SANFL Round 10- Sturt v Norwood: Ferreira is a Ferrari


Norwood 12-7-79 def. Sturt 8-9-57
Goal Kickers-
Norwood: D.Ferreira 3, B.Dawe 2, S.Phillips 2, M.Chippendale, M.Suckling, M.Panos,
S.Baulderstone,L.Davis 1
Sturt: A.Bruggemann, M.Evans 2, M.Coad, A.Kurtze, K.Beard, B.Hansen 1
Norwood Best Players: J.Allen, M.Suckling, D.Ferreira, A.Georgiou, T.Webber, S.Baulderstone,
J.Bode, E.Smart
Sturt Best Players: Z.Kirkwood, J.Battersby, J.Watt, J.Greenslade, W.Paynter, A.Kurtze

Norwood ventured out to Unley today to take on Sturt where we witnessed one of the most exciting debuts in the Redlegs’ proud history. Indigenous Northern Territory teenager Davin Ferreira, who is boarding at Rostrevor College showed us his bag of tricks with his clean hands, pace and decision making being the highlight of the day.

Sturt through Michael Coad kicked the 1st goal of the game but then the Redlegs proceeded to play their best quarter for quite a while, kicking the next 7 goals to effectively end the contest with quick breaking footy from the centre bounces, and with clean hands and precise foot skills being the highlights.

Brady Dawe and Simon Phillips were constant threats to the Double Blues’ defence and kicked 2 goals each. Matthew Panos, Sam Baulderstone and Michael Chippendale, who was providing a physical contest from full forward, all goaled. Sturt to their credit kept trying to attack and take the game on. Too often during this era of Norwood dominance, sides have played in to the ‘Legs’ hands and tried to beat Norwood by shutting the game down. This is Norwood’s strength with their structures and defensive organisation being the ‘Legs’ keys.

The 2nd Quarter sees Davin Ferreira kick his 1st goal with a clever snap, the Norwood players swarm from everywhere to congratulate Davin and welcome him to league footy. He quickly follows up with his 2nd and Norwood threaten to blow Sturt apart but to the Double Blues’ credit they fight back with goals to recruits Angus Bruggemann (from Port), ex Norwood favourite Mark Evans and Ben Hansen. Angus Kurtze of Sturt and gun Norwood big man Sam Baulderstone are having a terrific duel with each getting several clean hit outs to advantage.

The 3rd quarter sees both sides’ defences get on top, with Alex Georgiou having Michael Coad under control. He is helped out by Jace Bode giving Coad a textbook hip and shoulder which took the stuffing out of Coad. Evans kicks his 2nd goal and brings Sturt within 3 goals but Matt Suckling, who is thriving from his move to half back finishes off a set play with a elite long right foot goal from the give off by Jimmy “Magarey” Allan to give the ‘legs more breathing space and maintain their 4 goal buffer. Zane Kirkwood, as always is contributing for Sturt with his clearance work and quick smooth hands a highlight. James Battersby, who has returned to Unley after being a Crows rookie is showing enough to have his name being discussed in AFL circles again. John Greenslade is reasonable for Sturt but could be far better if he kept his feet, falling over is his weakness and something he must work on to take his game to the next level.

The last quarter commences and there is not a goal scored in the first 14 minutes, until livewire Ferreira kicks his 3rd. His set shot routine raises the ire of the Double Blue supporters and even I must admit it is a long time and will have to quicken up at AFL level. Kurtze goals for Sturt and then Matt Panos and the crowd celebrate as he appears to kick the sealer only for the goal umpire to inexplicably give it only a point. The Sturt supporters try to get stuck into us for celebrating prematurely, only to have Norwood stalwart supporter, the 100 per cent video Facebook star in Sam Auld, quickly reply “have you forgotten ’78, a point was pretty handy then”, great call Sam! The 1978 grand final score of Norwood 16-15 -111 def Sturt 14-26-110 remains a scoreline of unbridled joy for a Redleg supporter, and deep physcological scarring for the Double Blues. Sturt kick the last goal effectively in junk time and after the last 2 weeks’ heart stoppers it is a more relaxing finish, with the ‘legs prevailing by 22 pts.

