SANFL Round 12 – Port Adelaide v Norwood: Beating Port by Two Eight Points


Norwood 13-10-88 def Port Adelaide 8-12-60


: J Glenn, C Shenton 3, M Panos 2, A Wilson, E Smart, M Grigg, L Johnston
Port Adelaide: J Kluske, A Johnson, J Watts 2, B Frampton, K Farrell


Best Players-
M Panos, M Talia, C Shenton, M Wilkins, B McKenzie, E Smart
S Baulderstone, J Bode, M Fuller, A Georgiou, M Nunn, J Glenn
Port Adelaide: J Neade, K Amon, E Irra, J Watts, S Summerton, J Toumpas , J Lienert


Crowd: 2,959 at Alberton Oval


On a day in which Port Adelaide honoured its champion Russell Ebert and fantastic clubman/ boot studder Alfie Trebilcock for 50 years service to Port Adelaide F.C., it was the mighty Redlegs winning their 7th successive game and just about put a death knell in Port Power Reserves season. Port got out of the blocks quickly with Aidyn Johnson kicking the first 2 goals of the game, with Karl Amon and Jake Neade also prominent it looked like Port’s pace could really trouble Norwood, only for Anthony Wilson to burst through and goal, followed by Cam Shenton kicking a ripper from in front of the Port bowling club. At quarter time it was the Power reserves by 2 points (personally I think it’s bizarre that they are still called the Magpies, hey they say they’re one club so just be Port Power Reserves).


In the 2nd quarter Norwood gradually got on top, goals to Cam Shenton, Ed Smart and Josh Glenn were countered by 2 goals to Jack Watts, the 2nd a beauty outside 50
So at half time the legs led by 5 pts.


I was privileged to be in the Norwood rooms at half time where coach Jarrod Cotton’s message was clear and precise, summarising stats areas, getting feedback and reminding his charges the game was an arm wrestle and these are the games you want to be involved in and the reward for coming out on top is immense (obviously being general in what was said but hey having heard plenty of coach addresses over the years I’m not easily impressed, but I thought Jarrod was excellent).


Again Norwood slowly gained ascendancy in the 3rd term, opening with 2 goals from
Josh Glenn (the 2nd all pure class on that trusty left foot, frightening similarities to
Roger Woodcock and Josh I can’t give you higher praise than that!) and Cam Shenton kicking another incredible goal from the boundary line (Paul D we rode it home superbly). Port fought back with goals to Kane Farrell and Jack Kluske. Immannuel Irra with his run and toughness through half back was significant (E man surely a promotion to the Port Power main list beckons).


The 3 quarter time Norwood huddle


The game was up for grabs at 3 quarter time only for the Legs to burst out of the blocks and kick 5 unanswered goals. Mitch Grigg, who had been kept under control,1 marked and goaled from a perfect Josh Glenn kick, Lewis Johnston a long bomb then two more from the classiest player in the comp, Matty Panos, then Brady Dawe finished the game as a contest. A couple of Port goals added a little bit of respectability to the scoreline, only for the legs to run out winners by two eight points (yes pun intended).


Andrew Blaess leading a boisterous rendition of “It’s a Grand Old Flag”


Overall I thought the Legs back six were fantastic, combining brilliantly. Michael Talia played his best game for the club, Mitch Wilkins set the example physically with his attack on the ball going straight through, Brad McKenzie and Matty Fuller defended resolutely and disposal by foot was very good. Captain Jace Bode with body positioning and footy smarts put in a fine display. Alex Georgiou did a good job on Jack Watts and while Watts had his moments, Alex held his own especially after half time, and Zac Richards did his role. Matty Nunn and Ed Smart with their run and carry and pressuring the ball carrier and tackling more than played their part (Ed Smart with a deflection bought back memories to his hand of God moment in the 2014 Grand Final). Sam Baulderstone beat Billy Frampton in the ruck, not only giving his midfielders first look at the pill, he worked hard and spread playing his part as a linkman. Josh Glenn’s finishing skills were impressive, in reality the Legs had more contributors for longer. For Port Jake Neade was excellent apart from opting to try and kick a Stevie J snap from a set shot, hey anyone just run straight at goal and do a drop punt. Karl Amon ran hard and played his part, Jack Watts proved a threat in the first half and just like so much of his career was a nearly. E man was good although lucky to get away with a couple of high fend offs. Steve Summerton was a solid contributor as always, Jarrod Lienert and Matty Broadbent returned from long term injuries and got through, both showing a touch of class.Jimmy Toumpas ran hard and tried to link up as well.


