Rulebook’s Best Ever Norwood Side

I am 54 years old and been a fanatical Norwood follower basically since 1973. The criteria for selection are:

  • must have played at least 50 games for Norwood
  • re line ball selections – longevity
  • awards from Norwood FC re B & F and Hall of Fame have helped re being the determining factor

(The links below will refer you to the Redlegs Museum site for each player/coach)

F:    N Roberts     P Carman     N Craig

Neville Roberts was a genius re kicking for goal, courage and use of the ball by hand and foot. His organizational ability of the forward line should not be underestimated. His record  speaks for itself. A fantastic recruit and a obvious selection

Phil Carman has to be in the side purely on natural ability. He for mine is the player to most challenge Barrie Robran. Yes, white line fever stopped him from reaching the heights he should have but nevertheless a champion with flexibility to play any spot on the field.

Neil Craig a vital player in the 75 and 78 flags, he was a very very good player with his fitness being ahead of its time, just shading Alby Menzel and Terry Von Bertouch for the 2nd roving spot
(I didn’t see enough of Robert Oatey).


HF:  M Aish     R Dillon     R Woodcock

Michael Aish, incredible balance, amazing skills, brave. As regular readers know, if forced to pick my best ever Norwood player, Rowdy gets my vote.

Ross Dillon overhead competitive marking was his highlight especially in that brutal physical era. Ross’ best year was 75 (3rd in the Magarey). A consistent goal kicker. (Brian Adamson didn’t play enough games to be considered).

Roger Woodcock kicking over 600 goals as a half forward flanker, his deadly left foot was always a pleasure to watch.


C:   P Gallagher    G McIntosh    G Rosser

Phil Gallagher immaculate foot skills with a incredible big game record, his ability to kick the clutch goal second to none.

Garry McIntosh  Macca tough fantastic skills, he would have dominated the VFL especially on muddy grounds. Fantastic State record.

Glen Rosser ability to get a quick kick away and find space. A genuine old fashioned wingman. Allan Killigrew rated Black Duck v v highly (just shaded Duncan Fosdike)


HB:  D Jenkins    J Thiel    R Maynard

Danny Jenkins  3 time Premiership player, brilliant big game and key moment player (smother 78 GF). Beat off Rodney Pope for a half back flank spot.

Jim Thiel The late Jim Thiel was as tough as anyone. His marshalling of the defence in 82 in particular wins the CHB spot for mine and is the only player which David Granger was terrified of (just shades Tom Warhurst ).

Rodney Maynard makes it re his overall career at Norwood and achievements overall just shading Frank Stemper.


B:   M Taylor ( VC )   K McGuinness   B Winter

Michael Taylor Kingo as good as a back pocket player in the history of the game. A very easy selection, his leadership means he is Vice Captain.

Kieran McGuinness was a dominant attacking full back and arguably the best player in the SANFL comp for a large part of his time in SA, ousts the late Ian Stasinowsky and Tom Warhurst for the full back spot.

Bruce Winter a consistent player at both ends of the ground. A wonderful acquisition from Sturt wins the back pocket spot, capable of standing a tall or a small.


1st Ruck:  N Button   J Wynne (C)   G Turbill

Neil Button The Bear should be mentioned in the same breath as Rick Davies and Peter Carey. His ability in the ruck in big games, beating other legends of the game in the crunch. A huge part of 3 flags.

John 28 Wynne,  the ultimate leader set the tone physically. As Wally May said “Geez he may have given out plenty but he has copped just as many. High up in the voting for the Seiko!” Even now living in WA, 28 knows every thing that happens at The Parade. Wynne is the godfather of Norwood FC leadership wise. Huge similarities to Ian Chappell results in 28 being Captain of my side.

Greg Turbill what a player. Only serious knee injuries stopped Turbs from being an all time great of the SANFL and VFL competitions.


Interchange: K Thomas   J Michalanney   D Payne   B James

Keith Thomas, THAT mark in the 84GF and consistency of performance over the years gets KT in to the side.

Jim Michalanney is the 2nd ruckman. His versatility to play either CHF or FF and playing in 4 flags makes Piano a valuable pick in any side (as the Redleg faithful will remember his goal in 75 made it the Jim Michalanney pocket long before Tony Hall)

David Payne, his pace, goal kicking record and ability to play a number of positions gets him a interchange spot.

Brett Beefy James‘ longevity and overall record enabled him to capture the final spot.

Interchange wise I have used versatility and longevity at the parade as the vital and determining factor.  Summing up to say this is a bloody fantastic side and would well and truly challenge any other best ever side from any club from any competition of any era.