For the victorious Redlegs Jimmy Allen quietly accumulates 38 possessions and is vital to the outcome, as mentioned Matt Sucking with 30 touches from half back is colossal, Tim Webber with 24 posessions including 13 clearances has his normal tough in and under influence. Baulderstone just shades Kurtze with his around the ground link up work having a significant influence (as it would have done in Perth), Ed Smart and Kristian Roocke’s link work is important for the ‘legs, also Sturt’s Fraser Evans has been effective down back, James Watt has a real dip, while Sturt’s 3 ex blacks (Adelaide Uni FC) players each have their moments, Will Paynter (a top up player for the Crows last season) with his left leg disposal a feature, Tom Bartlett provides run from defence and James Wundke takes a couple of very good marks opposed to Liam Davis. For the victorious Redlegs they maintain top spot having played 10 games with a impressive 9 wins and 1 loss but while it is close at the top of the leader board, at least their destiny is in their own hands. Sturt are now a game and a half out of the top five and needing to get on a run of wins and rely on South Adelaide to fall away to play finals in season 2015.

Today may well be remembered that 3,995 people were fortunate to witness live the start of the excitement machine Davin Ferreira’s senior career, go the ‘legs!


  1. Raj Singh says

    A great afternoon of local footy. Good to see a new star born even if there is a bit of Ahmed Saad about him. Keep him away from the energy drinks. Norwood continue to get the job done . Are the Eagles their only Kryptonite?

  2. Dave Brown says

    Great story in Ferreira, Malcolm, in that apparently he approached the club during the offseason and asked if he could train. Should have had four, falling for the oldest backman trick in the book (stepping back from the mark) in the last quarter. Spot on Raj, a lot of Saad about that set shot although the walk up perhaps not quite as long.

    Was just such a Norwood game – blow the opposition away with 20 minutes of top class football and then grind out the remainder of the match. Some nice selection dilemmas coming up after the break with Newton, Wilkins and Donohue hopefully all available

  3. Dale Fleming says

    Good article Rulebook. Watched this one and the footy played in the first quarter was as clean as Ive seen from Norwood this year, fantastic to watch. Im tipping that Ferreira will be a name we hear alot more of this year and in coming years. Go Legs!!!

  4. Markl Clarke says

    It was great to see such ACCURATE kicking-Obviously they have been working on this and it has paid-off, not a behind scored until the second Quarter!
    Lets hope this sort of EFFICIENCY continues, it makes all the difference when opponents fight back and keeps them at arms’ length if they have to match the accuracy of our attack!
    And WHAT a debut performance by Davin Ferriera! This is the way to get noticed! You can bet the AFL scouts will be singing his praises to their list managers, so we may not have him for long-that’s the Down side unfortunately.
    Every time I see Mark Evans play now I lament the fact that we didn’t give him a decent go when he was on our list-he’s always good for a couple of goals, and would have been a good supplement to our attack, switching with Simon Philips for example.
    A very entertaining game with a quality opponent, with lots of strong body clashes and hard tackles, the sort of spectacle that should be used to market our game to overseas markets! The AFL shouldn’t have a monopoly on this.
    Also a great crowd turned up’ I got there before the Reserves game and it was good to see all the RED and BLUE filling up the ground as the morning wore on.
    The TV coverage left a bit to be desired-I recorded it on Foxtel and watched it when I got home-They managed to miss the first couple of minutes- and you’d think by now they could do better!
    It’s very irritating to get commercials every time a goal is scored-there’s time enough in the breaks for ads, no need to saturate the entire game!

  5. james Jolly says

    The new bloke ferriera was impressive. What wasnt in my eyes is getting beaten in every other quarter except the first. You will always take an away win but when you kick seven goals to two in the first quarter you need to push on. We need to play better than we are to win four in a row. Just my thoughts

  6. The Ferrari is certainly another asset to the parade. The rolls is purring nicely though Malcolm. Just need a percentage hit.

