SANFL Round 13 – North Adelaide v Norwood: A Norwood extravaganza

Norwood 15.11 101 def North Adelaide 13.7 85

Norwood Best Players: M Panos, S Baulderstone, M Grigg, A Georgiou, D Terlich, M Fuller, B Jeffries, A Kirwan, C Olsson

North Adelaide: L Hender, M Thring, B Kirk, M Olekalns, K Ramsey, J McKenzie, T Schwarz, B Darrou

Crowd 2,019

The Norwood extravaganza started Friday with the Past Players and Officials lunch with past ex-Redlegs and Crows great Rodney Maynard as guest speaker. Rocket is like myself a complete footy nerd; many an hour was spent with Rocket and I reckon his better half Cheryl’s words ‘haven’t you got a home to go to’ may have even been a hint to depart their residence on the odd occasion. The planets also aligned on Friday with John ’28’ Wynne over from Perth and Kieran McGuinness from Melbourne it presented an opportunity for a photo with every Redlegs great I have written an individual Footy Almanac on (a tad rapt with the photo, too, I must admit, thank you Brenton Klaebe).

Redlegs legends: Garry McIntosh, John Wynne, Kieran McGuinness, Michael Aish, Rulebook, Michael Taylor, Rick Neagle. 1,356 Norwood games, 966 goals, 12 premiership medallions, 14 Best & Fairests, 3 Magarey Medals, 4 Fos Williams Medals and a heck of a lot of raffle tickets in this group


As always at these functions the goals became longer and marks higher as the day went on and everyone became a bit tired and emotional. Amongst stiff competition I awarded Glen ‘Black Duck’ Rosser the three votes. Seriously the heartfelt words of Phil Walsh on the Norwood Past Players and Officials Facebook page were sensational; all the best, Walshy, and welcome back to the fold and that’s what it’s all about.

On Saturday I was running late for the game; geez councils don’t encourage crowds with parking restrictions and the sticker lickers always out and about at the Wembley of the
North. I ended up seemingly closer to Gawler before I found a park. We seemed to not be switched on in the first quarter and there were similarities to the game against Westies a couple of weeks ago. Tanner Smith for the roosters was dangerous up forward with with Lewis Hender, Max Thring and Alex Spina getting plenty of the footy around the ground.

Norwood thankfully awoke from their slumber in the second quarter with Matty Panos and Mitch Grigg combining with Dean Terlich who kicked two quick goals and it was all tied up at half time. I must have a crack re. the umpiring: the positioning is diabolical and whichever idiot who came up with the idea to have the umpires out of the way and giving their decisions out on the boundary line should be sent to Siberia. It means they are not getting on the side and is just so wrong (interestingly enough the ex-doyen of umpiring Murray Ducker was at the lunch on Friday and was in agreeance). Bugger me, now they have become worried about goal umpires in the same manner and instead of straddling the line are now backing away.

In the second quarter I happened to catch up with ex-Payneham great Dennis Dixey and was behind the goals a set shot from Matty Fuller was a CLEAR goal it was well inside the post. No, we had Ray Charles goal umpiring who ruled a point – just incredible (the spectators at the ground were bewildered with the decision and it emerged after the game so were the players of both sides Matty quite rightly was jogging back to the middle).

A crucial part of the game was when James Craig hurt his groin up to that stage
Craig and Sam Baulderstone had a good battle as the game went on Bauldy gave the midfielders gilt edged service. The game see sawed during the third quarter with the roosters getting two goals up and then the legs stormed back with Harry Viney kicking a couple.

Lee Minervini (son of ex-Redleg Leon) was doing a good job tagging Anthony Wilson. Now, I have no problem whatsoever with Lee pushing the boundaries but when a player is being held off the ball pay the free kick protect the ball player!

Today also saw the debut of Chris Olsson aka ‘Jimmy’ re. Superman!  Chris is men’s player number 1,461 to don the famous red and blue jumper at league level. Jimmy provided plenty of harassment at the ball carrier and provided much needed pace and kicked a nice goal. He well and truly played his part in the victory and it was great to catch up with very proud parents John and Caryn and sister Madeline after the game. Hopefully it is the start of a long and distinguished career at the parade.

