SANFL Magarey Medal Votes 1985/86 – The Player Defection Scheme

If anyone needed any more reminding of the inexorable flow of players from the SANFL to the VFL in the mid 1980s, these two snippets are it, being the club-by-club Magarey Medal voting in 1985 and 1986.

In keeping with the technology of those times, I am going to eschew the use of the latest data visualisation techniques and wrap some words around these pictures instead.

1985 magarey

Eagle-, Warrior- or even Redleg-eyed readers may have noticed that eight of the ten club toppers in 1985  went on to play VFL/AFL. Of the exceptions, Malcolm Blight was in the middle third of his celebrated contributions to SA footy, leaving Garry McIntosh as the only one of that dectet without a VFL/AFL game to his name. I don’t think it bothered Macca that much.

I’ll leave some investigative morsels for you to find, but going down the page, here’s something to ponder.

From the 1985 list, all of these blokes later found a home at one or more VFL/AFL clubs (club and debut round are shown)


Keith Thomas – Fitzroy, Round 4, 1987

Neil Hein – Brisbane, Round 1, 1987


Stephen Kernahan – Carlton, Round 1 1986

Tony McGuinness – Footscray, Round 1 1986

David Marshall – Adelaide, Round 1 1991

Chris McDermott – Adelaide, Round 1 1991

David Kernahan – Carlton, Round 1 1988

Tony Hall – Hawthorn, Round 1 1988

Tony Symonds – Hawthorn, Round 1 1987

Michael Murphy – North Melbourne, Round 1 1988

Wayne Henwood – Sydney, Round 1 1987

North Adelaide

Andrew Jarman – Adelaide, Round 1 1991

Darel Hart – Adelaide, Round 1 1991

Tony Antrobus – Essendon, Round 2 1987

Matthew Campbell – Brisbane, Round 1 1987

David Robertson – Collingwood, Round 1 1988

Michael Parsons – Sydney, Round 2 1988

Brenton Phillips – Essendon, Round 2 1986

Central District

John Platten – Hawthorn, Round 1 1986

Richard Cousins – Footscray, Round 1 1987

West Adelaide

Grantley Fielke – Collingwood, Round 1 1987

Clayton Lamb – Adelaide, Round 5 1991

Mark Mickan – Brisbane, Round 1 1987


Peter Motley – Carlton, Round 2 1986

Greg Whittlesea – Hawthorn, Round 7 1991

Todd Viney – Melbourne, Round 1 1987

Port Adelaide

Greg Anderson – Essendon, Round 1 1988

Craig Bradley – Carlton, Round 1 1986

Martin Leslie – Brisbane, Round 1 1989

Dwayne Russell – Geelong, Round 1 1987

Rohan Smith – St Kilda, Round 11 1991

Darren Smith – Adelaide, Round 1 1991

South Adelaide

Mark Naley – Carlton, Round 1 1987

Darren Harris – North Melbourne, Round 1 1986

West Torrens

Steven Stretch – Melbourne, Round 1 1986

Bruce Lindsay – Adelaide, Round 1 1986

Andrew Payze – Adelaide, Round 19 1991



Those with an eastern states leaning may notice a few names of former VFL players (Russell Johnston, Russell Shields) or the occasional SA returnee (Michael Taylor, Robbert Klomp); there’s more for the spotting if you’ve got the time or the inclination.


1986 magarey

As well as the consolidation of the votes of the two umpires into one set of 3-2-1 in 1986, that year’s desertions are apparent by their absence.

The few additions to the future VFL/AFL player list that emerged in the 1986 votes were:

North Adelaide

Darren Jarman – Hawthorn, Round 1 1991


David Grenvold – Essendon, Round 1 1989

Port Adelaide

Stephen Williams – Brisbane, Round 3 1987

Ben Harris – Brisbane, Round 5 1987


Scott Lee – Adelaide, Round 1 1991


Craig Kelly – Collingwood, Round 4 1989

Rodney Maynard – Adelaide, Round 1 1991

South Adelaide

Darren Kappler – Fitzroy, Round 1 1987


Andrew Rogers – Essendon, Round 1 1988


Andrew Underwood – Essendon, Round 1 1989

West Torrens

Dominic Fotia – Carlton, Round 6 1989


Other nuggets in these two lists include numerous fathers of future AFL players, the brother of a current finalist’s coach, a two-club CEO, another ex-AFL coach, a current SANFL coach and Poowong’s finest footy export.


