SACA Annual Report 1983/84: Same As It Ever Was

The cover of this Grote St antique store find features a panoramic view of Adelaide Oval as it was in my youth and early adulthood (the bottom photo, smarty). Note the red behind posts, the Creswell Stand to the left (that was replaced by the soon to be redundant Bradman Stand) and the verdant swathes on both sides of the pickets.


Fear not readers, I’m not going to bore you with the entire report. On second thoughts, why not take up this once in a lifetime opportunity to talk you through the season that coincided with me tying the knot with my beautiful wife. (Click on all photos to expand)



The upcoming Centenary of Test Match cricket at Adelaide Oval gave rise to this tremendous piece of artwork.



Nothing to see here – line and length.

Page two was intentionally left blank



Those of you from the convict states may be surprised to know that Governor Don Dunstan and Premier Don Dunstan were not the same person. I’m quite sure that Lord Mayor Wendy Chapman was the only woman mentioned here.


This humble correspondent knew both Hartley Wood and Bruce Jolly (and their children) and played footy with the sons of Judge Birchall and Daryl Wood, such is Adelaide’s Adelaideness. 


Establishment Adelaide, same as it ever as.



Hmm, a bit of turnover with the hired help. (And I knew Ernie Clifton’s daughter and scoreboard attendant Frank Scott)


Rather than acting as a document of historical record, the Annual Report became the keeper of partial results and notable performances only.


At the top, however, it was the same as it ever was.



Phil Ridings was still there, same as he ever was. Ian Chappell wasn’t.



Australia’s limp showing in the World Cup gets minimal treatment here, not even a mention of how Phil Ridings went with the travel arrangements and per diem handling.




The photos bolstering the Pakistan tour records have an SA flavour, as expected. The Adelaide Test featured a poultice of centuries, some of which were scored by batsmen.


The West Indies fill-in one-dayers are here. Note the good form of WA Country player Waldron against both touring sides.




No summer of the post-WSC days was complete without the obligatory fifteen match (plus best of three finals) limited over tri-series. As International Cricketer of the Year, did Viv Richards find himself behind the wheel of a large automobile?


These games packed the punters in, as the Adelaide Oval panorama vividly depicts.




The players certainly earned their recently improved pay and conditions, finding themselves in another part of the world for a five Test series in the Caribbean, giving them little respite.


Never mind the results, here’s the Croweaters.


Australia had no First-class success apart from their tour opener, but at least Col Egar had some respite from the heady world of the Adelaide dry-cleaning scene.




Richard Watson’s extensive GM’s report is chock full of gems, the most notable perhaps being the extensive developments to the Oval, such as the new cool room at the rear of the Members Dining Room.


The purchase of Park 25 eventually resulted in the recent redevelopment known as Karen Rolton Oval.



Peak 80s SA – Great.




Back Row (from left) Hogg, Haysman, Inverarity, Hilditch, Parkinson, Hookes, Phillips, Wright


Front Row (from left) Harms, Bishop, Carmichael, Bradley (12th man, carried the water)


This nothing-more-80s arrangement of Aussie cricketing maleness was taken at this match.



SA’s Sheffield Shield season was (West End) light on for success, finishing fifth, ahead only of the perennial cellar-dwellers from Bordertown East. At least they all got the latest in sponsor-bedecked leisure wear to remember the season by. And some photos.





The SACAs more than atoned for their first class showing with an unforgettable win in the time-honoured McDonald’s Cup Final. What a pity that the accompanying post match celebrations were not captured in colour.






At last, the real substance of this report, the West End District Competition.


Salisbury won the A Grade. Same as it ever was. Peter Sleep had a monumental season for the Premiers, 548 runs @ 61/31 wickets @ 14. Wayne Prior with a lazy 70 wickets @ 15 probably helped a bit as well.


No surprises that Uni won the B Grade, the season after I was the scorer for that team.


These pages are strewn with blokes that I played in footy flags with, worked with, went to school with (Swish inserting himself into the narrative – same as it ever was). And Boz.


I was briefly alarmed to find no mention at all of women’s cricket, until I reminded myself that the SAWCA was a completely separate body until it merged with the SACA (or vice versa) in the late 1990s.



Good old Ernie Clifton. A far cry from the years where the State coach’s main concern was the batting order in the nets.




The Bowling Club needed to lift its game, but the Tennis Club looked to be thriving.


Martin Chappell and Dick Whittington were very notable outs. Gil Langley’s services to politics, sport and electrical sub-contractors was deservedly recognised.



Even recognising that this is from thirty five years ago, the numbers reflected in these money shots seem extraordinarily low. That the SACA’s net worth was way less than a million dollars had the former CPA in me asking questions about valuation and ownership that, let’s face it, don’t really matter any more. And try and get away with one page of Notes to the Accounts these days.


And what’s with those $2 SBSA accounts in the trophy funds?


Players Benefit Fund – indeed



The inclusion of Bradman and Favell, as demanded by the South Australian Constitution meant that Ian Chappell was only given a small photo rather than the entire centrespread as should have been the case.



PBL getting a mention in the SACA Annual Report – My God! What have they done?




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About Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt

Saw my first SANFL game in 1967 - Dogs v Peckers. Have only ever seen the Dogs win 1 final in the flesh (1972 1st Semi) Mediocre forward pocket for the AUFC Blacks (1982-89) Life member - Ormond Netball Club -That's me on the right


  1. Interesting historical picture, Montefiore Hill is clearly visible and the Adelaide Oval looks like University Oval looked like until recently.
    The record of test matches is interesting one every 3 to 5 years until the second war and even up until World Series Cricket, there was not always a test match every year.
    The famous Greg “Legal” Howe gets a mention in the cricket committee. A true AUCC Blacks character!
    Dr Paul Pattison. PhD, gets a mention on page 35, as does Daryl Watson!
    Simon Spleen Ball on page 36
    Not surprised you would be interested in the accounts Swish!
    Quite the crowd for the bodyline series. They could pack them in in those days, none of this sitting down softness.

  2. Thanks for that Swish.
    S Smith was even amongst the runs for Australia back then!

  3. Good find, Swish – still hanging out for them to release those McDonald’s Cup tops as retro wear. Geez, $106k interest from a bit less than $700k invested – reasonable return!

  4. Great stuff Swish as always love seeing the names and who I can send on to have sent to,Monkey face,Spleen has been tagged and to Chris Harms,Ian Bowley and Harvey Jolly.I will chase up Legals e mail and Flippers email addresses and continue to look to see who else featured

  5. Luke Reynolds says

    Read all the way through hoping to find a wedding photo amongst all the South Australian goodness.

    “Park 25” seems like a fantastic buy 35 years later, Karen Rolton Oval looks great on TV.

  6. Interesting recap Swish, well done. Some outstanding bowlers in D Grade that season. Those were the days! Great to see Boz in the State U19s.

  7. Warwick Nolan says

    Thanks Swish.
    Really enjoyed.

  8. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks for taking the time to have a look at this folks. Some things change, some don’t.

  9. Barry Milton Nicholls says

    I bumped into Boz at the St Ignatius Junior School Easter Sunday Mass. Well actually he took my seat when I stood up to speak to some parents of a kid I used to teach. My first sighting of him since 97. His response was a grunt. Not much different to when I met him in 1981. He looked much the same. He dined out on the success of the State under 19s success for years. I still remember Richie Benaud announcing the selection of the side on Channel Nine and the excitement of hearing McPhee’s name.

  10. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks Barry, the Boz grunt is now available online at the National Film and Sound Archive.

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