Sal’s Tips Round 24

What a great idea from the AFL to have a theme for the final round of footy – The Seinfeld Round – the round about nothing!  Only two games that can vaguely shape the 8 in determining where Sydney and St Kilda wrestle and other games that might determine draft pick 15 and 16.  The number of attendees at the games will be interesting to see how many attend, I don’t think they will be great but mind you I do still tune in to Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine on 101!

The prevailing question is how many tipping competitions around the land will be decided as a result of games that are virtually meaningless.  We saw how a meaningless game can affect performance with the Shack-Dwellers near result against Essendon.  It is a tipster’s nightmare.  Went all the faves last week and got nutted by Sydney and the Tiges.

So with trepidation we attack Round 24.


Daisy Cutters ($1.40) vs Troy ($3.45)

 Thomas gets a couple of weeks off and the earth tilts a couple of degrees as Sydney find a way to break into the Cat’s fortress.  But this week Collingwood and Geelong won’t play too many cards and will be more concerned about not getting injured.  The Cats will want to win more contested ball – but it won’t really mean much as the Pies won’t at full tilt.  Could be a shootout with the lack of edge to the game – but it is Mick!  The odds for this game (and most others) do not take into account the “edge” factor and these two teams should be much tighter.  The Cats are good value at anything over $3 in what is almost a 50-50 game.  I am selecting the Cats.


Bedtime ($8.00) vs Box Hill ($1.13)

The odds might be right here with Hawthorn wrapping up their stars in cotton wool – we might get a final hurrah from Bluey’s tyros but they will be looking forward to Mad Monday in the local 7-11 or Maccas.  Once again we could get an upset but I won’t be tipping it.


Footscray! ($1.12) vs Purple Hearts ($8.60)

 Ben Hudson will finally run out of gas – but Freo have just simply run out of players – and some not very good ones either.  Dogs will win.


The Trojan Horse ($1.15) vs Powerless ($7.20)

 The Bloods broke through the fortress last week and will have little problems defending their own this week.  Tributes though to Luke Power another great gone from the game or at least the Lions.


The Corporation ($1.17) vs Chardy Sippers ($6.20)

West Coast at home – might not have much to play for but neither do Adelaide now.  Eagles to win while the Crows can plan their Mad Monday with a lovely luncheon in the vines of the Maclaren Vale!


Still Waiting ($1.78) vs Peake-ing? ($2.24)

 Have the Saints change their spots?  Or were North just plain horrid?  They have kicked higher scores that we are used to from Get Stuffed Lyon’s teams – but against ordinary opponents.  Again we lament the ability to judge true form cause of too many bad teams.  I also have concerns about them at the G.  However the Blues have their own set of problems with Thornton still sore after falling over two weeks ago!  Carlton will be keen to get through this unscathed although they will have a couple of players looking to put themselves up for a game the following week.  Saints have more to play for and unbelievably I reckon they will win.


Shack Dwellers ($2.44) vs Scullduggery ($1.66)

 Port has been given the keys to the new house – hope it’s not vandalised!  At last Melbourne will know what is going on with Tom Scully – a messy affair and unfair on all parties.  But onto this critical match – Port will want to put on a good show close to town and a couple of their long term players bowing out.  This makes them my pick and a much better chance that $2.44 – but a very untrustworthy conveyance.


17-8=? ($2.40) vs The French ($1.65)

 Must give credit to Bakes for the moniker for North – heard him a game recently describe lame effort from a player as “surrendered like the French”.  North against the Saints last week fit the moniker well!  The Tiges on the other hand have win this to finish 9th – must just about be a certainty.


Friars went down last week, but the heir has now played in one more footy premiership team than his dad (0)!  But the Friar 2s survived and face up to the previously rampaging Banyule on Saturday in a preliminary final.  Spring racing at Headquarters this week – back to big Flemington fields.  The one trustworthy conveyance is Sepoy but not at $1.24.  However Playing God was a star in the west last year and could present good value in the Makybe Diva Stakes – now that mare was very trustworthy conveyance!

Go Friar 2s, Go Blues and if you can be bothered go to the footy!


Cheers, Sal


Go Friar 2s, Go Blues and if you can be bothered go to the footy!

Cheers, Sal


  1. I thought this was the “Kissing Your Sister” Round??

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