carry, is gradually learning the ‘Legs patterns and structures and is a very important player to link and break the lines. Cole Gerloff, Will Abbott the FA Bloch medalist, as we all know the most prestigious award in world sport, and Anthony Wilson were all important defensively harassing the Rooster’s ball carriers. The ‘Legs re the new 6-6-6 rule were constantly changing their set ups at each centre bounce in which Anthony Wilson was the prime organiser, it was interesting to observe.


The Rooster’s best was boom recruit from Woodville-West Torrens, Jarred Almond, he has taken his game to another level since changing clubs at the start of 2018 and is certainly now one of the premier players in the competition.  He carried the ball, at times was in and under also and was influential. Tom Schwarz has become a respected and influential SANFL player as he has got more belief in himself, he’s backing himself in more both ball in hand and in general taking the game on. Maris Olekalns (son of Egils) was important particularly in the first half, he is the Rooster’s preferred kicker of the ball when trying to break through defensive zones, he performed his role very well and I felt that Norwood weren’t paying him enough respect and playing him tight enough. Having alongside Tim Weatherald coached Maris in SAPSASA I enjoy watching him and always observe closely. Aidan Tropiano, after receiving a heavy facial knock last week, showed character to play and as usual was a consistent contributor. Alex Barns as I said above more than had his moments. Keenan Ramsey looked threatening at times up forward kicking 2 goals. Strato Agorastas was dangerous in the forward lines kicking 3 goals, while yes it’s great to play with passion, if you keep arguing and carrying on like a pork chop at decisions which don’t go your way umpires do talk amongst themselves and you’re not going to do yourself any favours in the long run. Liam Verity from the Modbury FC made a encouraging debut, building into the game kicking 2 goals and showing plenty of promise for the future.


Norwood past players Brenton Klaebe and Andrew Aish


Overall Norwood looked the better side for the opening 3 quarters in general, although the Roosters had their moments, in particular in the 2nd quarter only for Norwood to lift in the last few minutes of the 2nd stanza and at lemons time had seemingly put the game to bed leading by 40 points, only for the Roosters to get right on top in the last quarter, outscoring the Redlegs 6 goals to 2. Part of this is the new 6-6-6 rule where clubs are unable to put players behind the ball when in front at a centre bounce and just clog the game up which is a good thing but we have to get smarter with the plus one after the bounce has occurred and get the ball in the hands of our better disposers of the ball, picking the best option when to pull the trigger and go long. Is it any redemption for losing last years Grand Final? No way, but it keeps us top and leaves North Adelaide at -2, a long long way back for the Roosters. Norwood move on to play the Crows next Friday night, better get there early to avoid the traffic of those 3 thousand travelling Crows supporters, while North Adelaide play Sturt at Peter Motley Oval in a vital game for both clubs, and a hello to Troy Chaplin, isn’t he performing magnificently as the Demons defensive coach!


NORWOOD 15.11.101


Norwood: P Bampton 5, M Panos 3, W Abbott, D Barry, A Georgiou, M Nunn
M Grigg, S Baulderstone, B Dawe
North Adelaide: S Agorastos 3, L Hender, K Ramsey, L Verity 2, A Barns, K Miller, T Schwartz


Norwood: M Panos, M Nunn, P Bampton, S Baulderstone, B McKennzie, C Shenton, M Grigg, M Wilkins, D Barry, C Gerloff, W Abbott, A Wilson
North Adelaide: J Allmond, T Schwarz, M Olekalns, A Tropiano, A Barns, K Ramsey


Crowd: 4,374


Bob Quinn Medalist: M Panos (Norwood)


Click here to see Norwood singing their song after the game


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  1. Ray Higginbottom says

    Always a good summation of the game with some subtle wit and not so subtle wit re Troy Chaplin.Love the way Brad McKenzie is playing his role currently.Looking forward to the year of the Legs.Real footy,Real passion.

  2. Just discovered your post malcolm. I apologise for not reading it yet – I’m bloody tired and will be off to bed in a few minutes. However, first thing after breakfast I’ll give it my full attention. I know it will be a most enjoyable read.

    Brilliant to see the boys sitting on top of the heap

  3. Another great wrap up of the game. Norwood have started this season fantastically, off of the back of a poor grand final last year it’s good to see a great start to the year

  4. Cameron Glenn says

    Another Norwood win to go 5-0 while the poor Roosters stuck on the bottom. Norwood were really good in the first 3 terms and great to see they had excellent support with many Redleg fans at the game. Norwood should get that support away from home at all grounds and if so would outnumber home fans at Woodville, Richmond, Noarlunga and even Alberton these days.

    A shame about the final term as a comfortable win would have boosted % and avoid the feeling of a miracle from the other team. Same thing happened with Centrals where Norwood took the foot off the pedal and even late in the game vs Port. A win is a win but don’t want to see a big lead end up as a loss.

    Matt Panos a deserving Bob Quinn medalist.

    Big game vs the Crows next week plus another matchup with Centrals for the Reserves.