Ed Smart happily icing up after the game


So the Redlegs move on to next week, Saturday July 7 Norwood play Adelaide at Norwood Oval. It is “Count Me In” round in aid of Motor Neurone Disease.
One of our own in Chris Grigg, father of ex Crow Mitch Grigg has MND.
There will be a dunking machine which Taylor Walker, Eddie Betts, Tyson Edwards, Michael Aish and Michael Taylor (and many others) are taking part in from 12 pm.
We want this to be a HUGE day, discard any club bias and support the cause!
PLEASE invite anyone and everyone to attend.
League game starts at 1.10pm. (Tex is flying back early in the morning to take part).
Port Adelaide play Woodville/West Torrens, trying to keep their season alive.
Please SHARE this post let’s raise awareness! Thank you.
(Can you come? Can you persuade any friends to attend?)


  1. Bill Drodge says

    Another good match report Malcolm.

    “bizarre that they are still called the Magpies”? Yep.

    Also counter-intuitive to Rucci’s argument re Power claiming the SANFL Premierships to stand against the likes of Carlton and Essendon. The Magpies are only an AFL Reserves Team.

  2. Always great to beat any form of port / power / magpies , unfortunately to me they are the power . But a great win by the boys . Best for me Panos , McKenzie,Tahlia , Lj . Once again great article Rule book. Foris in Procella

  3. Matt Zurbo says

    Cracker as always, Rulebook. You really are Mr S.A. I like the fact they are the Magpies. Keeps the memory alive. A great nod to all those who served under the prison bars.

  4. John Topperwien says

    Great read as always Malcolm, there was one happy old guy watching on digital pass. I still think there is a lot of improvement to be had. at times we don’t seem to be switched on. We also have a habit of being good sheepdogs rounding up the opponent, rather than attacking him. with the effort comes perceived pressure , and anything can happen.

  5. Michael Rehn says

    A rugged socks down hard fought win against the Port Power Seconds, who looked far more like an AFL outfit than they did when we defeated them at Norwood a few weeks ago. I think we have lifted a notch too, and I thought yesterday was a superb example of what happens when everybody does their job and plays Team First footy. What true Redleg is not delighted with a win at Alberton ? Though, no longer the old Port mob from Alberton, the new Power Seconds are another side we love to beat !!!

  6. Great stuff again, Rulebook — keep pumping them out!

  7. Jeff Milton says

    Norwood continuing to build towards the finals. Will be a clean finals series with no AFL reserves sides in it.

  8. Phil Giamalis says

    Another Great report, Rulebook. I like the reference of “Two Eight” points, in the headline. Two Eight, J.W., a Redleg Legend. (John Wynne)

  9. Luke Reynolds says

    Excellent again Malcolm, could feel your joy in beating Port in your writing throughout this.
    A tick under 3000 seems a good crowd in this era, what would the crowd have been for this clash at Alberton in the 70’s or 80’s? What would the capacity of Alberton be now?
    Hope the Redlegs keep on their winning form for you.

  10. Thanks Rulebook.
    Great result.
    On to next week, which will put life in perspective.
    I’ll be there.

  11. A good win mate and as it was Ports I was barracking for your Redlegs for once!

  12. Great article again. Love the photos. So wonderful to beat the power reserves side. Let’s hope we get a huge win against the crows reserves. Keep your ?on the red and the blue ??

  13. Dave Brown says

    Good stuff, yep, that was a convincing win in the end against a good side. I think the overall tally is now Port 197 v Norwood 195 – hopefully we reach parity next season. Port were kind enough to cede the corridor in the last quarter and the Redlegs did what they can increasingly do when they get the ball in space through the middle. Was really impressed with Talia’s marking and ball use – a massive improver throughout this season. Ed Smart appears to be in the best condition of his career – his pace and attack on the footy/opponent makes a huge difference. Probably Shenton’s most consistent game for the season too. See you on Saturday!

  14. Martin Rumsby says

    An important win by the boys in a game where the early signs were very concerning. Good summary Malcolm, and interesting comments by you regarding happenings at half time. A revealing insight! As an aside, it was fantastic to see well over 6000 people attend the two SANFL games on Sunday. I know that overall the attendance trend is downward, but it is clear that the competition is far from dead.

