SANFL Round 10 – South Adelaide v Norwood: The real meaning of footy


1. Michael Aish has arranged for long-standing supporter Maurice Pilgrim to be a guest in the rooms before the game. Maurice lives in Bordertown and has relationships with Ron Kneebone, Robert Oatey and the Aish family in particular. Maurice is far from well and had expressed an interest in going to a game and visiting the rooms, the club and, in particular, CEO James Fantasia and coach Jarrad Cotton and the players are very accommodating. It was also arranged if we won Maurice would be in the huddle singing the club song in the rooms and see how much this meant to Maurice was a privilege thanks Aishy and all the best Maurice!




2. Norwood pulled a bombshell move before the game including Craig Fester Paech to run water. He uses his bald head magnificently with the reflection from the sun to distract any South player trying to take a mark it was a truly masterful performance by Fester and made Nick Maxwell pale in to insignificance.


3. Brad McKenzie arrived at the Norwood FC after being delisted by North Melbourne, playing 37 games for the Roos including 14 in 2016. I had followed Brad re. him being a Marryatville High old scholar (school which amazingly employs Alby Menzel!) and also Brad being a friends with Luke Foster and Jimmy Gratton. I was surprised when Brad was released by the Roos now after watching him play for Norwood I am amazed – his elite left leg and smooth movement belong at AFL level. We are rapt to have Brad at the ‘legs.


4. Matty Nunn returning after injury is exactly what the Redlegs needed – his run and carry and ability to break the lines vital on the big Noarlunga Oval. Matty also was very clean below his knees and played probably his best game for the club.


5. Alex Georgiou has burst back to his best in 2017 – his fearless attack on the ball a highlight and Jace Bode all class today. Yep, there are things far more important than footy; all the best mate.


6. Sam Baulderstone and Daniel Bass had an absorbing duel in the ruck with Baldy giving his midfielders first look and winning the duel overall.


7. Zac Richards continued to take a step forward in his development as a league footballer for Norwood and to win today missing our top end talent in Matty Panos, Mitch Grigg and Simon Phillips and then to lose Tim Webber through injury in the first quarter was full of merit.


8. I was interested to see Jarrad Cotton’s reaction after the game. Would it be one of blasting re. nearly coughing up a six goal lead? No, he focused on the positives while admitting there were things we could have done better in the last quarter. He highlighted that we had ticked off our objectives and aims for the day overall. Jarrad is an impressive operator.


9. South Adelaide’s best was clearly Nick Liddle with his work rate and ability to link up outstanding. Richard Newell in his first league game since Round 1 kicked three goals and provided good run. Joe ‘Birdshit’ Haines did a good job on Anthony ‘Rabs’ Wilson when moved onto him and also ran the ball out of the back line when South took risks in the last quarter and really tried to attack through the corridor. Others to contribute were Matt Rose, Abe Davis, Tom Fields and Matt Rankine.


10. I would like to publicly thank Tom Fields for organizing a signed South guernsey as a farewell present for Paul Grandison when leaving the SDA. Grando’s family has a long link with the Panthers and Paul really appreciated the gift, thanks Fieldy!


So as a Norwood man while it was pleasing to win at Noarlunga, it was even better to give Maurice Pilgrim a day to remember! Go the ‘legs!



Read about the magical Michael Aish.


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  1. Dr Goatboat says

    Shades of circa 1970 when a reported 3/4 time plea to the troops by Perer Darley: keg and stripper at club tonight if we win this one. Clearly panthers were motivated but fell short of the mighty redlegs.

  2. With another passionate Redleg in Pete Borget beside him!

  3. Brenton B says

    Great article !

  4. Great article Rulebook. Norwood were the better team on the day and deserved the win.

  5. Great write up

  6. Talking me up a bit but I’ll take it!! Walking water at the huddles at best!! Great to see the smile on Morris’ face before and after im the rooms.

  7. Bill Drodge says

    Well balanced article Malcolm, highlighting the positives.

    Levicki and Bartlett showed real grit, coming back to help the cause after coping heavy knocks.