Madeline, Chris, Caryn and John Olsson celebrate Chris’s debut


So at lemons time it is the legs by seven points. Maris Olekalns (a bizarre omission the previous time we played the cock a doodle doos) has provided run and silky skills. The last quarter the telling difference was the clearances out of the middle Matty Panos, Matty Fuller, Mitch Grigg and Andrew Kirwan getting the ball out the guts. Inspector gadget Brady Dawe taking some nice grabs. Ben Jefferies and Alex Georgiou making timely interceptions (comment please PB) and the Redlegs ran out winners by 16 points.

The traditional Gatorade shower for Chris Olsson after the game was brilliant and it was a boisterous change rooms!

Other roosters to have a crack were Brayden Kirk and Sam De Leonardis.


Saturday night was the Norwood Football Club auction night and, yes, I know it will amaze you my role was to run the raffle. The highlight of the event was Norwood CEO James Fantasia getting a tad confused re. the online auctioning and bidding a casual $20 thousand for two royal show tickets. A tad disappointed that Fanta cancelled his bid; I fancy you might have won that bid! Well done to chief auctioneer John Cunningham who went a step further to fulfilling his life ambition of making sure every individual in the universe know he won the 1997 Jack Oatey Medal. No, seriously well done JC and Ben Hook for seemingly extracting every dollar in the room – great stuff guys and well done to the Norwood FC.


Two great functions and the important two points – go the mighty Redlegs!


Come along to the launch of The Women’s Footy Almanac 2017 on Thursday 27th July at North Fitzroy Arms.


  1. Great article once again. Congratulations to Chris Olsson on his debut. It was great to get the win at prospect.

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I had Dave Brown giving me updates on the form of my former neighbour, North full-back Ben Darrou ‘Bookster. That’s a cracking photo. Did you ask 28 about Phil Carman?

  3. Very funny re James, the guy with long pockets and short arms

  4. Rob Allevi says

    Great write up Malcom

  5. Have to agree re positioning of umpires, field are bad enough, but for some time I have been amazed by how the goal umpires no longer seem to want to get behind the flight of the ball. Your report indicates that my concerns have been well founded. A kick can easily change direction in flight, but they seem obsessed with judging the flight and angles very early, then it’s all about watching the goal line from side-on. Sorry, I do not get it.
    And I have to disagree about the Gatorade shower being traditional. Methinks it is a fairly recent invention imposed by TV stations since that extraordinarily sugary, wasteful beverage was inflicted by sponsors again running the show. Witness any coach’s press conference….

  6. charlie brown says

    I was at the Wembley of the North yesterday Malcolm (standing on the grandstand wing). Local knowledge is always helpful with car parking!
    Agree with most of your comments.
    From a North Adelaide perspective I thought we had a real crack and didn’t spit the dummy when circumstances conspired against us. For much of the game it didn’t look like 4th vs 9th. The loss of James Craig midway through the 2nd quarter was pivotal. North only plays 2 talls in the forward line and 1 ruckman so when we had to draft Tanner Smith from CHF to ruck the rest of the match we were well and truly exposed for height and for rotations. Panos and former North junior Baulderstone killed us at the start of the last quarter.
    Umpiring was diabolical throughout. A great example of where and when you get free kicks being more important than how many you get. Not happy Jan!

  7. Bill Drodge says

    Good-work Malcolm.

    Great photo of the past players, representing 40 odd years of our Great Club. Even with you in it!

    Video of the post match singing of A Grand Old Flag is fantastic. Still sounds a lot better than some of the efforts heard at the end of an AFL Game.

  8. Martin Rumsby says

    An important win by the Redlegs which makes a finals appearance in 2017 more likely. The real battle is with Sturt and Port for a top three position. If Phillips and Webber can get a few matches under their belts and the team remains focussed, the season may yet end very well.

  9. Well said Rulebook. The privilege l have of being in the rooms before and after the games is something I ‘ll never take for granted. As is being in attendance at the PP&O lunch and sitting at the same table as Macca and Keating.

  10. Phil Walsh says

    Thanks for the mention Malcolm, but what I said was all true, glad to be welcomed back! What made me prouder is seeing Fester doing the boots at Prospect. Those little efforts by the little people is what makes the club so grand. The non players 1%ers are just as important.
    Well done to the young Olson and more importantly to the team for a great effort. Every game is difficult and Prospect always seemed to be a bogey Ground during my time at the club!

