SANFL Round 11 preview – Glenelg v Norwood

It’s that time of year again where pasty skinned eastern suburbs families head down to the beach on a freezing winter’s day to check out the wonders of Holdfast Bay: Magic Mountain; Bayside Bowl; Glenelg Cinemas; Glenelg Oval. Ok, so some things have changed but we can still head to Brighton Road fon Sunday while rubbing factor 5000 sunscreen onto our unblemished hides.

Sunday’s game between Glenelg and Norwood is very much a tale of two clubs. Glenelg has been rebuilding since the interesting decision to sack Mark Mickan in 2011. Meanwhile Norwood has experienced a golden age, unseen since the 19th century. It is, again, at the top of the ladder as the teams enter the back nine towards the finals.

Glenelg has mixed patches of good play with blotches of incompetence, getting games into a young side. But it has clawed its way off the bottom of the ladder with a win against North Adelaide, good enough to unseat the Roosters’ coach. That was followed by a creditable loss to the Panthers down south. The Bays are eyeing off 7th and would love to cause an upset.

Norwood, meanwhile, will be seeking to replicate its 19 minute, seven goal rampage in the first quarter against Sturt last round. As per the last few years it can destroy an opponent with a quick burst of football and hold them at bay (pardon the pun) for the rest of the match.

Carter will be up against it as he rucks against the lefty giants Baulderstone and Dawe while Snook, Bradley, Earl and the back from injury Lonergan can test their metal against the hardened medal-bearing steel of Allan, Panos and Webber. Norwood should have Michael Newton back in the forward line and then deal with the decidedly pleasant dilemma of the best end of the ground for Chippendale.

Sadly for Redlegs fans, first game dynamo Davin Ferreira is playing for the NT in the Under 18 National Championships, so we will have to wait for his exciting second album. Josh Donohue back from a calf strain will make a ready replacement.

The winner will, no doubt, spend a night on the tiles at the Bay Disco, or Lennies… or whatever it is young people do these days. Prediction: Norwood by 25-36

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  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Dave some memories re those spots and the legs after match presentation is at the Broadway hotel so hopefully we will be celebrating another redlegs win

  2. Would love to see us hit our straps on Sunday.
    We have been winning but cant seem to put in 4 consistent quarters.
    Some of our footy has been terrific this year but we just cant seem to maintain it for long periods.
    Perhaps other sides have improved and I’m not giving them enough credit.
    Anyway I’ll be there as always.

  3. Thanks for that Dave. For a few years this match was on the June long weekend. So much for tradition!

    Are you telling me that Magic Mountain is gone?

  4. Worried that this will get ugly.
    Might wait for Sturt next week for a visit!

  5. Dave Brown says

    I’m very much in the ‘win and I’m happy’ camp Manny.

    Sadly, Mickey, yes – it has gone to the big poo coloured and shaped theme park in the sky. It has been replaced by a delightful joint creatively named the ‘Beach house” which is even more effective at emptying the contents of one’s wallet.

    Bays are improving week on week, Crio (which means, yes, they’ll probably be better against Sturt than Norwood)

  6. Well done Bays! Go you good things!

  7. Dave Brown says

    Yep, Glenelg too good, Budge. Put three impressive quarters of football together – winning the clearances, moving quickly and effectively, and taking their opportunities. Tired significantly in the last but Norwood left itself too much work to do. Perfect day for footy, too.

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