  7. Great debut and well done to the young lad.
    At this rate Malcolm i reckon the Legs have some kinda chance when they next play on June 28 at the bay! See you there if you are attending……

  8. Great write up Malcom , was standing next to Sam when he pulled the one pointer 1978 comment had us in stitches . Feririera looks the goods

  9. Great call rb. In the first qtr we played the best clean breaking football ive seen for a while. Credit to sturt as they didn’t give up and threw it back at us. But after the 1st qtr i thought we wouldn’t lose this one. Pity we didnt kick straight in the last qtr 1 goal 5. But in the end great performance and great team work. Keep it up legs. We can only get better. 4peat2015

  10. Steve wood says

    Another great write up; first quarter was brilliant stuff with the remaining three quarters a bit tighter but the result never in doubt.
    As for Davins debut, wasn’t that fantastic ; it’ll be interesting to see hiw much more we see of him in red and blue .
    A well earned break next week.

  11. Eddie Dadds says

    Watched the game on TV – Ferreira looks like a jet! Best comparison at AFL level looks to be an Eddie Betts type – great overhead, natural goal sense and quality from a set shot. Early doors but looks like Norwood have unearthed something there. I was really impressed by Wundke’s game, thought he competed well all day and probably beat Davis in the end. Paynter’s disposal and ability to find space was a highlight as well

  12. Tom Evans says

    Good assessment Ashy! Good even contest after 1/4 time but Norwood looked cleaner and had more purpose when moving the ball forward!

  13. Dr Goatboat says

    You’d have to go back and ponder the sublime skills of one Wally Hearne or the accuracy of a slight Michael Colligan to find a Rostrevor boy leaving such an early mark with legs……come to think of it Wally’s mark was usually an imprint on opposition HFFs…..
    Not to be outdone perhaps the old ignitions may get a look in under father- ( grand) son….is there a young Nygaard around?

  14. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks guys appreciated,Davin certainly had a eye catching debut I am sure every afl talent scout would have watched the game by now.Jags yep see you at the bay.
    Crowds always a interesting topic every blues supporter I spoke to said if there was ,
    3,500 last week there is at least 5,000 today.The Norwood colors really stood out in the dark cloudy back ground the legs support at away games has been fantastic this season and helps get the end result

  15. Will Warrick says

    First assessment for Rulebook after repeated wishes for likes and comments. Didn’t see the game myself but heard it was a good win for the legs.

    Hope to see them going for the fourpeat.
    Cheers Rulebook,

    Mr. Smooth

  16. Tom Martin says

    Nice one Book. Great to see ‘House’ Paynter applying the undercoat to what should be a great career. Ferreira sounds the goods.

    A very balanced and even-handed report by your standards.

  17. How did Tom Harms go Rulebook? Is he playing on a back flank?

  18. E.regnans says

    Thanks OBP.
    Go the ‘Legs. Go Davin Ferreira.
    Whereabout in the NT does he call home?
    Love it up there.

  19. Great to see new talent coming through, looking forward to seeing more of this Rostrevor soon to be legend

  20. mark strange says

    I watched your video of the game . Davin is a brilliant young footballer. I don’t get to see the games as I live in Darwin. But this lad has got a lot of potential. Like all our stand out playersthey get snavelled up by scouts for other AFL sides.

  21. Jeff Milton says

    Another great article and another solid Norwood win. They keep coming up great new talent.

  22. great game and as usual a great crowd for any team that plays Norwood. Sold out of beer by half time, so perhaps they were not ready for the amazing Norwood supporters! Good work Malcolm!

  23. Such a great game to be at despite not feeling 100%. It was great to see Norwood with 7 goals straight in the first qtr. Brilliant. So even after that and glad to get the 2 points. Loved the straight kicking and Davin Ferreira was fantastic on debut. He looked good in recent weeks in the reserves.

    I reckon Norwood had more support than Sturt and it was Sturt’s home game too. Having been at a few games on the weekend, I noticed Port Adelaide had more support at Richmond Oval than what Westies had. It is a concern for the host clubs if they are outnumbered. I think the Eagles outnumbered South fans last Monday at Noarlunga too. Funny that I had a clean sweep of away wins seeing Geelong, Port Magpies and Norwood all win away from home over the weekend. Plenty of upset natives I might add but some great footy being played overall and good weather.

    Norwood is in an excellent position on top of the ladder. A Crows win over the Eagles next Saturday will be a huge advantage to Norwood in the 2nd half of the season and keep the legs 2 games clear on top for the time being. Glenelg down at the bay is the next test. Last 2 times Norwood went down there it was very wet and cold. Hope we are not 3 times unlucky. Excellent opportunity for a % boost before hosting Centrals and Port.

