Sal’s Tips Round 22: The Great Rip Off

Sheez it really does feel like Round 22 – but on we go!

I left a teaser last week for this week’s topic and that is the AFL plan to further rip off the fan by reducing the length of the game.  Seems like it is almost a done deal after listening to Vlad on the radio last week – they are concerned about some quarters taking 33-34 minutes.  From my perspective I don’t think I watched many quarters go beyond 30 minutes this year – but believe it or not I have not kept stats on that!  However here is some mathematics I have put together regarding the wasted time we already have.

Of all the games played this year the average number of goals per game is 26.8 and hence the average goals per quarter is 6.7.  So then if we are conservative and assume that the umpire has to wait only 10 seconds for the light to flash after the commercial/replay or whatever advertising commitment before a restart after a goal there is at least a minute per quarter that can be taken off the time on.  Often that wait is even longer with the odd 45 second break we get.  Then there are the all too often umpire conferences, was it out? did he touch it?  Sure work as a team but let the goal umpire and boundary umpire make the decision without the theatrics!

Then there is the fatigue factor – blimey Vlad that was why you removed one interchange player and introduced the substitute!  Commentators and scribes have been waxing lyrical about the positive effect here even blaming it for the return of the specky!  And I concur!  Making the game shorter will remove that and increase the speed of the game again.

Then there is the other rip off!  The ticketing arrangements for “Blockbusters” in the Loungeroom are a rip off for club members.  Before addressing the specifics the first part of the rip off is playing and scheduling games that will draw 60,000+ at the basketball arena in the first place.  Then for home club members have to “purchase” a reserved seat – OK they are cheap, but there is only a limited number once the first lot disappear the price is progressively ratcheted up.  Once they are gone you are into standing room territory where club members still pay full price!  That does not cover the week to week rip off (either Etihad or Ticketmaster at fault) – adult tickets for away games are $20 at the walk up window but to purchase off the Ticketmaster website it is $23.95.  What’s that I hear you say – “yes but the extra is a handling fee”.  Well so one would think until you go and pay your extra $6.05 handling fee – thus taking the price of your $20 General Admission ticket up to and even $30.

Anyway there is some argument for making my piece shorter so – straight into the games after last week’s bomb out on the Bulldogs.


One End Closed ($2.46) vs The Double Act ($1.67)

The Hawks come into this game with a list of kills of the “who isn’ts” of the competition and for that matter so do the Blues – but there is no doubt this is a game between two of the better teams of the competition with lots of people who would like to be there.  SO WHY ARE WE PLAYING IT IN THE LOUNGEROOM!  Now with that out of the system – both teams have crack midfields, exciting forward lines and questionable defences – sounds like a shoot out.  Or will it be? Hawthorn and Carlton are 3rd and 5threspectively for points conceded per game.  The Buddy and Cyril show makes the Hawks a very dangerous prospect up forward, but the Blues defence have not really let too many forwards get hold of them apart from Travis Cloke.  The problem being Buddy can be better than Travis, but the return of Jamison as one book end will help.  Overall the Hawks are justifiable favourites, however Carlton must continue to win to have any chance for 4th.  That gives them slightly more motivation so I reckon the $2.40 is good value and my heart says they will win.  But……


Only 3 to go Boys ($5.10) vs The Professor’s Lament ($1.23)

So now they try!  The Nutty Professor must be wondering what happened – but Bickley has the job and could do a Paul Roos – or he could do a Geisch!  But Adelaide is outstanding value at anything over $1.20 against Bluey’s lads.


He said what? ($1.30) vs Flying Again ($4.00)

The Bombers lost games against two of the top teams – but have responded well since.  A win this week and then smash Port next week could have the Bombers host a final!  However it would appear the resting factor has them clearly focussed on Port the following week – are they reverse tanking?  It is a big ask against the Eagles in Perth – even though they do seem to be starting to get some injuries.  West Coast are the selection – but with much to play for, a full strength Essendon could make it interesting at $4.00 but it would appear the queue is in the rack for this one.


The Rudderless Ship ($1.03) vs Kings of their Domain ($30.00)

Mick off the rails, Maxwell injured, who is at the controls?  Not going to be an issue this week even though Brisbane have assumed their rightful spot as the champs of Queensland!


Business up front, Party at the Back ($1.42) vs The Wharfies ($3.35)

The Mullett is in town!  That looks like enough for the Kangas – but how can they be at $1.42.  That is way too short for such an untrustworthy conveyance – I reckon the Dockers at anything over $3 is good value.  My tip though is still North cause Freo are a less trustworthy conveyance!


Spluttering Ducks ($2.42) vs In the Nick ($1.68)

How the fortunes have swapped – by the same token the Swans are at their most dangerous when they go in as underdogs.  The Saints put up a great fight against the Pies, but their skill level was ordinary.  In reality this game could finish up resembling the other code played regularly at ANZ stadium – which make the odds too far apart and Sydney good value and my selection.


Dr Scholl’s ($5.50) vs Rocket Launched ($1.21)

A nice start for Paul Williams’ coaching career up against the Cornes Removers for an easy kill.  But I refer to the pre-season views of the Bulldogs to make me think the “gang of four” have it all wrong.  The Dogs fall was anticipated and related more to a limited playing listed rather than Rocket.  Mind you he should have ditched a few – the big test will come in the summer.


The Moon ($2.22) vs The Tiggers ($1.80)

Are the Dees the destination for the Rocket?  I would think a very good match.  This game though is clearly a case of the last game driving the odds.  These two teams are evenly matched and I am happy to think the Dees will be up for it and can win.


Friars in an elimination final this week at home against Peninsula hope to get a great crown there – and congrats to Feuta on Life Membership.

Go Blues, Go Friars,




  1. Good stuff, Sal .
    Good luck v Peninsula tomorrow.
    Go Willy !!!!
    And Go Parade !


  2. John Butler says

    Sal, we’ll smash ’em!

    They won’t be playing the Port witches hats tonight.

  3. Smokie – Go Parade !! Hate ’em.

    Friars will win tomorrow and march all the way to the GF.

  4. Dips,
    We need Parade to upset NOBs tomorrow so Willy can sneak into the 4.
    Then it will be a Willy v Friars 1st semi next week.

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