  11. Dave Brown says

    Yep, good stuff Rulebook (and great photo). A good win to grind out when the Redlegs were really slow off the mark. Craig’s absence allowed Baulderstone and Panos almost free access to our forward line in the second half. Limited sympathy for North though – they have capable talls playing in their reserves and chose not to pick them. Fuller looked truly mystified by that goal umpire’s decision (watching the replay on the TV I thought the umps got most of the contentious calls correct – there were more non-call howlers than anything in both directions). Olsson was impressive: quick and hard at it. Still plenty of upside that will come with first team experience too. Oh, and the parking, it’s ludicrous that Prospect Council have game day parking restrictions on some streets. In my experience you have better luck south of the oval.

  12. Watched the game between Norwood and North Adelaide yesterday and not sure about your comment regarding Wilson getting free kicks because he was being tagged well. I’m a crows supporter watching Sloane being tagged each week and yet no free kicks. That’s the name of game since beginning of footy. If a player is being tagged they just need to change their game.

  13. Stacey Warne says

    Fantastic story Malcolm. Go the The Legs

  14. Excellent article as always, Malcolm. I especially like the photo of the greats. Go Legs!

  15. charlie brown says

    Swish – for the record I thought your former neighbour played well on Saturday (as he has done in most games he has played this year). Generally calm in defence and uses the ball well.

  16. Awesome article and photo(s) Rulebook. Gees, Aishy looks in mint condition for someone who’s been out of the game for some time.

  17. Michelle Bria says

    Wow what an awesome article!!! Very interesting well written Malcolm !!
    Go Leggies

  18. Great article again, and a good win for Norwood

  19. Good win by the boys, started off a little scrappy, I was impressed with the skill level, took the game on.
    Well done.

  20. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Great to hear the legs get up! The small margin makes it sound like it was a ripper of a game. Loved the red legs legends photo as well.

  21. Great photo Book, but surely Aishy should have put you in the central position.

  22. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Sonia,Chris Olsson was very good.Swish Darrou was good haven’t spoken to 28 about fabulous yet.Well played,Coke thanks,Rob.Bucko umpiring staggering re positioning by both field and goal umpires a diabolical decision.Gatorade showers or the equivalent have been going on for quite a while.Charlie as I will go on and on about it is positioning and lack of footy smarts in the umpiring department and a lack of playing any adult footy amongst them ( Curtis Deboy showed that yest in the Rich v Bris game with a couple of shockers) The Roosters lack of height hurt them in the crunch.Thanks Bill I laughed re Dave ( who did a brilliant job re editing adding the stats about the superstars in the photo and the raffle ticket line myself.Martin results in other games were great for us on the week end the race for the double chance is on injuries will play a huge part.Fester I strongly agree with every word.Phil great to see you fri and welcome back to the redlegs family.Dave spoke about it with Matty and other players after the game every one was mystified and on further reflection it was more the missed free kicks to both sides which were terrible.Prospect council mmmm.Paul it is the missed and ignored blatant free kicks when the tagger is holding his opponent pay the bloody free kick.Thanks Stacey and Lesley.Charlie agree.Paul both
    Michael and Andrew are in v good nick.Thanks Michelle and Campbell agree,Riverboy.Thanks Ben love it TC always smile at your comments thanks every one

  23. Dr Goatboat says

    Is Lee Minnervini grandson of Peter? He of the Burnside deli circa 1960?

  24. Lovely Lisa says

    Great write up once again Book and of course the best team won on the day.

  25. Dwayne Fuller says

    Awesome Malcolm I’d love to get to a past players luncheon one day is this event open to supporters also. It would just incredible to be able to have a chat with some of the past greats of the club. It was also a great debut game by Jimmy Olsson he looks like a real goer. A win at Roosters Park is always good if you get there early enough Malcolm a park on Main North Rd is alway a possibility ?

  26. Tony Tremonte says

    Great article Malcolm. Was a tough hard fought game, glad we came home with the points, should come in very handy hopefully for a top 3 spot.