  24. Luke Reynolds says

    Grest stuff Malcolm, have seen the footage, what an exciting talent. Hope the Collingwood recruiters are all over D.Ferreira.

  25. Great wrap RB. Young Davin must be a beauty. Which AFL side would he best slot into?

  26. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Mr Smooth welcome aboard ,TM with ex blacks,pembroke and redlegs in the Sturt side it was interesting to say the least.JTH Tom played mainly half back and was a tad quiet.Ben it was a poor effort by Sturt re catering I am sorry I will never understand any club running out of beer ( we have been guilty at times as well) surely just rush off to the nearest pub when running low.OBP our away support overall is fantastic.Cameron you certainly love your footy ! Dips in time,Davin will fit in any where from what he showed 1st up with his pave,clean hands and vertical leap but we all must remember 1 game doesn’t make a super star certainly a very promising start

  27. that Rostrevor college continues to be a great feeder club for the legs more so than St Ignatius which, with the exception of John Warhurst, was primarily feeder school for the legal profession. Iggies footy feed was into the Uni blacks where they dished up inter alia Rofey, Dr Goatboat (Thorpe), and Flinders U Tip Warhurst and that fucking little anarchist Greggie Doube. This lost were all die-hard Norwood fans/ On Rofey and Thorpe Iggies provided great ball getters but left a bit to be desired on the kicking front. But I remember Tip Warhurst being a good dob. I cant recall Greggie Doubes’ kicking prowess but do remember he had a problem with white clad on field authority due to his robust style of play.
    Sturt generally were fed by a number of schools including Unley High, Concordia, PAC and Scotch College. Sturt also benefitted from Richmond and Shinboners’ rejects in the 60s eg Teddy Langridge, Col Saddington and Dodger Ryan feeds into the emerging powerhouse blues.

    Book I note the attendance figures for Unley Oval. It has always been a compact ground for spectators and players. Norwood is a larger ground and more spacious for the spectator or was. Both ground had tin sheds servicing the customer with the essentials. Norwood’s was on between wing and left half forward ( if kicking to the parade end) and Unley’s was on the right half forward line if you were kicking to the tennis courts at the Kingswood end of the ground.

    I wonder what the maximum attendance was for both grounds during the SANFL pre AFL years.

    Last Saturday Sturt seemed to be slow out of the blocks and from an external observer the game was set up for the legs in the first quarter.

    Mighty double blues coodabeens on the day. BTW am I wide of the mark on whether Greg Champion ever played for Norwood colts or similar? He was a pretty fair CHF on his day that Champion boy.


  28. Dave Brown says

    Nank – record crowds: Unley Oval – 22015 in 1968 v Port; Norwood Oval – 20280 in 1971 v Port

  29. Thinking of starting a think tank Nank: The Almanac Centre for Aimless Anarchy. Any interest in being on the un-steering un-committee?

  30. Happy Frank says

    Good write up, I watched on Tv and great debut by Ferrari. We will be down from the River4land for the next game down the bay.

  31. Andrew Killey says

    Really enjoyed the writing and reporting nearly as much as loved Davan’s debut. The Redlegs play with great composure these days. Would love to see 4 quarters like the first last Sunday. Good article.

  32. Tony Foster says

    A good summary of the game Malcolm. I thought it was probably Jimmy Allan’s best game for Norwood. I would like to see us bury another team – hopefully the Bays in a couple of weeks. Out of interest I have been told the new picket fence at Peter Motley Oval cost $70,000 and by selling each picket to supporters etc the club has made a $20,000 profit.

  33. Nank

    With Chippy and Roocke as favourite sons of Ignatius the tides are certainly changing….

