Sandhurst All-Stars

As relayed by Richard Jones.

As authored by Darren Lewis.


  1. John Butler says

    Pretty fair team that one.

  2. Bloody Fred Swift.

  3. How many posessions did Brendan Edwards have in the 1961 GF? (50+ ?)

    I saw Fred Swift get one in the ’67 GF. It was outside the ground at the Punt Road end where you used to get the WEG’s after the game.

  4. Rocket Nguyen says

    Given this challenge has gone out to all clubs I reckon East Freo may match it with Sandhurst…?
    Brownlows, premierships, captains galore
    But no one is a worse kick than Ray McHugh…on a par with Jack Daniels,,,,for worst-ever!

    B: Cassissi Brennan P.Ryder

    HB: Doug Green Taylor Lester-Smith

    C: Mainwarring Black A, Swallow

    HF: Cousins Josh Kennedy Judge

    F: Peter Wilson M Clarke Buhagiar

    R: Sandilands Brian Peake Kerr

    IC: Melrose A. Lockeyer Palmer Jonathan Hay

    EMERGENCIES: Chick J. Carr M. Carr Woewodin

  5. Paul Daffey says


    Poor Freddy Swift!

    Geelong had plenty of chances to win that match and fluffed them all. I think it’s called the good old days.


    That’s unfair. East Freo is a state league club. A fairer comparison would be to look at the origin of East Freo’s players.

    Many are from the Geraldton area, which is their zone. Clubs like Northampton and Railways (WA has still got a few Railways teams).

    You’ve been listening to Dave Warner too much.

  6. What was that quote Daff? ‘These are the good old days’

    Can anyone confirm the Brendan Edwards posessions question?

  7. Daff – you’re right, it would be unfair to include Old Easts on that basis. I think Doug Green came from Geraldton, but a lot of locally-produced players like Bomber Peake, Budgie & Willo. All Suburbs fans too!

    Similarly, the TAC Cup Under 18 franchises should also not claim to having produced any of the players that come from them! I wish the commentators would do the homework and tell us he’s from Charlton rather than the Bendigo Pioneers…

  8. Darren Lewis says

    I have a feeling that the AFL juggernaut is much more satisfied suggesting that players miraculously appeared in the TAC cup and that the coaches and clubs in the city and country had no direct input. The reailty is that their concept of grass roots is that they play on perfectly manicured grass and roots is what they have done to grass roots footy in their bide to become a monopoly

  9. @Rocket: I doubt you’ll be slagging the AFL, especially not after your double-page spread in The Saturday Age: At last, the “fibro Westies” get to take on the “silvertail Swans”.

    Reminisces of your tenure as former NSWAFL prez., and in particular a meet in King’s Cross when you were NSW delegate to the then Nat. Footy League.
    Credit to you, Sir Rocket, and NSWAFL colleage B. Apted for sticking up for a Western Sydney team.
    Not dividing Sydney into a north-of-the-harbour club and a second one from south of it

    .But on metro commentators having to recall exactly which little town or club a certain new, young AFL player hails from that’s a tough one.
    I call a couple of Bendigo Pioneers games each season on a Bendy community radio station. For the life of me, unless I had the VFL/TAC Cup Record alongside I couldn’t accurately say which club every particular player hailed from.

    Just last w/end we drove back into Bendy after a stint in outback S.A. and the N.T. Over a beer or 2 with a bloke in Port Augusta — shades of Knacker mate M. Zurbo, there — I discovered that former Crow captain Mark Bickley hails from Solomontown club, Port Pirie.

    And Dees’ CHB Jared Rivers is a Port Augusta. I never knew either of those facts !

  10. Rocket Nguyen says

    Good to see you are back home safe and sound Comrade Dick.
    Thanks for support on Age article.Thought I had a reasonable crack at the AFL in the piece.
    Too subtle?

    Pretty sure Jared Rivers is from Broken Hill. A very prominent name at Centrals.
    Jared’s father, Peter was captain of Centrals in the 70s when the team also included his five brothers.
    Very tribal in BH according to where you lived and which mine you worked in.

  11. Rocket Nguyen says

    Just picked a team from Kyabram on the back of an envelope without going to look at my past copies of Footy Annuals:

    B: Daryl Bourke (Melb) Paul Rowlands (Melb) Brad Normington (Melb)
    HB:Shane Fitsimmons (Melb) Roy Outtram (Melb) Brett Deledio (Rich)
    C: Frank Fanning (Foots) Charlie Stewart (Foots) Maurie Wingate (Melb)
    HF: Kane Pettifer (Rich) Garry Lyon (Melb) John Sparkes (Melb)
    F: Ross Dillon (Melb) Dick Clay (Rich) Maurie Fowler (Carlton)
    R: Trevor Castles (Melb) Harry James (Rich) Graham Haslem (Hawthorn)
    I/C: Brad Mangan (North) Patrick Waerden (Bris)

    Not the same population base to pick from as Sandhurst but Ky can punch above its weight.
    The two boys on interchange have been rookie drafted this season so the production line is still running

  12. PUSH envelope to one side, Rocket N. Pull out old copies of Footy Annuals.

    Four interchange is the standard. Two won’t cut it.

    And certainly not a pair who have NOT, as far as we know, pulled on a boot for a senior AFL outing.

    I didn’t consider you would bag the AFL, Rocket. Particularly as they foisted the 18th team on that poor, unsuspecting suburban sprawl in outer western, and S-W, Sydney.
    Which you’d been hankering for, for a quarter of a century.

    In any case I get sick and tired of drongos constantly slamming the AFL and its hierarchy. As I said to one nitwit who presented a Tuesday afternoon radio show in central Vic.: “There must be some good facets of the AFL you can spruik.
    Week after week, of canning them gets just a touch tiresome.”

    You certain the Rivers family didn’t leave BHill and settle in S.A? My informants in two separate towns were adamant about Jared R’s. roots.

  13. Shane Hartney says

    That selected Kyabram could start the first quarter by themselves and still be thrashed by the Sandhurst side of ex-VFL/AFL players.
    The other interesting aspect of the Sandhurst side is that many other players who were fine players in the big league missed out. Bluey Seaton, Leon Baker, Ben Sexton, Michael Lenaghan, the list goes on.

  14. Your surname gives you up Shane!
    Ex Marist Bros school too are you?

    You’re right the Maroons have had some terrific players that never played in the VFL/AFL – my personal favourite was Lenny Rodda – and rover John Trezise.

  15. Rocket Nguyen says

    Forgot Noel “Kelly” O’Donnell (Melbourne) for the Ky team. He is an aotmatic selection. Out goes John Sparkes.

  16. Sorry not a Marist old boy, five years of hard labour at the Kangaroo Flat Tech. Still have the scars to prove it.
    John Tresize did play in the VFL – a handful of senior games with Carlton. As he couldn’t make the Sandhurst side, we’ll loan him to Kyabram to boost their talent pool!

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