  15. Mark Clarke says


  16. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Bill yes it is ridiculous how it can be one club with different guernseys etc defies belief.Rob yep they are the power agree totally,Fortis in Procella.Matt than you unfortunately tho reality is they ain’t the magpies any more.John I was happy with the way we attacked the ball carrier and after looking threatening in the first,15 min or so made sure the power res didn’t escape over the back.Michael yes v much a hard fought win and totally agree both sides lifted from earlier in the season while not as significant as the old days with the redleg v magpie rivalry it was still very enjoyable.Litza thank you.Milts yes very pleasant not to have any afl sides in the finals.Phil I admit,28 was my 1st footy hero and the title came to me v quickly as soon as the siren went.Luke prob 13 to 15 thousand ( I think it’s around 11 thousand now) Chris Sat will put life in to perspective big time.Thanks Jill glad you jumped aboard the good guys.Sonia thank you and definitely.Dave incredible stat re so even over such a long time and agree totally re each player.Martin thank you and I felt privledged while the comp in general is a huge concern there is still plenty of passion how fantastic was the Norwood,Norwood chant in the last q ( the lack of Port supporters there considering the club was honouring,Russell and Alfie was v disappointing tho )Mark love it thank you folks

  17. Campbell says

    Great article again and its always nice to beat any side with the name Port Adelaide. Good to see the form continue with finals on the way.

  18. Mark Duffett says

    Like my old badge said, happiness is a worried Port supporter. Thanks for being the bearer of glad tidings (or at least the important details behnd them), Rulebook. Enjoyed the last quarter on the audio version of the digital pass, though it did seem incongruous to hear the Norwood chant going up loudly even though the match was at Alberton.

  19. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Campbell thank you indeed it is.Mark the Norwood chant which reverberated around,Alberton was wonderful wish there had been more Port supporters to honour,Russell and Alfie thank you

  20. Looks like the Redlegs had an impressive win over the Port Power Reserves (correct term used).

    Wins like these are the sort of games that can galvanise team belief. Rest assured, the Redlegs are going to have a huge say in determining who wins the Premiership this season!

    PS. looking forward to the next Raving Rulebook! Is there going to be a mention of the Boomers v Gilas Pilipinas game??

  21. Riverboy says

    Good article Mal and a good win by the boys.
    They have to maintain momentum through to the end of the season.

  22. Cameron Glenn says

    A really good and enjoyable win by Norwood at Alberton Oval. The legs really overan Port in the last qtr. Was just like the Westies game but not 27 points down at 3/4 time this time. The weather was perfect and so were the results. The reserves were outstanding to win by 71 but could have won by more if they played the 2nd-4th terms like the first. Norwood playing their best footy since the 2nd half of 2014 while Port are 2.5 games outside the 5 and to think that at the start of the year, Port were looking really good in the first 3 weeks and Norwood could struggle being 1-3 after losing to North Adelaide. Some huge weeks ahead. Norwood will be top this weekend if they win, Sturt beat North and Port beat WWT.

    Seen a lot of games at Alberton Oval but reckon this is the first time Ive seen the away team with more support than Port. It was great to see so much red and blue in the outer. Will never see that many West or South supporters at Alberton. Also interesting that the same matchups this split round was the same as the last time Norwood won at Alberton in rd 4 2012. The Crows SANFL team didnt exist back then and Sturt had the bye. Eagles vs Glenelg game was at Woodville in 2012 with the Bays winning whereas this time it was at Glenelg with the Eagles on top. Other matchups saw Centrals beating South at Elizabeth and North winners over West at Richmond. The irony of it all.

    Go Legs!

  23. Russell Hallett says

    A great write up malcolm. There was some impressive play from the legs just about all day. If i had a critisism at all it was the lack of runners front and centre port played that especially early very well just there lack of poise and finish made us look good. Norwood got on top more so in the second half after a pretty good arm wrestle in the 1st half. Shentons goal from the boundary in front of the bowling club was a highlight i was right behind it a great goal and lifted the team even more. The last qtr we made port look 2nd rate and we probably should have won by more. I guess all in all it was a good effort by the lads and im looking fwd to the next few weeks when we come up against the cpl of teams above us.
    Carn you Legssssss.

  24. Another great win the legs are building

  25. Josh Bird says

    My first trip to Alberton Oval after only seeing us play Port at The Parade or Adelaide Oval/West Lakes. The game could have been very different if Port made use of their chances and dominance in their 50 during the first quarter, I felt our defenders did brilliantly to keep them at 2.4 at the first break.
    Solid performance overall, and happy memories of my first time out at Port Rd!

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