    I liked Levickis smother in the last 5 mins……which seemed to go for 10 mins :)

  8. That was a great article. Well written. So nice of Aishy to organise that for Morris. Hope he had a wonderful time.

  9. Dave Brown says

    Looks like Morris had a top day. McKenzie has been outstanding since his debut – stepped up again yesterday. And you can remove the probably from the Matt Nunn point – definitely his best game. To beat a quality midfield missing our top three ball winners was really impressive – although I must admit I curled into the foetal position about halfway through that last quarter.

  10. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Dr Goatboot Peter Darley one of the greatest characters to ever play he game well and truly.CWoo thank you for pointing out,Peter’s presence greatly appreciated.Thanks Brenton,Paul and Malcolm.Fester never let the truth get in the way of a good story and the palpable joy,Morris shows was fantastic to watch.
    Bill spot on re both and Levicki’s smother was noted by the inner sanctum big time and loved by the Redlegs faithful.Thanks Sonia and the Aish family are brilliant very caring and compassionate with Andrew being the BO of the club the quiet achiever also.Dave yep agreed McKenzie fantastic pick up and definitely,Matty Nunn’s best game and it did start to become a tad tense in the last few minutes of that long long last quarter thanks for your help re the article,Dave and Grant Miles info as well )
    Thanks folks

  11. Norwood are starting to look dangerous, promises to be an exciting finals series. Go the bays!

  12. Love the passion behind Norwood as a club – clearly puts us above the non-existent support of Crows and Port. Long live SANFL.

  13. Lois Pilgrim says

    Words can never be found to express our sincere gratitude to Michael and Andrew Aish.for a wonderful day yesterday at the Norwood / South Adelaide match at aNoarlunga…it was a Dream come true for a long time dedicated supporter of his Beloved red legs Maurice loved every moment of the day..Precious s memories made for him by such sincere Friends…Thank you to every one who contributed in any way and showed their friendship to Maurice…We love you all..From Lois & Barry Pilgrim and Maurice..

  14. Jeff Milton says

    Great article. Can push for a place in the Grand Final May need to beat the Power reserves to do it.

  15. Have only been able to get to 2 games this year due to work, so a little out of touch this year, but was very happy to see the Leggies finally get a win at Noarlunga, travelling along ok from what I hear. What a great thing for club to do for Maurice our club has always made themselves widely available for our supporters. When my pop passed away 20 years ago my mum rang the club as my pop had been a member for most of his life, and the club arranged for Michael Aish and a few others (may have been the coach at the time) to pay their respects at the funeral, such a lovely touch,, and we played the Norwood song at the end of the funeral, Aish is such a lovely bloke who would anything for anyone. Great game by the boys and hopefully i will get to some games soon.

  16. Magnificent RB. I can feel the passion in the writing. Very funny too!

  17. Josh Bird says

    Although it seemed we ran out of gas in the last quarter, good to see we held on and got the win over South, especially after the disappointing loss earlier in the season at The Parade. Also lovely story regarding Maurice, love the community feel around this club with this being a great example of it.

  18. Michael Aish says

    As footballers we are pretty well focused on individual then team performance. Our life revolves around how well we play each week. There is not much better feeling than coming off the ground and knowing that as a individual you had played pretty well and the team performed accordingly. Winning is the ultimate goal. All teams have a broad supporter base and have a number of volunteers and supporters that live for their club.While playing even in retirement we may lose sight of the impact we can have. In fact i think the most rewarding thing you can do in life is make a difference.That difference is not the same for everyone. Thank you Cots, James, Mark and the players for making it a special day for Maurice.

  19. Raj Singh says

    Great stuff Norwood.

    Its more than just a game.

  20. Rick Neagle says

    The club is in good space at present thanks to the Pres, the Board, its executive, coach, playing list, supporters and volunteers. The way the NFC has embraced its past champions and players (and their friends) is a testament to itself. Well said Aishy! And there is nothing more rewarding for past player champions like the Aish brothers to have the NFC front door permanently ajar. It’s not necessarily the case within the walls of all other SANFL clubs.

