Sal’s Tips: Round 20

A touch tardy this week but time is the killer.  An abridged version without much commentary – except to say that as an AFL Coach Mick Malthouse makes a very ordinary mathematician!

Did pick the lot last week – but not a tough challenge.  A return to some old names due to time constraints!

Get Stuffed Lyon ($1.16) vs Herman-less ($6.80)


The Saints getting a roll in – Freo in the lounge room are poor.  No Sandilands doesn’t help.  Saints to win and no value in the Dockers.


The Sideshow ($1.15) vs Henny Penny ($7.40)


Carlton is cast aside as the attention will be on the Dees after their week horribilis!  But what an overreaction – they weren’t the first and won’t be the last team to be smashed by Geelong at KP.  So the margin was not flattering – not sure Dean Bailey was chasing a kick out there.  As Garry Lyon – put up or shut up – this temporary Footy Director further displays his lack of commitment.  You are either in or out and I found myself yesterday frustrated as I agreed with Jeff Kennett.  They may be cast aside, but I expect Carlton will be too good – although expecting a spirited effort from the Dees under Todd Viney.  Good for the Dees that Viney won’t be an applicant – because son Jack will be a more than handy player for them.


Did they read my column ($1.02) vs No Fixture Favours ($34.00)


OK, so the Cats might also be a challenger!  They have not really changed my mind yet – and this week’s demolition of the Suns won’t either, you can only beat what is put in front of you.


Bombres ($2.00) vs Horse Feathers ($1.97)


Essendon back in the comfort of the Loungeroom and with the return of probably 3 of their top 4 players should make this a great contest – the Bloods staying under the radar largely are marginal favourites.  Not in my book – it is justifiably tight but I reckon the Bombers should be favoured here and are my selection.  Would not take either though till I saw $2.20.


Shack-dwellers ($20.00) vs The Patronisers ($1.04)


First it was Mick who would wrap the opposition every week, now there are even players commenting on the quality of their opposition.  It is bad enough that they are dominant and I can’t criticise them – now they are even being smug about it!  (Hmmm, maybe I did).  They finally play interstate – which they do well at – and they will put paid to the sorry Port and the retiring Chad!


Kings of the Jungle ($1.77) vs Charddy Sippers ($2.26)


Not sure the name for Brisbane holds true – but they are favoured in this game against the Crows.  I cannot explain the discrepancy and reckon that the $2.26 on Adelaide is good value.  Both teams are battling and Brisbane are honest, but I think the Crows might just have the edge on overall talent.


North Tasmania ($1.20) vs South Tasmania ($5.90)


Hawks will be too strong – I reckon the $1.20 is Ok value.  Not sure the Roos have the tricks.


The Corporation ($1.12) vs The Tigger ($8.40)


The odds do not accurately reflect the Tigers chances – should be much longer!


Friars failed last week against spirited opposition – need to fight back tomorrow at Friar Park over Bulleen-Temp.


Go Friars, Go Blues,


Cheers, Sal


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