  34. dave brown, thanks for the stats.22 thou in unley. you would be eating your neighbours balfour I reckon. cant remember being there as was probably playing for school. that figure of 22k represents 38 per cent of the Grand Final attendance of 57 thou so 38 per cent jammed into unley would have been a boon for the entrepreneurs flogging space in their front yards and drive ways for the driving footy fan. 68 was a great year for the MDBs when once again they cruised over the albertons with my back fence neighbour peter endersbee bringing the checkside into the mainstream with a first quarter beauty right in front of the libatory mound dwellers of largely double blue fans.
    brownie I understand that you are a redlegs person but your photo has you in a MDB strip looking suspiciously like a canvas lace up or is that a redlegs wanna be kit?
    JTH, those anarchists always had committee problems. during the left romantic days at Adelaide University we had the lot: anarchists. anarcho syndicalists, dirty trots, maoists, spartacists, students for democratic action (SDA), bolivian bushranger fans and your general run of the mill Stalinists. publications were of a high order in this crowded space but my favourite was the Clenched Fist, the prized offering from the SDA. It fell some way short of galvanising the much needed (according to some) worker student alliance that would topple dreaded capitalism (before we uni students had a chance to hook into its evils) and install a workers paradise in SA. However it did give rise to the twitter like withering comment across a wide range of grievances in a double sided broadsheet. They didn’t cover footy or gambling so they had plenty of space for political economy subjects. The anarchists, as far as I remember, didn’t match the paper war (difficult question for anarchists whether to present in the written form) , but if they had, then good god-fearing anarchists and their fellow travellers would, on principle, not read the product. The anarchist path was not for cissies in those days- it was bloody complicated to maintain a consistent line. A market analysis would say that penetration of the anarchist product in the market place was hindered because of too much more organised competition, lack of product definition, perverse performance specification and rewards system and again the dreaded committee problems. Result failure but anarchists happy.
    It would be great to be on an anarchist committee but start ups would be tricky.
    United YCW football team was the closest thing to an anarchist football team but they were more your anarcho syndicalists. They had to be as someone had to be in charge of the jumpers, the scrap book and smoke bombs.

    Double blues 6 in a row.


  35. Lovely Lisa says

    Always keeping me in the loop, thanks Book..

  36. Michael Coligan says

    Congratulations Malcolm on a very comprehensive description of the game on Sunday, and again the size of the crowd reflects the pulling power of the Norwood faithful at home and away games. The SANFL must be very grateful for Norwood’s dominance over the last four seasons in growing attendance figures.
    Good to see Brady Dawe have a solid game after his shoulder injury, ‘Chippy’s’ elite left foot 40 metre pass to ‘Flipper’ was a highlight along with the debut game of Davin Ferreira (very composed and efficient mover) and if Christian Rooke continues with his form an AFL club signing at the end of the year would be a great reward . Rostrevor College has been a solid recruiting base for the club over many decades.

  37. Tracy Young says

    Great article Malcolm was a fabulous game as usual Norwood don’t disappoint. Ferreira 1st game was a top effort and fantastic to see his team be so supportive of him. Love the legs, well done boys.

  38. Enjoy Davin whilst you can. Suspect he won’t be in Norwood colours for long, unless Melbourne pick him up!!!
    That 15 mins of Norwood’s play in the first quarter was a cut above. Very dejecting for us Sturt supporters! Like the look of Chippy up forward. You will be very hard to beat this year. Oh dear!!!!

  39. Well done RB, good write up as usual. Great to see such a turn out of the red and blue faithful. The highlights….” J Allan, 3 votes. Tim Webber setting up Ferreira for his first goal – Tim’s vision and ability to deliver was sublime, Suckling obviously loving being back in red and blue and Smarty’s ability to take the game on. Low-light – that crap they sell as beer, really horrible. Unfortunately Tiger Tim won’t be at our next game, he was babbling on about having to sew sequins on to his shorts…

  40. Willow Wilson says

    Nice work from you again Rulebook, I didn’t see much of the game but it sounds like it was workmanlike for Norwood. Credit to Sturt for their fight in the last 3 quarters. Would really love to see The Legs blow a team off the park and boost the percentage.
    Who else from Norwood do you think is in the mix to get drafted later in the year?

  41. Dave Brown says

    I’m the bloke in the background, Nank, in the playground at Peter Motley Oval giving the Sturt player in the foreground some much needed advice on what to do with the footy. Only one blue to be found in my wardrobe…

  42. Tom Martin says

    Yes Nank, more please of the view from the gallery at Adelaide Uni back in the heyday of bourgeois revolt. ’68 was a great year for more than just the Mighty Double Blues.

