SANFL Round 11 – Norwood v Glenelg: Norwood add to Glenelg misery in freezing conditions

Norwood 12.13 85 def Glenelg 7.11 53

GOALS Norwood: Gerloff, Dawe 2; Panos, Grigg, Baulderstone, Smart, Glenn, Wilson, Bampton, Shenton
Glenelg: Scott 3; T Milera, Bradley, Bailey, Nicholson

BEST Norwood: Abbott, Panos, Baulderstone, Glenn, Johnston, Georgiou, Dawe, Smart, Bampton
Glenelg: Snook, Schott, Scott, Bradley, Scharenberg


In bitterly cold conditions at the home of football, Norwood ground out a comfortable 32 point win. It wasn’t fashionable or glorious to watch but it was an ugly, necessary win – the Redlegs’ sixth win in a row. It was win borne out by tackling pressure, with the Legs ending up with just on 120 tackles – Will Abbott leading the way with 15.

Glenelg kicked with the breeze to the Roger Woodcock in the first term with the Legs’ Matt Panos kicking the first goal of the game. It was a even first quarter score wise with, for mine, the lowlight a decision paid against Matty Fuller.

We debated whether he paid for a sling tackle or over the shoulder – for mine it was a classic decision from an umpire who lacks footy nous and hasn’t played enough adult footy. I will say as an umpire I don’t think we ever did anywhere near enough game simulation at training. Even video decision wise, wasn’t the footy smarts one enough and was often too technical for the game’s good.

Norwood started to pull clear on the scoreboard in the second quarter with some good transition footy getting the ball over the top and running through the zone, with Cole Gerloff getting on the end of the chain kicking two goals. Sam Baulderstone had the benefit of a soft free kick from a boundary throw in and, yes, it was that umpire again (plenty Bauldy should have got that wasn’t one).

Again 99 per cent of umpires just do not understand rucking which was a part of the bloody last touch rule coming in (I have ALWAYS advocated having an ex-ruckman as a ruck coach re. umpiring). Joshua Scott had provided a target up forward for the Bays to some extent, kicking two goals. At half time the Legs enjoyed a 17 point lead.

Going down to the Mayor’s Parlour function at half time it seemed like the entire crowd had joined in. It was packed – at least with the number of people present there was body warmth and it was warm (superb and professional as always Robert Bria. Hey Redleg faithful, are we getting blasé about Alby Menzel’s customary introduction not loud enough?)

Norwood effectively ended the game as a contest in the third stanza, kicking 4.2 to a wasteful 1.5 from the Bays. The legs goaled through Ed Smart, aided by a really dumb 25 metre penalty given away by the Bays. Then a really classy finish by Josh Glenn with a delightful snap displaying superb balance, then the pacy Anthony Wilson off to the races added another. Brady Dawe, who provided a strong aerial target all game competing strongly, kicked his second with Andrew Bradley kicking the Bays’ only sausage roll for the quarter.

The last quarter was an even affair with two goals each. Geez, it was cold but we got through with no injuries in a game in which the Redlegs provided a very even performance. Best players wise, Will Abbott with his ability to keep his feet including a fierce desire for the contest (of course, Will is the holder of the most prestigious award in world sport, the reigning FA Bloch Medallist for the best player in Div 2 in SAAFL footy. I do wonder how many other possible good league footballers are playing in lower leagues who could be success stories if given the opportunity and vitally have the correct attitude and work ethic).

Matty Panos was prolific as always – I can’t provide any more thoughts re. why, oh why, Panos is not on an AFL list. Sam Baulderstone was a welcome return and clearly won in ruck with hit outs to advantage in particular, while the Matty Nunn and Bauldy partnership is developing. Josh Glenn contributed strongly – only a few narrow misses around goals prevented a bigger influence on the game.