  21. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Lachlan hope so ( apart from the last 3 days.Daniel thank you and totally agree.Lois the Aish family are absolute class can not thank them enough great players and even better blokes so so glad that we managed to win in the end and top the day off for Maurice as I have said a privilege to witness.Milts bloody hope so.KDE all the best as I have remarked I can’t speak highly enough of the Aish family.Dips thank you.Josh yep rapt we held on and the community feel is a essential part of a SANFL clubs survival engagement is imperative with every one.Aishy you absolutely nailed it and you deliver in spades thank you to your good self and Andrew the look on Maurice’s face after the game was priceless.Raj well put.
    Neags as soon as I read,Aishys comment I thought of your good self thank you

  22. Dr Goatboat says

    As someone who has his fathers ashes sprinkled in the forward pocket, parade end, it warms my heart to know how strong the club is at every level in every aspect.

  23. Love the passion Book.

  24. Cameron Glenn says

    A good day out at Noarlunga and great to see Norwood getting the win. They were fantastic for 3 qtrs with strong defence. The last qtr was tense and thankfully got the win. Needed it to stay in the 5 and push for top 3 finish. Needed to bounce back after last week and also seek revenge from two months ago. Also love the country feel down there at Hickenbotham Oval.

    Excellent work in getting Maurice to the game and for him to experience a great win away from home. Would have been a fantastic day for him and one he will treasure forever.

  25. Luke Reynolds says

    Superb Rulebook, love your passion for your beloved Redlegs.
    Laughed out loud at the Fester running the water line!

  26. PS. Thanks to Tom Fields and the rest of South Adelaide Football Club for the signed guernsey. As a lifelong supporter of the club, I was stoked to get the jumper.
    Much appreciated, and good luck for the rest of the season!

  27. Matt Zurbo says

    Rulebook, your love of SA footy resonates in everything you write. Your passion for its players and supporters is a thing to behold. I hope they realise how lucky they are to have true believers like you in the mix. Keep writing them mate, and I’ll keep reading. A total fan.

  28. Campbell says

    Great article. Great stuff from Norwood too, a solid win away at Noarlunga

  29. Lois Pilgrim says

    Was a wonderful day for Maurice. The smile on his face and sparkle in his eyes as he reflects on the joy of the pre-game “Pep” talk. The meet n greet with players and officials topped off with a win and joining in with players to sing the club song tells the thrill of a very very emotional day. Thank you to every one who brought such joy to Maurice. Michael our sincere appreciation to you Andrew and the club for the respect shown to a dedicated fan of many years back to the 50s. Best Wishes to you all..and a BIG Thank you from Maurice….
    ..Michael, his family and parents have been very very special links in Maurice’s Chain of Friendship for many years..We will forever be grateful to them.

  30. Martin Rumsby says

    With South and Norwood each having won five from nine before Sunday’s game, it was important win for the club in its bid for a top three finish to the minor round. Not sure how long Doc Webber will be sidelined, but the likely return of Panos and Grigg after the bye will offset that to some extent. I agree that Matt Nunn played his best game for the club. His first half, in particular, was impressive.

    It was interesting to note Cam Shenton’s roles during the game. His move into the forward line at the start of the match gave the team a more potent attack. When South mounted their charge in the last quarter Shenton was moved into defence in an attempt to steady things.

    An important win!

  31. Rulebook, this is super stuff. Thank you for bringing Maurice and now Lois to the Almanac pages. Welcome to you Maurice and Lois. When I read this I feel everything has to be done to retain these magnificent clubs. But at a level that keeps them ‘real’ (to use your word). I don’t go for ‘growth’ which is the model of commerce, I go for sustainability which is the model of community. My knowledge of the Legs through you and my loose and peripheral association with Sturt (6 wins in a row now?) through my own family (Dad, Uncle, cousins who have followed the Double Blues and now Tom Harms) and Centrals through Swish and Glenelg through Mickey Randall and the other SA clubs (SANFL, Ammos, bush) through Peter Argent and others all add to life. I tried to describe Adelaide’s passion for footy – playing footy, being club people, watching footy – in Loose Men Everywhere. I really hope there is a way for all SA sides to thrive. I agree with Matt Zurbo and Luke and others, community-minded folk like you Rulebook who love The Game (footy, cricket) are the social capital of it all. Thanks for writing this and getting it out there. JTH

  32. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Great to hear the legs get around Maurice, thanks for the article Rulebook. Glad they could celebrate the win together.