The SANFL attempted to stem the flow of talent by belatedly introducing the Player Retention Scheme. The main beneficiaries seemed to be players that didn’t want to move anyway (e.g. McIntosh), although future Crows such as McDermott and Smith were also rewarded.

It’s amazing to think that the Crows could muster up a competitive side in 1991, given the leakage of talent eastwards (or perhaps northeastwards) in the second half of the 80s.

Thanks for making it this far. Let us know what else you can discern (or any errors/omissions).


Thanks to the AFLTables site, especially this document


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  1. These are sensational Swish. So many great names.

    Andrew Jarman receives 38 votes in 1985 and gets a single tick in 1986?

  2. And went on to win it in 1987, Mickey.

    Yes, the player retention scheme was always doomed to failure and in hindsight the SANFL was fiddling as West Lakes burned.

    Plenty of dads in there: father of a Geelong player in Norwood’s 1985 list and Carlton & Collingwood players in Glenelg’s 1985 list. Dad of a Geelong legend at West Torrens and dads of Melbourne father-sons in West Torrens and Sturt’s. Brother of a current finalist’s coach and state cricketer in 1986 for Norwood.

  3. Wayne Pennell says

    Great observations Swish!

    Steve Copping had a stint at Essendon I think. Not sure when he played his first game of VFL/AFL? Did he return to the Bay in 85?

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks Mickey, Not sure what happened to A Jarman that year.

    Dave, I’ll have to correct you re Enright, think Robbie is an uncle of Boris. Well spotted the others. Didn’t realise that Jordan Murdoch was Froggy’s son.

    Ta Wayne, geez your Bays copped it a bit. Copping was at the Dons from 82-84.

    Two who went on to the VFL without getting votes in these years were
    Chris Duthy – Fitzroy, Round 1 1987
    Andrew Brockhurst – Fitzroy , Round 1 1988

    One bloke in there has two sons running around right now.

  5. Is W.Hurn Central Districts the father of the blessed St Shannon of Eagles fame? Is S.Trigg the Carlton and former Crows CEO?
    Will keep scouring the lists for memory joggers. Great stuff. Thanks Swish.
    Having defected to Ainslie FC ACT myself in 1981 (0 games; Life Member TAB and Bar) I am a bit hazy on West Torrens players by the mid 80’s. Bruce Lindsay was the best Torrens footballer since Lindsay Head, and would have been even better if not for his knees. Stayed in SA but snuck in a few games with the Crows at the end.

  6. PB- yes and yes.

    So in 1985 with 38 votes A. Jarman doesn’t make the All-Australian side, but in 1986 with one vote he does. He must’ve been picked for SA however, and his State of Origin form must’ve been the inverse of his home and away. Interesting.

  7. From 1986 you’ve omitted Woodville’s Andrew Taylor, who went to the Brisbane Bears. Or does he not qualify as a Victorian?

  8. Great stuff Swish. A fertile breeding ground indeed. A treasure-chest of names. I remember Mark Naley tearing the Vics apart in ’87 . Geez, G. Anderson seemed to attract the votes in the Magargy. A hard runner I know, but always thought he was a one-sided, one-dimensional player – then again, perhaps that was my teenage bias at the time.
    Was disappointed when G. Fielke left the Pies at the end of ’87 (personal reasons, I think). I remember David Robertson’s pace. In addition to R.Maynard, I also noticed a P.Maynard at Glenelg in ’85. Which one is related to current Pie – or are they all related?

  9. Weirdly, if Wikipedia is to be believed Jarman didn’t even play in the win over Victoria in ’86. Rather he won the Fos Williams Medal in the 6 goal loss to WA which was enough to get AA. Will unearth my copy of Jarman Magic tonight to find further insight on the season.

    I’m not aware if Peter and Rodney Maynard are related. Rodney’s older brother Brenton played a number of seasons at Norwood before they both went back to the country and won a bazillion Mail Medals.

  10. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks McAlmanac – I’d left out Taylor because he’d already made his VFL debut, but you make a good point.

    He is in the Cassin, Hardeman category- one of the few that returned to the VFL/AFL after a sojourn in the SANFL (an interesting sub-genre)

  11. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    DBal – David Robertson played in the same Ingle Farm A Grade side as Antrobus in 1981 then went to North Adelaide at the same time (their mate Paul Zoontjens went to South Adelaide)

    Peter Maynard is the Collingwood Maynard’s dad (and ex-Demon), not related to Rocket Maynard,

    Diog – “… my copy of Jarman Magic…” is it bin night?

