SANFL Round 14 – Norwood v Adelaide: Redlegs knock off Crows in a subdued composed performance

ADELAIDE   3.4   6.5   7.8   9.12 (66)
NORWOOD   5.5   7.9   13.9   13.13 (91)

Pinyon 4, Gallucci 2, Davis, Signorello, Jarman
Norwood: Dawe 3, Panos 2, Wilson 2, Jefferies 2, Fuller, Olsson, Terlich, Johnston

 Wigg, Fry, Hunter, Seedsman, Pinyon, Doedee, Gallucci, Cheney, Jarman
Norwood: Panos, Shenton, Grigg, Bampton, Jefferies, Forster, Nunn, Levicki, Kirwan

Adelaide: De Michele (elbow)
Norwood: Nil


Norwood have run out convincing 25 point winners against the Adelaide FC reserves and move a step closer to playing finals footy and securing the vital double chance. Highlights of the game were:

1. Norwood’s ball movement in the first quarter which was as crisp and precise as it has been all season and with Brady Dawe providing a focal point up forward with his inspector gadget arms catching everything and his mobility was too much for the Crows to keep up with, kicking three goals.

2. Cam Shenton took Troy Menzel to the cleaners annihilating him in one-on-one duels and running off. His drive out of defence a very important part of the legs’ victory.

3. Matty Panos was the class player on the ground clean hands and with very good disposal. It is a farce how he is not on an AFL list as always the midfielder also contributed on the scoreboard with two goals.

The wounded warrior, Matty Panos, icing up after the game


4. Don’t worry about the flares at Adelaide Oval – Anthony ‘Rabs’ Wilson scorched the turf at the Parade during the third quarter with a kick out of congestion to the Norwood forward line. Rabs was at least 20 metres behind the Crows players; he ran straight past them with blistering pace, gathered the ball superbly and ran into the open goal. It was truly remarkable and one of the goals of the season.

5. Mitch Grigg was a steady contributor on ball. Andrew Kirwan again performed his role and was tough in the clinches. Chris ‘Jimmy’ Olsson backed up from his league debut last week – his pace and workrate a highlight. Peter Bampton was great re. working hard defensively locking the ball in the Norwood forward line. Matty Nunn linked up well. Ben Jefferies was lively on his wing working the lines and also kicking two goals.

6. Pat Levicki took some strong marks in defence, also nullifying his opponent.

7. What a great bloke Kristian Roocke is – after Chris Olsson missed a sitter in the last quarter, he decided to make him feel better by running into an open goal and somehow missed from inside the square (it was actually an achievement to miss). Kristian took the good-natured ribbing after the game and fined himself for the blunder (good stuff mate).

Self-fining good sport Kristian Roocke with defensive rock Pat Levicki


8. For the Crows Harrison Wigg, while he got a fair bit of the ball and used it reasonably well, I would like him to get the ball more often in more dangerous spots.

9. Paul Hunter and Sam Baulderstone had an intriguing battle in ruck – both had their moments with honors split evenly.

10. Paul Seedsman may have played himself into the Crows side. He won plenty of the ball, having 22 disposals, although Jordan Gallucci, while not getting as many touches, was classy and kicked two goals. I admit he would get my vote. Scott Thompson again struggled re. movement; Father Time has well and truly caught up.

11. Tom Doedee has promise and may be an AFL player in the future. Top-up player Daniel Fry was good and while Kyle Cheney had his moments he is well off AFL level.

12. Crows top up player Tom Pinyon kicked four goals and was a constant threat up forward. I will be surprised if he isn’t at an SANFL club in 2018.

13. It was pleasing to see three guys just umpire the game. While they made some errors none did a Razor Ray ‘Kath and Kim look at me, look at me’ performance (no Troy Chaplin’s incompetent crap).

It’s a damp old flag in the Redlegs’ changerooms post game


Overall, the legs took a step forward while the Crows performed their purpose re. game time and practicing their structures. We can only hope the AFL wake up and implement a national reserves competition for the integrity of the SANFL competition (I emphasize these are my personal views only).


Read more of Rukebook’s analysis (all the coaches are).


‘Legs fans might recognise the venue for Kate Birrell’s cover art for The Women’s Footy Almanac 2017. Read more about the book which is being lunched on July 27.


