SA High Schools v Independent Schools 1992 – Class Warfare (Queenshead Revisited)

Who can you spot? Who do you know? Where are they now?

Who can you spot? Who do you know? Where are they now?

The 1991 match was reported here and generated more traffic than the new footbridge over the Torrens.

It was Adelaide v Essendon’s turn to follow the 1992 High Schools v Independent Schools curtain raiser.

Ben Hart, who was selected for the Independents in 1991, lined up for the Crows that night.

A few of the names have been selected again. Did they fail Year 12, just for the chance to go around once more? Or were they still the cream of the Adelaide crop, just a bit older?

The fee-payers had a new coach, the free-loaders still had Griff.

Presumably the High Schools went skins, against the traditional Red Jumper with Gold logo.

It was a cold night, from memory the Independents’ #13 wore leather gloves, and agreed with everything his coach said, three times, in a team full of elite gut runners.

Fill us in what you know about their past and/or their present by commenting below.

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  1. Good stuff Swish.

    If the Independents’ 23 kicked to 24, Dennis would have said they were “attacking like a trucking magnate..”

    Vaughan Ackland sounds like he had a minor role on the Bold and the Beautiful.

    A shame for Bryan Beinke to have been misspelt.

    Looking forward to the thread.

  2. Brian Rocky Austin says

    The fee payers numbers 23 and 24 merged into a transport magnate.

  3. Swish,
    I reckon #13 for the fee-payers went on to become a brilliant football commentator and “massively” insightful analyst.

  4. Paul holland says

    Hi , the game was during the day from memory. Played on the wing that day ,on scotty camporeale (not steve) i believe the independents won that game . oh i wore #7 paul “dutchy” holland (indies ) I rec we had the navy blue with red collar jumper on that day and we played with rossie Falkner !!

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