Sandown Classic: Freeman and Flynn’s final spring fling

by Mark “Makybe” Freeman

True to form, Sandown Classic Day proved a benefit for punters, with very gettable trifectas and first fours in the Guineas and Classic, a very gettable quaddie (even I managed 4 per cent of it!) and even a very gettable Big 6 that paid more than three large.
Not that I nor guest punter Peter Flynn were able to add to Daff’s cash pile. We were all around it with our first four, and Flynnie’s Scenic Shot was a good thing beaten by Team Williams’ team riding. Clearly young Nick Hall’s instructions on C’est La Guerre was to fence in the opposition at all costs and allow stablemate Zipping to grab his third consecutive Sandown Classic. Hall did a very good job throughout of blanketing Scenic Shot, who only got out when it was all over.

So Daff, it’s been great fun, and we’ve made you a gorilla. Spoil yourself with some Xmas slabs, sure, but sneak some away in the bookshelf ready to unleash next spring!

Good punting till then punters (and see you Thursday),

Mark ‘Makybe’ Freeman
(Final tally: $1000 in the black)


  1. Makybe – really enjoyed your Spring carnival insights and summaries. As a punter I make a really good church mouse – never had the necessaries to go in hard. Therefore I admire those who punt hard but controlled. Hard but controlled – sounds like a real balancing act.

    Well balanced this Spring.

  2. Mark Freeman says

    Thanks Dips, that’s great to hear. Was very pleased to get a few collects – I did a similar column for fellow Knacker Squeezebox Wal’s marvellous Surf Coast Footy Chat newsletter and covered myself in brown by tanking week after week. So relieved indeed we went alright.

  3. Peter Flynn says

    Thanks Makybe,

    Like Dips, really enjoyed it.

    Correct re Team Williams.

    I reckon Steve Moran must have backed Scenic Shot as well.

  4. Mark Freeman says

    Heh, spot on Peter, surely that’s right.

    And I’m right in Moran’s corner too. He’s a serious muppet Williams, and to think he can gag a jockey is outrageous. Rodd is a contractor, not a full-time employee of the Williams ‘corporation’, and Williams only gets away with it all cos he’s loaded and in with knobs like Ron Walker and the like, and racing officials are petrified of his power.

    He talked up Efficient as being fully fit and raring to go when the rumour mill was shouting that he wasn’t, and a couple of days later he was scratched from the cup. That’s the kind of bloke he is, couldn’t give a rat’s about anyone except himself.

    There, that feels better!

  5. Kenneth Briedis says

    Thanks Makybe.

    I, too, have enjoyed all of your insights this spring.

    The fact that I jumped on the shaky tips and jumped off the good ones is my fault, of course, not yours.

    Incidentally, I’m thinking of putting a sneaky $20 on GWS winning the 2012 flag. They’re due, I reckon.



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