  1. Dave Brown says

    Good stuff, Rulebook. Panos just outstanding – like you I have no idea why he is not on an AFL list. 192cm goal kicking midfielders don’t grow on trees. Would’ve had Kirwan a few spots further up on the best player list – every touch was to significant advantage. And Wilson – when a man is tired of seeing him run onto the footy, he is tired of life. Great to see Maurice Pilgrim tossing the coin too – well done once again to the club and Rowdy.

  2. Sam McEwen says

    Great review Rulebook. Gives a great insight when I can’t get to the game

  3. Cameron Glenn says

    Great to see Norwood break their Crows hoodoo and get revenge on that game last month. If only they were like Geelong in close games and not like Richmond.

    A really enjoyable day at the Parade and even better to have grandstand seating to keep out of the rain.

    Loved Norwood’s third term kicking 6 straight goals to get out to a huge winnable game but that last term kept kicking behinds. We saw a few gettable goals missed from both sides and the post hit a few times.

    Great to see the u18s beat Sturt 107-75.

    Norwood only % behind Port and Sturt in a 3 way battle for 2nd and 3rd. Norwood appear to have the toughest run with Eagles at Woodville, Port at Alberton and Sturt at home plus Centrals at home. Port have winnable games against South at Alberton, plus West and North away with Norwood their only major battle. Sturt have West at Richmond plus home games against Glenelg and South Adelaide before travelling to Norwood. An interesting month ahead to see who plays in the first Qualifying Final and who is in the elimination final.

    Go Legs!

  4. Luke Reynolds says

    Love your Norwood reviews Malcolm.
    Panos sounds like a star.
    Hasn’t Troy Menzel gone backwards.
    Was a big Seedsman fan in his time at the Pies, disappointed he left, would be great to see him run around for the Crows in September.

  5. Great Article again Malcolm. Matt Panos is such a great player, Mitch Grigg had another good game. We have tough games ahead, which i hope we win. Would be great to see the premiership cup at the parade again.

  6. Redlegs have bounced back nicely since the loss to West maybe the wake up call that was needed.

  7. Manny Koufalakis says

    Wonderful read Malcolm. The crowd noise just turned up and up when Wilson chased that ball and errupted when he goaled. Wonderful highlight.
    Panos just superb. Some of those quick handballs under pressure were amazing. Cant believe the reflex gives he makes time and time again.
    We won the game but I’m not convinced yet.
    We play the Eagles this week and we will see if we just jumped them last game when they were not expecting the pressure we applied or if we are able to turn it on for the big games.
    Our best is good enough its just not consistent.
    Go you Legs!

  8. Great review Rulebook

  9. It looks like the legs are on an upward curve again. From a Crows perspective, I’m pleased to see that Seedsman and Gallucci played well, giving the AFL Crows side more depth come September.

  10. Geoff Wilson says

    Good summary Malcolm, could not agree with you anymore on Panos, his form over the last two games has been outstanding. A big finish over the last four games and he could give the medal a shake. I thought Pat Levicki played one of his best games with some telling marks in defense. All in all a good win and we need to keep playing well with a big four games conning up to get the coveted double chance. Go The Mighty Redlegs.

  11. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Dave the move to the midfield has revitalized,Matty absolutely bewildered how he hasn’t been given another chance,Kiwi was good love your line about,Rabs I sat in the stand with Michael and the Pilgrim family in the last q,Maurice was pretty chuffed re yesterday and thank you,Michael Aish a champion in more ways than 1.Thanks Smack.Cameron at least it is in our destiny.Luke Panos was on the dogs list he played full forward as a junior as I said stunned he hasn’t been given another chance.Menzel has gone backwards as much as any 1 Vickery,Cloke etc he was terrible yest.Sonia thank you we can dream.Raj some big tests ahead.Manny yep the goal by Wilson was the highlight of the day agree I admit I have doubts still as well huge test this week.Brenton thank you.Paul yep spot on depth at all levels is vital
    thanks folks

  12. LoisPilgrim says

    Our Sincere” Love,Thank You.Friendship,and Michael Aish,& James Fantasia,”for giving Maurice the Absolute Privelage of “Tossing the Coin “to start Sunday’s Norwood-Crows match..He was thrilled beyond words..and treasures every aspect of the day..He had the company of Michael all the afternoon..and the energy through him,gave Maurice the strength to enjoy a wonderful afternoon.Thank you sincerely to the Officials.Players.and Club for your Friendship extended to Maurice..You all have contributed to making wonderful memories for Maurice and his Family.Come on the Redlegs!!!!!!! You are the BEST.Thank you again.Lois & Barry Pilgrim..