Lewis Johnston played the link man role reasonably well, some errors by foot was the only criticism. Alex Georgiou was resolute in defence – he smelt a chance to kick his fifth goal in league footy only to fumble late in the first quarter (a rueful smile from Alex did eventuate). Ed Smart and Peter Bampton ran hard and provided the physical element, both at the ball and the body. As I have said it was hard to pick best players and just about everyone contributed.

For Glenelg it was a different story, Matthew Snook the clear standout. He is a very smooth classy footballer and, yes, definitely should be on an AFL list. Tom Schott got plenty of the ball and tried hard all day and Jonty Scharenberg had his moments. It was good to see Andrew Bradley back playing – he will keep improving the more game time he gets under his belt. Meanwhile the very own Footy Almanac’s Luke Reynolds wizzed over for a game with the Bays and showed his romance with the Redlegs is developing by doing diddly squat.

Further, re. the umpiring I have to give kudos to Andrew Crosby giving a composed common sense display in general and something the other umpires (Harris and Schramm) could learn from. Harris let himself down with the ridiculous amount of time he allowed play to continue before, in general, calling for a ball up. He played a large part in virtual rugby scrums occurring
(kudos to the Norwood supporters subtlety singing Wake me up when September ends as Glenelg came off the ground).

Norwood now have the bye before playing Port Power Reserves at Alberton (why does one AFL club get to play games at a home ground?) while Glenelg play Woodville West Torrens at home next Saturday.


Huge congratulations to Steven Murphy who goal umpired his 300th SANFL game,
a magnificent devotion and a hell of a lot of time given up to the SANFL.
Well played and thank you Steven!


Note: photos of this game are from James Peter Photography. Anyone interested in utilising James’s services, James would love you to contact me.

James Aish and Trent Dumont in town for a 2013 premiership reunion



  1. Bill Drodge says

    Thanks Malcolm.

    The main thing I noticed was how congested the game was directly around the ball. It really was a rolling scrum.

    Highlighted a few times by players kicking the ball into the backs of team mates or opponents, who were running away and spreading. And not helped by the umpires letting the mauls and tackles go on and on and on, before blowing the whistle.

    Even from the relative safety of the Southern Stand, I thought Bauldy’s free barely registered on the soft scale. Maybe the ump realised he’d missed a few clearer holding on infringements from earlier? Some of Bauldy’s deft touches in the ruck work showed a player on top of his game.

    As a team though, I reckon Norwood could’ve gone longer on a few more occasions and probably been more effective in the wet conditions. Always room for improvement.

  2. Good report on a miserable game (from a Glenelg perspective.)

    Thought you were correct about the umpires letting it develop into a scrum. Need to blow the whistle early, throw it up quickly and hopefully clear the congestion that way.

    The third man up rule that the AFL brought in (for what reason I’m still not sure), helps to clear congestion, not add to it. Stops the stupid necessity of both ruckmen having to nominate like Auskickers.)

    The dumbest thing the SANFL did was institute the last touch rule. For crying out loud the game ran just fine for over 100 years without changing this fundamental rule of the game, one that makes our game unique, and makes it more like soccer or basketball.

    Areas of the game that I noticed that Norwood did better than Glenelg was their ball handling, ball use and their system was better overall than Glenelg’s.

    Glenelg seem to be in a poor state that has continued for awhile now and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight (about the only thing I can suggest is too follow Centrals’ example and recruit some ex AFL players who weren’t quite good enough at AFL but are a step above at SANFL level (Gowans twins, Callahan to name a few.)

    Congrats to Norwood, they were too good on a miserable day of football, where the weather shows off the really good players and unfortunately, Glenelg didn’t have enough, for long enough.

  3. Mark Duffett says

    Not quite 100 years, Steve. The following passage is from my treasured copy of ‘League Football in South Australia’:

    “In 1922, Victoria adopted a rule for the provision of a free kick when the ball was forced out of bounds.

    SA did not readily go along with the new rule, and did not introduce it until three years later – 1925…The rule gave the free kick to an opponent of the man who last kicked the ball. This led to the problem of players not trying to prevent the ball going out of bounds and the often ludicrous sight of a player practically strolling along behind the ball, waiting for it to cross the line, then claim a free kick.