  33. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Dr Goatboat another reminder to us all how imp Sanfl clubs survivals are thanks,TC.Cameron yep v imp win and the oval certainly has that country feel would have been great if the crowd was bigger.thanks,Luke.Paul I have a lot of respect for Tom Fields he is a great bloke and so glad you really appreciated the gift thanks old dog.Lois the look on Maurice’s face was priceless so glad we won and thank you have a great week.Martin a very imp win and I thought our balance was better with,Cam up forward and hopefully get some of our top End talent back after the bye.JTH thank you it was a privledge to be able to write about,Maurice and yes survival of clubs are vital the game needs so much more support from the afl impossible to emphasise that enough.Thanks Ben thanks every one the sharing of the article on face book has helped to get the article out there a hell of a lot

  34. Thanks Malcolm. Having been out and about for most of the day I flopped down on the couch to watch the last quarter of this match on TV. And there was Noarlunga Oval at the top of the Fleurieu, with the hills snuggling in, and the cars parked around the fence on the mound.

    In 2017 I’m especially struck by this image, largely as it contrasts with the other televisual images of footy on our screens. It connects closely with my memories of country footy and its sense of community. Noarlunga is the anti- Docklands, and speaks of the SANFL’s social worth. It’s a powerful symbol and I’m unsure if it’s one hopelessly rooted in the nostalgic past, or one of proud local context.

    For me going to watch Glenelg play and going to an AFL fixture ultimately have little in common. Although I really enjoy it, at the AFL I feel like a consumer, a number to be counted, while at the SANFL I’m a member of the club and the Adelaide football community albeit in a minor, but meaningful way. I don’t see the situation as one in which I must choose, but I do hope the local competition can continue.

  35. Jill Tathra says

    I had a bad weekend with the Crows having a bye in the AFL and the Eagles in the SANFL but it was cheered somewhat with me coming home from hospital on Satdee.

    I love the way the clubs now work in the community. They may have done so in the past but we hear more about it nit now. Congrats for giving Maurice his wish Norwood. I know it can`t be done for all but it is great to hear how some get their wishes granted.

    As usual mate a great write up about your love of not just Norwood but footy in general.

  36. Good article, Rulebook! Great to see the Legs travelling well this year.
    Supporters always walk taller after a win. Nice touch by the club recognizing a longtime supporter and sharing the win with him.

  37. Geoff Wilson says

    Great article Malcolm, great job by the Aish boys,Michael and Andrew to do what they did for Maurice. It just shows you what a wonderful football club we have, that will be even more enhanced once the new social facility is up and running. A good win by the boys considering the injuries. I have to agree with you totally regarding
    Brad McKenzie, proudly sponsored by Coopers, had to get that one in, he is all class. All in all a very successful day down South and we did enjoy their lunch, they have a very good setup. All The Best to Maurice, hang in there Mate and Go The Mighty Redlegs.

  38. Footy clubs mean a lot of things for a lot of people. Nice to see the club give a life long supporter a day to remember well done Norwood and Maurice.

  39. @ Milton the Monster
    It’s really not a problem to beat the Power Reserves. Just ask the mighty Double Blues!!!

  40. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Mickey you are spot on I like you am a Crows supporterjust one of thousands how ever I am a part of the fabric of the Norwood fc I no which one means more.Jill glad you are feeling better and it is vital that community clubs continue to engage with its supporters not just to try and grow but in reality to make a difference and ultimately to hopefully survive.Hardman yep the following week is more enjoyable than a close loss like last week and it was special with,Maurice.Geoff agree with every word and Coopers got a number one draft choice picking up Brad McKenzie.go the legs ! Thank you

  41. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Great piece on the importance of the SANFL to the SA community ‘Book, as those above have noted.

  42. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Mark well said,give you that one,Big Jim the blues are looking ominous.Thanks Swish just wish the afl would realise thank you

  43. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    As a Sydney-sider and relative newcomer to footy, it’s wonderful to read and feel the tubers of the game in your writing and pics Malcolm and indeed in the comments too. I love what JTH says about sustainability over growth. It’s profound and you are clearly one of the sustainers. Thank you.

  44. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Mathilde a compliment from such a gun like yourself is greatly appreciated! Glad I managed to capture some of the emotion re Maurice !

  45. Terrific stuff again, Rulebook — nearly enough for me to adopt the Redlegs as my SANFL team instead of Glenelg. Almost.

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