  27. Great PPG lunch function on Friday and wonderful Gala Auction on Saturday evening and the meat in the sandwich, a stirring win by the boys at Prospect during Saturday arvo. It’s a privilege to be in the same room with so many KP’s, volunteers and officials who bled, and still bleed red and blue. However, I beg to differ with your 3 2 1 votes. I think when you get a former CEO and a current CEO of the football club at a PPG luncheon, there will be fiesty competition during the day. My votes went 1 vote Alby, 2 votes Black Duck …. 3 votes …. Fantachop. ‘Fortis in procella’

  28. Dennis Hallett says

    Very good article, Malcolm. Pretty much how I saw the game played out on Saturday. Getting to Prospect Oval is typically a task, on the best of days. More and more the umpiring is becoming more about the safety of themselves, than adjudicating the match properly. In some ways I can sympathise, but in the end they knew what they signed up for and trained for. It’s great to hear that the funciton went greatly.

  29. Jeff Milton says

    Another solid away win. Pity that some of those close losses at home could cost a top 3 finish.
    Great to see the photo with so many Norwood greats.

  30. Great stuff Book, heart and soul.

  31. Brenton B says

    Well done Mal…
    Keeping us all updated

  32. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Dr Goatboat yep he certainly is.Thanks LL.Dwayne thank you and will org.Thanks Tony.Neags yes votes were certainly hard fought for no doubt,Alby dominated early.Thanks Dennis to say I totally disagree with the direction umpiring has gone in is a understatement.Thanks Milts,Wes and Brenton greatly appreciated thanks to people who have shared the article also

  33. Was a danger game for Norwood and they got through. Promises to be an exciting finish to the season. Have to agree about the Gatorade shower, everything that AFL players do filters down to the lower levels, this has become an unecessary and pointless ritual.
    Looks like another Glenelg v Norwood GF!

  34. Stuart Paul says

    These so called easy games continue to be not so easy.
    I’m happy with 2 points regardless of the margin.
    Great read and well done to young Olsson.

  35. Manny Koufalakis says

    Really appreciate these Norwood write ups Malcolm and to see that many champions together and the terrific memories that come flooding back reinforces why the club means so much.
    The double chance is there for us to earn starting this week against the Crows and I really am hoping the team puts 4 good quarters together.
    We have shown we are good enough, we just need to click.

  36. Brett Zorzi says

    Excellent Rulebook.
    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend but will move heaven and earth to get to next years function.
    It just shows the strength of this magnificent club.
    Great win beating the Roosters, always tough at Prospect.
    Keep up the good work

  37. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Lachy tell you,Chris smelt like a cordial bottle standing talking with him immediately after his shower.
    Stuart yep happy with the win and at least we showed we had some depth with Viney and Olsson.
    Manny thank you greatly appreciated and yes big game this week we owe them after last time !
    Zorza thank you and I will hold you to that yep happy to get a win at the wembley of the north thanks folks

  38. Joshua Bird says

    Another good read from you Malcolm! Wasn’t an easy game against the Roosters and we had to dig deep to get the advantage which we were able to do! We need to keep this form going (grinding out the hard games) as the finals will be around the corner in no time. Also big congrats to Olsson on his league debut!

  39. Cameron Glenn says

    A good win by Norwood at Prospect, a tough ground for them to win at. Any win is important against anyone so happy in the end. Great it was on TV to allow watching the TV broadcast at a later time. Norwood are 2/2 for TV games and 5/6 away from home yet 3/7 at home. Eagles win over Sturt was good for Norwood in the fight for top 3 but now 0.1% behind and Port level on points with greater %.

    Huge game on Sunday against the Crows. Crows looking depleted and with some injuries to the AFL side, this won’t bode well for the SANFL team. With the legs switched on, a win would be great.

    Winning every remaining game means Norwood finish 2nd but any loss risks missing top 3 in the end but who knows what will happen! Go Legs!

  40. Luke Reynolds says

    Great stuff Malcolm. Hope you get that cracking photo with the Norwood legends blown up and framed.
    Keep the Norwood legends articles coming!

  41. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Josh it was a hard slog but a good win,Cameron yes strange year rd winning away losing at home huge game,Sunday.Luke I must get the photo framed ? Thank you

  42. Michael Aish says

    I haven’t been to the last two past players and officials function. To catch up with those that you were basically your family for 15 years was fantastic. The Norwood Football club means so much to so many. Flemo and JC did a great job and Malcolm fleeced everyone as usual. Lets try to crack the 150 mark at the next one.

  43. Good read. And a good win

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