    It was because of this that the rule was later amended.”

    How does the saying go? ‘Those who do not remember their history are doomed to repeat it.’

    Having said that, for mine it’s a near thing between that and the third man up thing for the title of stupidest rule.

  4. Dave Ridge says

    Well done again Malcolm. Great read!!
    Overall I have to say I was happy how we went about Saturdays game. In the conditions we witnessed yesterday, an element of luck comes into play I feel. I honestly believe it was this luck that kept Glenelg in the game for so long. If the conditions were similar to those we witnessed the previous week at Richmond, I think we would of had the game sewn up by half time.

    Some may argue that the fine weather would of unleashed the Bays mosquito fleet?? But i don’t think they stood a chance physically with our midfield. We would of overwhelmed them with our strength over the ball (getting first hands on the ball at stoppages) and starved their runners of possession. They would of had none of that soapy ball that was shooting out the sides of contests time and time again creating those ‘lucky’ possessions. Anyway, that’s how I saw things.

    On the matter of the umpires. I agree that Crosby did a decent job. Proven by the fact that you hardly noticed him all day. The other two (Harris & Schramm) looked as if they have had very little football experience besides umpiring? Leading me to touch on your observation Malcolm, that they had absolutely no feel for the game. Two dubious frees, gifted goals to the Bays before halftime. With both of them awarded 20m or less out from goal. A certain amount of discretion and flexibility needs to taken when awarding free kicks that will almost certainly result in a goal. By all means pay it if it’s there!! But unlike any other positions on the ground, the umpire should always lean towards play on if not 100% certain. The best team on the ground will score regardless of handouts gifted by a clueless umpire. So my advice would be to stop playing God, and let the best team win!!

    Well done Legs on 6 in a row. Let’s keep this momentum and keep building!! NFC 100%

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Haha good work Malcolm, sad to hear my namesake struggled!
    I remember Jonty Scharenberg being talked about as a draft prospect a year or two back, how does his play compare to that of his brother?
    Great to see Norwood going so well, keep the Redleg reports coming!

  6. Michael Rehn says

    Absolutely nothing pretty about yesterday at all. The weather was shocking, the oval soggy, the umpiring was spoiled by some very poor decisions, and the play hardly show-cased the skills I know many players from both sides normally deliver. It was, however a great example of a determined and gritty hard fought victory by the Redlegs over a side who beat us comfortably early in the season. A win is all that really matters, and Norwood are happy with that !!!

  7. Dean Burns says

    Another great read and photos added something well done helps the people who unfortunately for reasons are unable to attend feel like they can talk about the game with a degree of knowledge
    Once again thankyou

  8. Mark O Neil says

    We were all there yesterday and watched the total pathetic umpiring performance both sides were effected some of the holding the ball calls were baffling a scrum forms the umpire waits for half an hour then calls holding the ball against whoever is on the bottom?

  9. Campbell says

    Another great review of the game. Managed to catch the last quarter on TV, definitely would’ve been a cold one to sit in the stands at. A pretty good win in some tough conditions, and its great to be heading into the bye with good form.

  10. Our tacling was excellent. Team prepared to sacrifice their personal games for team glory. Watch out Swampies, you’re next!!

  11. Good stuff RB.
    I spoke with a young former Norwood player last year and asked him who was the most talented player at the club? He said Panos by a mile. Makes no sense that he is not playing AFL. ….thankfully for us.
    I thought at times we tried to play like it was a dry day when we should’ve just gone long into the forward 50.
    I reckon Talia’s inclusion in our team should not be underestimated.
    Hard to pick best players, Nos, Abbott and Glenn for mine.
    Lastly…..geez it was cold!