    I am interested to know how impassioned pamphlets like the Clenched Fist co-existed with On Dit back in the days when ‘Bird of the Week’ graced its leaves.

    I’m also led to believe that what Rofey (may he rest in peace) might have lacked in kicking he more than made up for in other Anglo-Saxon words.

    If you join JTH’s anarchist committee, I’ll sign up as well. With Rulebook fundraising we could exhume Jean-Paul Sartre and elect him chair. Then we’ll draw straws for who gets to sit on him at meetings. With just a modicum of organisation we could smash the Chardonnay Socialists. That’s been Goodwood’s theory for the last few years anyway.

  43. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Dave re crowds.TF I love the picket fence and makes sense for all clubs to follow suit.Laurie Chippy and Rookey are certainly v imp players and well and truly Iggys boys.Nank entertaining and enlightening as always.Tracy the legs players got all around,Davin when he kicked his 1st goal it was great to see.Lisa must keep the Chinese audience informed.Thanks Mike.Willow Luke Partington who is having a very good carnival for the under 18s is the other obvious 1while,Panos,Rooke,Chippy and Baulderstone would all be considered by a number of clubs.

  44. Nice work Book, although 1978 still strikes a raw nerve!

  45. brownie, I am trying to work out which sturt player it is so we can chart his performance before and after the brown photographic and verbal insertion.

    tom on the on dit vs the more tailored broadsheets including the United footy team broadsheet tastefully entitled the Club Foot. ( anarcho syndicalist branding had its issues), I can report the following. On dit was a broad church so the contradictions of posing sheilahs ( and I am not sure of this but there was a bit of taking the piss of the process and the result) and serious analysis of conscription, police corruption and general south. Australian and national backwardness were not exhaustively analysed other than at the Kentish Arms hotel or in politics 1 tutorials. However the annual publication that jerked all the chains of homophobia, racism, sexism, smut, filth and general baddish taste was the Prosh Rag which was produced for the annual Prosh day celebrations and to raise money for charity. Pure filth and grotesque parody dressed up as a good money spinner for charity (which for the sellers certainly began at home). Given its content it was an easy item to shift in the hostelries of Adelaide. Some of the footy commentary (SANFL and the blacks) was a bit close to the bone. A quiet laugh it was not. More of a snigger and guffaw/WTF. The best reaction was from politicians who deplored the agenda and content which was after all the point of the exercise.

    I wonder if Swisher Schwerdt kept any of them along with his budgets.


  46. Andrew Weiss says

    Good assessment of the game Malcolm. Great to see an new player impress for the Legs in the form of Ferreira. Still needs a bit of media work after his post match interview. I am still worried about how Norwood get a reasonable lead and try and hold on to it rather put the result beyond doubt. Hopefully this will improve before finals time.

  47. Campbell says

    Great write-up! Awesome debut from Davin Ferreira!

  48. Great article to follow up a great afternoon next to the man, the myth himself. Unlucky for Tom Harms (Sturt No. 19) he happened to soil himself with no player in sight as he punched the ball three rows back on the western side of the wing. Even more unluckier when when Malcolm made sure it was known that he had put eye liner on before the first bounce and he needed to attend to his nappie. I think Jimmy Allen gave him a couple of opinions too.
    The Ferrari does take a little bit too long to take his kick but he’s half the size of everyone and it was clearly a little intimidating on his first day. The rules give you 30 seconds so he uses his time wisely with a pretty good accuracy rate that you couldn’t complain when he’s sitting next to Phillips (6 goals 12 or something).

  49. I didn’t see the incident you describe, but we all have those moments Luke. I would just love to have been out there, at that level, in any sport. To see what it was like. Tom will tell me about the the triumphs and defeats (team, personal) one day from an insider’s perspective.

  50. Malcolm Ashwood says

    TC yes it seems 1978 is the rudest swear word for blues supporters,Nanks interesting as always.Luke fair bit of license taken there interesting time you commented,I do yell the odd thing out but didn’t yell that out and Tom is certainly more physical than that

  51. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Sorry Nank, old copies of On Dit etc haven’t survived the various culls over the years (and oddly enough, don’t crop up on eBay that often)

    If they were available, you might find my single letter to the editor, a scorching missal of outrage against the Bee Gee loving disco dollies that I thought were encroaching on my punk/new wave sensibilities at Uni. I always had a eye out for the important issues.