  13. Lawrence Ben says

    Kris Rooke – we’ll take you in iggies D Grade…… those kicks happen about three times every game

  14. Lovely lisa says

    Great review. Like everyone else, no idea why Panos isn’t on an AFL list.

  15. Joshua Bird says

    Good review of the game yesterday Malcolm. Was a grueling contest in my opinion and I’m glad we got away with a solid win and no injuries. I might be imagining but I’ve also found we seem to kick straighter as rain buckets down on our players! Either way another two points and an important win for a double chance final, especially as we have this week against Eagles.

  16. Bill Drodge says

    Thanks for the Norwood Match Report (as always) Malcolm.

    I’m still being “pig headed”, and refuse to go to the games v the Crows Reserves, so the detailed write up is well received!

    The whole concept of AFL Reserves in the SANFL needs a major re-think very quickly, because surely there is now more patrons than just protestors (like me) staying away?


  17. Michael Aish says

    Good day out for all yesterday. The boys got the job done. Hope they can maintain some real pressure throughout the 4 quarters of every game . They will need to to be a real threat. As always Maurice enjoyed the day and was a focal supporter through out the day.

  18. Tony Tremonte says

    Great article again Malcolm. Thought we should have won by 10 goals but didn’t keep the pressure on the opposition all game and weren’t clean with disposal and ball movement all game. We need to be onto these things all game next week if we are to stand a chance against the Eagles, a really important game.

  19. Rick Neagle says

    Keep up the dialogue Rulebook. Great synopsis of the game for the punters (like me) who were unable to attend.

  20. Jeff Milton says

    Tough run home but still a chance for a top 3 and a crack at playing in the GF.

    Need to see a few Power injuries to weaken both Port sides and to leave it as a genuine SANFL battle for the premiership.

  21. Malcolm Ashwood says
    Definitely the highlight of the day Anthony Rabs Wilson take a bow !

  22. Great article Malcom, legs on a roll

  23. Norwood all but own the Elimination Final over the last 40 years. Looking very dangerous leading into September.

  24. Solid Book.

  25. Martin Rumsby says

    Good analysis, Malcolm. Great run and goal by “Rabs” and well shepherded and supported by Chris Olssen. Very impressive third quarter. The Eagles game this Saturday, along with matches to come against Sturt and Port, will give us a good measure of where the team stands in the lead up to the finals series.

  26. Great, detailed analysis as always, thanks Malcolm. But ssshhhhuusshh about Marty Panos. We don’t want the AFL to notice him. ???

  27. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Lois and Barry a absolute pleasure to meet you thank you.Lawrence it was funny wish you were there.
    LL thank you.Joshua yep go the rain huge game this week!Bill thank you and I get it well and truly not attending afl res games they don’t feel like a real game.The Aish family are guns in so many ways.Tony I agree yep should have won by more and yes huge this week.Thanks Neags.Milts agree re power injuries big time( may depend where they finish in the afl will be interesting re effort in that regard) Thanks Dave
    shows how far back,Rabbs started a incredible athletic feat.Thanks Will,Lachy hope we get the double chance.Thanks TC.Martin very happy re Chris Olsson footy smarts and definitely.Lesley thank you story may be I praise,Matty in morse coad in the future ? Thanks folks

  28. Malcolm I detest games against the bloody afl reserves sides let them practice there structures with winning a secondary consideration elsewhere ! I want the 140 year old Sanfl competition to have integrity.How the afl can not see that they are the overall custodians of the game is incompetent administration there obviously must be a national reserves comp it is a no brainer and should be the most important agenda item for the good of the game

  29. Panos is a star. I love watching his play and hope he stays at Norwood.

    And that run from Rabs was great what speed . When he goes near the footy the crowd fire up as you know something is going to happen.

    I wonder if his shave this week made him faster?

  30. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Johnno how the Afl can not see that the survival of the state leagues around the country is the most important aspect in footy today has me bewildered to say the least as far as I am concerned a national res comp is a necessity.Farmboy how Matty Panos is not on a Afl list is bizarre he would definitely be in the Crows side this week,Rabs goal is athletic wise the best goal I have ever seen thank you

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