  12. T. Ginever – Port Power (urgh), August 31 1995, Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

  13. R. Enright (4 votes for WT in ’85) father of Corey. Both also played for Port in the SANFL.

  14. Bob Enright is Corey’s uncle and his dad’s Garry, Mike Hugo.

    Along with Corey’s older brother, they were all handy.

  15. Australian Football dot com says it’s so, Mickey.

  16. As Corey’s Year 8 PE teacher I remember parent interview evening and shaking hands with his mum, Maxine and then his dad, Garry.

  17. I’ll take your word for it – website needs an update!

  18. Indeed! It’s a common mistake. No worries.

  19. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I’ve taken steps to sort out the source of the Enright kerfuffle (thanks Gigs), but does anyone know how I can sort out BigFooty?

  20. J Pyke (Norwood) – brother of Don? Jeff Sarau – West Torrens was ex St Kilda an undersized but energetic ruckman. Craig Balme (Norwood) is Neil’s brother. Ross Gibbs (Glenelg) is a high vote getter and Bryce’s father.
    Squeezing the pips now. Glad you sorted out the Kimba Kerfuffle, Swish. I was fearing crutching shears at 20 paces.

  21. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    On the money PB

    I missed this Redleg

    Brenton Klaebe – Fitzroy, Round 1, 1991

  22. David Jenkins says

    James Pyke is Don’s brother, both sons of Frank who was the man who pioneered medical science and got Dennis Lillee back to fitness after his back stress fractures. Originally, Western Australians, James also won the Bradman Medal in the SACA district cricket comp….

  23. I am amazed that I actually recognised so many of those names.

  24. Froggy Murdoch also dad of Brodie at the Saints.James Pyke with Ben Higgins ex black and Pfitzner A 1 Medallist the most recent SA guys to play league footy and state cricket ( Nick Jewell most recent Vic played 1 game for Richmond and state cricket son of Tony) Brenton Stickd Phillips team mates in the
    Brisbane bears 1st game ( and win v the Roos ) 2 past and the current Ad Uni FC coach among the votes

  25. The Emerald Hill Chronicle says

    Very interesting Swish. This one-way traffic no doubt fueled the legendary disdain that SA’s had for Victorians.
    I have great memories of following the progress of my team South Melbourne trying to lure the odd Croweater East, but we had little to entice them with relative to the big boys.
    I think I still have the cuttings from when David Young was finally released from South Adelaide after ( I think) standing our of footy for 12 months. John Roberts was a Pecker of note that made it to my mob. Dexter Kennedy was our great white hope but didn’t make it across.

    And what about my buddy Milan Faletic ( West Torrens/Port). He knocked back Carlton in 1981 and then got the short straw that was Lindsay Fox’s broke St.Kilda in 1983. I’m wondering whether you have votes from Magarey’s from the late 70’s – early 80’s that might feature the great “Spoof”?

  26. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks DJ, Smokie and ‘Book (do you have phone numbers for all of the above)

    Chris – yep, Swans weren’t seen as much of a lure for some reason. Apart from a few photos in the prison bars, I don’t have much Spoof to contribute.

    Sturt’s D Frost is father of Jack and Sam.

  27. george smith says

    The great Russell Johnston was the swap for the beating heart of Collingwood, Mark Choco Williams, when the Hickey regime finally decided to recruit people.

    Sadly, Johnston”s loss was acute when Collingwood’s one man band ruckman, Peter Moore, went down with a hamstring in the first semi final against Fitzroy. It was then up to battling apprentice Stuart Atkin to test his mettle against the silky smooth Mike Fitzpatrick in the GF while Moore hobbled around at full forward. Choco, on the other hand, tried his darndest to win us that flag, and nearly succeeded until the last quarter when everyone was completely stuffed…

    Collingwood tried it’s best to replace Johnston, first with Graham Teasdale, then the amazing Glenn Maclean. But while Russell Johnston was notching up the premierships with port, Collingwood was left lamenting – what if?

  28. bernard whimpress says

    Good analysis Swish. Macca the second-best player behind Robran never to play VFL. i was a Redleg follower but I always thought the Bays’ Tony Symonds was the sort of player to make it in Melbourne.

  29. charlie brown says

    Loved the memories Swish.
    Robertson’s mate Zoontjens did play with the mighty roosters (34 games).

  30. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks George, yep Johnston could play a bit.

    Ta Bernard, Symonds may have played a bit wide. McIntosh would’ve won a Brownlow.

    Charlie, I’m annoyed at the Zoontjens error, he ended up at South, but he was one of the three IF Bulldogs spotted at Rowe Park by Barrie. Never knew that his middle name was “Cornelius” either.

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