  52. Great article rb full of your normal astute football observations,far more accurate and informative than the boring daily paper rubbish

  53. Homewrecker says

    Dissapointed. I was expecting more grammatical errors.

  54. Went to the game with my brother who was back for the day from Melbourne. We had a fantastic day and it brought back plenty of memories.. Fortunately the Legs won. Unley Oval was in great nick and it was a cracking game. Love the attention to detail in the article. Really looking hoping Davin progresses – he looks like a real talent.

  55. rulebook
    1. Sturt lost therefore little interest for me to read your biased but sober review of the day. Now I know how non-Crows supporters feel.
    2. Do you have an actual job?
    3. will you be on SEN tonight?
    4. that guy from Kenilworth sends his best and asks for forgiveness for his rather vitriolic questioning of your umpiring pedigree at the end of the game


  56. Mickey Randall says

    Thanks Malcolm.

    Really looking forward to catching some local footy upon my return.

    If Glenelg can get back Kernahan, Weston and McGuinness, I reckon we’ll be right.

  57. Love it Well written – Davin is a great story, came from nowhere but he has mountains of talent thanks for sharing keep the articles coming ,go the legs

  58. Martin Rumsby says

    Looking ahead, the remaining part of the season consists of sets of 3, 2 and then another 3 games, broken up with byes, before the finals. Useful for players recovering from injury and general weariness, but challenging to build momentum.

  59. Danny Goddard says

    Yes very good assessment for sure well done againn mate ……..looking forward to tonights game ….if its wet we have a great chance of victiry i think …..

  60. Stokesey says

    Fantastic summary as always love how precise your reports are and unbiased ,keep the quality reporting coming

  61. Good write up Malcolm.

    As its been said, the boys needed to build on the great first quarter and have some big wins.

    Allen is playing some great footy this year and will go close to picking up his 4th Magarey. Having Suckling and Georgiou back this season has been great, the experience of these two have helped fill McGuinness moving back to Vic. And Ferreira, what a great start to an SANFL career for the young lad. Problem is, if he keeps playing so well this might be the only season we see him in a Norwood Guernsey for a long time.

  62. Anna Brown says

    Ferreira definitely gipped a goal. Presence of mind to take his time with his shots under debut pressure very impressed. Glad I saw it first hand!

    Would love to see the boys overall play more of their game. Too much backwards kicking and messing around for my liking. They need to be more goal-oriented haha!

  63. Marcus Smith says

    Great article Malcolm.
    Things look really good for Norwood with a find like Davin Ferreira.Wow only 17 as well.Look forward to seeing him rising through the ranks.
    Oh well another loss for my blues On our our ground as well.Ill have to getout there and show some support.Good to see a reasonable crowd there too.Wish there were more
    Sturt are lucky to have the three Adelaide Uni boys.Will Paynter,Tom Bartlett and James Wundke. They bring some talent to the club and certainly have the skills.
    Cant really see anyone taking it up to Norwood this year.Lucky they are my second team.I can see three in a row coming up.
    Couldnt resist a 1978 comment tho Sam Auld.Thats a classic .Even as a Sturt supporter i had a chuckle at that.
    Keep up the great work Malcolm Ashwood.

  64. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks folks unfortunately,Davin has injured his ankle playing for NT we are waiting on the results of the scans and Marcus the redlegs are going for 4 in a row.DL entertaining as always and Howie I will give you that, 1thanks Luke for your help greatly appreciated

  65. Our Ferrari made Strut’s defenders look like Datsun 120ys!!

  66. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Great news Davins ankle injury no where near as bad as 1st thought may even play fot NT next week

  67. The Knaggs Family says

    Another great article keep em coming thanks Malcolm

  68. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Great line Fester thanks the,Knaggs family and hopefully Davin and Luke Partington are the redlegs X factors ( we need em !) for the rest of the season

  69. Crouchie says

    Way to go “The Book”. Another comprehensive round up of the game. Good to see another “Rossie” Boy making his way in our wonderful game.

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