    Go Legs!

  5. Eric Matisons says

    Good write up , went to the game great crowd and good to get a win at prospect

  6. Andrew Meaney says

    Great to see Norwood on top early on in the season. Hopefully they can keep it going until October ?. Great to get the win over North.

    Agree re Anzac Day the SANFL have it right with the Grand Finalists.

    Go the Redlegs ???

  7. Roberto Allevi says

    Great read I think,Shentons first half was as good as I’ve seen the man was everywhere

  8. Bill Drodge says

    Goodwork Malcolm.
    The last quarter comeback from the reigning premiers shouldn’t have been a surprise; they’re certainly better than their -2 points on the ladder :)
    As for ANZAC Day, I like to think that the SANFL and AFL both have it right. The games played on the day reflect the values and ethos of a sporting comp as opposed to a big business.

  9. Dave Brown says

    More than happy to be six games ahead of North after five rounds; anything we can do to finish their season early. Was quite testy between the fans in patches around the ground

  10. At last I have finished brekky and have been able to digest your superb report on our 5th win, Malcolm. keeping us top of the heap

    Great to see Panos again putting in a ripper. What a great combination he and Baulderstone make. As per usual Shenton continues to shine but surprisingly Johnston blanketed (allowing Panos free rein).

    Again McKenzie continues to shine in defense and I noticed Georgio kicked a goal.

    Anyway, as the song goes – “Keep your eye on the RED AND THE BLUE” plus WATCH THE REDLEGS

  11. Geoffrey Wilson says

    A very extensive and professional report Malcolm, North do match up and play well against us. We do need to be at our best to put them away. Always a good win at prospect , Go The Mighty Redlegs.

  12. Jill Tahtra says

    Im an Eagle supporter as you know but I too cannot understand why North are paying the penalty this year. If they wanted to take points from them it sure have been done in the season where it happened. I mean if someone in the courts system were found guilty this year there punishment starts now not next year!

    As dor the glorified VFL playing the same teams every ANZAC Day because its tradition., well yes it was a tradition in the VFL but its now suppose to be the AFL so no tradition is set yet surely There is nothing AFL about it its still VFL in every sense, the Vics run the place and go by their rules such as the Brownlow medal, he has nothing to do with the Afl. And why is the Grand Final played on the MCG EVERY year I mean if 2 Vic based clubs are in it its not a neutral ground. What about Adelaide Oval, the new one in Perth or the Sydney ground. I`m not sure of the size of the ones in Qld..

    Sorry I`ll get of my high horse now but it makes me so mad.

  13. Willow Wilson says

    Nice work Book, we arrived just before half time and watched from the terraces near the outer wing. In the end a good win and plenty of positives. Grigg’s vision and use with his brilliant kicking was a feature, McKenzie also has an elite left leg, Panos was smooth and is just a smart player, Baulderstone’s tap work and passing were good. Bampton moved, marked and goaled well. A bit of a concern with how easily North scored at times, fast ball movement saw them get out the back a few times and they made Norwood look slow at times with slick movement off the half back line. Good to get the win.

  14. Tim Wedding says

    Reading this article made me realise that we do have a fantastic team this season, one that can only get better as the players start to gel. Nunn, Bampton, and some flashes of brilliance from Smart make for exciting, fast, free flowing footy. That 6-6-6 rule keeps teams honest that’s for sure.

  15. Dave daly says

    Another great win plus great read up i was away during the wk but was lucky enough to listen to it via the sanfl app. Still some work to do but very good start to the yr by the legs. Great depth with top shelf leadership lets hope this yr we will continue and make up for our poor finish to last season

  16. Michael Rehn says

    Another quality write up Malcolm. I’ve mentioned previously that I think the SA tradition of the previous season’s Grand Finalists playing on Anzac Day is the the best arrangement. In current times the home ground of the reigning Premier is probably the best place to play it. With five wins on the trot it’d be hard not to be happy with that, and we have played some pretty good footy to get there. I’d like to see us mix up our game a little more, so that we can switch into a stop mode when opponents get a run on, and without getting ahead of ourselves, bear in mind that there are no Friday night finals at Norwood. I love Friday nights at Norwood, but sometimes the venue hides a multitude of on field sins. But still at 5 zip who’s complaining !!!