  12. I agree it was cold.

    And Matty Panos is a superstar

  13. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Bill yes the amount of time the umpires let the game keep going before finally blowing the whistle was insane agree with your post totally.Steve agree with every letter you have written.Mark well spotted and cleverly pointed out again I agree completely.Dave yep you nailed it.Luke Jonty probably not quite as well built physically prob more run on player I am surprised he is not in the afl system.( will provide a separate post re Luke Reynolds) Michael as Cotts afterwards said it was a ugly necessary win.Dean thank you.Mark as I have said huge lack of footy nous not only in the umpiring but in instructions given to them
    also re rules wises and coaching.Campbell it was certainly s reminder it was a winter sport.Fester agree tackling was crucial huge game at bloody,Alberton next ( Why in the hell aren’t both afl sides competing under the same conditions) Chris a mate playing for South thinks it is the greatest farce in footy that Panos is not playing afl agree at times we should have gone longer.I would like to see Michael Talia back himself in a bit more tho best players v hard to pick.Farmboy I million per cent spot on thanks folks

  14. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Late breaking news ! Once Luke Reynolds heard that James Aish was going to be at the game he decided to have a kick and catch in the ressies so he could worship the great man in the grandstand.I had some fun telling,James that what he was wearing he was doing his best impersonation of a Collingwood criminal !

  15. Good article Mal, Panos looks like another gun Essendon recruit to come from Norwood.
    Yep Adelaide was cold wet and windy all weekend, feels like winter.
    Keep it up mate.

  16. Legs are building very nicely. 2 big wins in a row

  17. Jeff Milton says

    Good to see Norwood continuing to win. I have only seen 3 games but they are playing a lot better than early in the season.
    Keep up the great reports. One of those photos captures a Glenelg supporter who has rarely missed a game in 25 years (I play squash with him and he went by the nickname of Mercedes McLeod back in the 80s).

  18. Dave Brown says

    Good stuff, Rulebook. The Redlegs essentially won the game in two bursts in the second and third quarters and held Glenelg for the remainder. It was interesting watching the Bays’ forwards pushing so far up the ground trying to catch the Redlegs out for pace, meaning Georgiou often found himself in our forward line. Watching the replay on the TV (I spent much of the game in in the sheds with the Hope Valley mini-leaguers) Bauldy’s free kick was there – the umpire could clearly see his opponent grabbing one of his arms as he went to go up for the ball. That said, Bauldy should be conceding a free kick each quarter for his haircut alone (seriously though, he has been getting unreasonably scragged for seasons so it’s good to see him get a few frees this year).

  19. Thanks Malcolm, another great piece . Gone are the days when you hardly noticed the umpires. They have no feel for the game these days and seem intent on imposing themselves on the game and don’t they love giving frees within the 50 metre arc that are let go at other parts of the ground. Abbott is the recruiting coup of the season.

  20. I enjoyed reading your detailed analysis of the game, Rulebook! I watched part of it on Channel 7 and thought that Norwood were slightly superior in general play throughout the match.

    I was interested in reading your analysis of both the players and umpires. I found this to be quite refreshing – especially your complimentary words for some of the players on both teams and your objective analysis of the umpiring.

    As a Panthers’ supporter, I was happy with their 112-point win last Sunday and am excited that the Panthers might not only play Finals this year, but get a chance to atone for their disappointing “straight sets” exit from the Finals in 2016.

    Lastly, I am much more of the view that the premiership race is down to 4 teams. Sturt’s chances of a 3-peat are about to be severely tested as they play all 4 teams above them on the ladder between Rounds 13-17.

    North has obviously been the surprise packet of the season, the Eagles have again been strong performers and Norwood clearly has a team capable of making it to the Grand Final. Admittedly, South are more of a premiership dark horse but could a formidable opponent if they snare a double-chance in the Finals!

  21. Cameron Glenn says

    Another great win by the Redlegs. 6th in a row and thankfully not as close as the week before. A strong performance in tough conditions. Huge game next week. Alberton Oval needs to be a sea of red and blue. They would hate it to feel like outsiders on their own turf. Up to the Norwood faithful to make it happen and support the legs to a win. Have not won their since rd 4 2012.

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