  17. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Ray thank you and people have been asking for a Chaplin sledge.Campbell thank you.Cameron yes percentage could turn out important massive test against the Crows reserves this week and the likelihood of a premiership redleg,Luke Brown returning for Adelaide,Matty Panos a v deserving winner of the Bob Quinn medal.Eric yep good crowd and atmosphere so much better than playing at Adelaide oval.Andrew the SANFL definitely have got it right but as well no the extended vfl is about,$$$ not what is fair.Roberto Shents was excellent huge work rate always goes about his job with a minimum of fuss.Bill agree to differ re the afl and yep it was a bloody good win.Dave agree totally re keeping the roosters down I didn’t observe any dramas in the crowd but I admit I was mainly with the legs faithful.Fisho thank you as always greatly appreciate your support yes it was strange for,LJ to have a quiet one.Geoff agree completely about the roosters matching up well against us yep always good to win at the Wembley of the north ( Chockas title ) thanks folks

  18. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Jill I agree completely with every letter v well said couldn’t agree more.Willow totally agree re your thoughts of the legs players and with the roosters pace on a big ground won’t be shattered if they don’t play finals.
    Tim yes gradual improvement and there are times when we are fast and v entertaining hope we just continue to build in to the season huge test against the bloody crows this week.Dave I think it’s been pleasing that we have won games with out playing our best footy at times so far this season last 2 weeks has been a improvement.Michael well said it is harder re the 6-6-6 rule to go defensive agree re the home of footy does hide some issues and agree totally re Anzac Day ( all finals apart from gf should be played at the teams home ground which finished highest at the end of the minor round,thanks as always

  19. Dean Bogisch says

    Comprehensive summation of the game Malcolm. We played some really good footy in contrast to some of the starts we have had this season. I reckon some of our last quarter seconds matches this year have been better spectacles than the first halves of the league, however it is a bonus to get the points when not playing our best. I can see the confidence returning and with that comes stronger belief in each other. Keep on building.

  20. Just 12 best players for the Legs Book?

    SANFL have it right with the grand finalists from the previous year playing on Anzac Day – AFL could learn something there….

  21. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    It looks like Patrick Keane’s influence came to the fore as the ANZAC Day edition of the AFL Record had an extensive feature on Bob Quinn.

  22. Good write up Malcolm look forward to your comments on 88.7 fm Coast Fms sportscap this week

  23. Another good read Rulebook. Norwood continues to excel in what has been a fairly even SANFL competition so far this season.

    I feel it’s fitting that Norwood’s win over the Roosters on Anzac Day has realistically ended North’s chances of making the finals this year. I reckon North would have to win 10 of their last 13 games to make the five, a feat that on form appears to be beyond them already.

    I loved the Troy Chaplin sledge – good to see your old punching bag getting a mention.

  24. Good summary Malcolm!
    A good win by the Legs, although the last quarter fade-outs are an issue. Reserves also faded badly after leading late in the third quarter. It points to fitness, or perhaps a game-plan which focusses on heavy overuse of the ball.
    Enjoyed the game with a few mates and a few beers. Can recommend the RSL as a cheap alternative at Prospect if you don’t want to pay $7.50 for a beer… Fantastic weather and a good crowd. Remembrance ceremony was very moving, so well organised by North, as was their banner. Sign of the times that a good crowd is anything above 3,000, when I remember thrashing Port on Anzac Day in 1997, winning by 20 goals with 21,000 in attendance at Adelaide Oval! There was over 10,000 the last time we played them in a GF replay.
    I notice that the budget missed referring to those other games of significance, which have been played on Anzac Day. Its not the publication it used to be.
    I agree with AFL comment, Anzac Day does not belong to two teams.It will not matter who plays, the crowd will still go. TV rights deal dictates a lot these days.

  25. Luke Reynolds says

    Great to see Norwood on fire Malcolm. And even better to see the return of ‘The Chaplin’ in this!!

  26. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Dean more than happy not to be at our absolute best but winning this time of the year.Jags let’s just say at least I no the players read the article yep Sanfl have,Anzac day spot on.Swish brilliant article on Bob Quinn and I admit I did not no the family connection with,Charlie Walker whom the best keeper award in district cricket is named after which,Greg Quinn I think has won,8 times.Raj thank you and looking forward to it.
    Paul it will be a incredible comeback for the roosters to make it from here and just listening to the demands of the punters the illustrious one was over due to get a mention.Hardman the last quarters are a concern but v happy to be undefeated I heard of a few others at the ground supporting the RSL also good stuff yes that game in 97 a glorious memory at Adelaide oval I hate it how crowds have dropped off great atmosphere at
    Prospect tho if the afl wasn’t governed by $$$ fairness and common sense could eventuate alas we all no that ain’t happening.Luke thank you I will have to come up with some others ! Thank you

  27. Richard Brown says

    A well balanced write up Malcolm. Very well done. I thought we (north) never really looked like winning. The 2 times we had momentum were mid 2nd quarter when we couldn’t buy a goal and the last quater when it was all but over. Your North best players were very close to the Club’s best (Schwarz Allmond Tropiano Barnes Ramsey).

  28. Martin Rumsby says

    Solid start to 2019 by the men in red and blue who seem to be slowly building form. Looking forward to the contest on Friday with another side which has been playing well but inconsistently. Agree with your comments regarding which teams should be playing on ANZAC Day.

  29. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Richard thank you I find it interesting and surprising that,Maris Olekalns didn’t make the roosters best for mine the closing minutes of the 1st half effectively decided the contest.Martin yes gradually building huge test,Friday night mind you I detest playing the Crows they don’t feel like real games thank you

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