Coach:  Nathan Bassett

In as dominating 2 year period in the clubs history before departing to the afl remembering the position he left the club his tactical nous just wins the spot over Bob Hammond and Neil Balme.


Your thoughts? Please post and comment re where you agree and disagree.

Love the side to become a real discussion point.

There’s more of Rulebook’s contributions HERE


  1. Some great names here Rulebook. As a Port man, I remember watching games against Norwood with much fondness in the 80’s when SANFL was at its zenith.

    A couple that spring to my mind that may have made it are :Roger James. Premiership player in 97 and my favourite Power player with S Burgoyne. Played 73 with Norwood and the most underrated player I think I have followed closely. His skills were supreme and as tough as anyone. Probably did more at the Power but (heres a big call) if he played his entire career at Norwood, would be mentioned in the same sentence as Garry McIntosh. Very similar player but James could kick either side and both had impeccable handball skills. Macca was a lot meaner though.

    Also, I though Neil Hein could have been a candidate. Probably the oddest footballer I’ve ever witnessed playing AFL/SANFL but did his job in the ruck and as a more than handy forward pocket/kick behind play man. Kicked a few goals for the Bad News Bears back in the Skase days.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Duncs I rate Roger James enormously he is 1 of the very few players to start off re as a outside wingman and graduate to gun inside midfielder I call him Lord Voldemort because of his role in the 2004 prelim he rescued Port and Neil Hein good player but shade below this side ( trust me he will love his mention and yep he did well for the bears love the camera on him re the song sheet after the bears 1st Win ) thank you

  3. Brilliant piece “Rulebook.” I didn’t see Robert Oatey play live but his record indicates he was a better player than Neil Craig, topped off with a flag at Sturt in 1974.
    Pleased David Payne made your side – premiership player at 19 and as a Glenelg person always thought he was underrated. Lightening quick.
    Strangely, most of Norwood’s premiership coaches have been outsiders – Hammond (North Adelaide) Balme (VFL) Rhode (Melbourne) and all untried, perhaps Wally Miller had a gift for developing people into the role.
    Basset broke the mould, local and contemporary and successful. Super defensive coach, similar to Ross Lyon, but Personally, I can’t stand seeing good teams win kicking ten goals and keeping the opposition to 3 – on a perfect day.
    Glad you mentioned ’73, you lot didn’t get near us.

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    That’s a pretty formidable team, Book. Michael Taylor was one of my faves at Collingwood. Wish he’d stayed a bit longer.
    Craig Kelly -123 games at CHB?

  5. Mark Strange says

    Malcolm what a side that would have been they,d kick Ass big time. I think you have nailed it. I have followed the Legs all my life and was lucky enough to see all those players Big Jim Theil,Stazza,28,Gags,Turbs,Rowdy,Tommy Warhurst. I,ll never forget that day at the Bay when Phil took one Of The best marks I ever saw. What a extraordinary player. I was lucky enough to meet Mike Polter in Darwin a few years ago didn’t recognise him as he was bald as a badger. He told me Of The old days at the Parade he was a very skillful player to???

  6. Great team RB.
    Only disagreement would be to have Stazanowski at full back.
    I know you have your man crush on Kieran though…

  7. Can’t argue with your selections RB, but I would have plumped for Neil Balme over Nathan Basset as coach. Balme lifted you out of decades in the doldrums and turned you into regular contenders. Genius man manager.

  8. Scott Brownrigg says

    What an awesome side – what a club! I was reading with trepidation that you had left Keith Thomas out, but sighed with relief when you’d found a spot for him. Much under-rated superstar. Reading Macca’s name causes a sigh doesn’t it? So wonderful to see him so loyal to Norwood, but gee I wish he’d gone to Victoria to show them what an amazing talent he was, and what a ‘real’ tough footballer is. He would have obliterated them in the AFL. I would have given Franky Stemper the gong ahead of Rocket, but a line ball I guess. Balmey, Balmey, Balmey. Neil Balme all the way for mine. Your only ‘error’ !! ;-D

  9. Dan Hansen says

    Where’s Ugo Colasante???

  10. I have to say Bill Wedding more than fits the criteria. A huge star.

  11. You’re showing your (lack of) age, Rulebook. Ron Kneebone and Bob Hammond would walk into the 2 key defensive positions. Big Bill Wedding (PK’s schoolboy hero) the best tap ruckman, with Neil Button a more all round player as second ruck.
    I understand they are more 1960’s players, but better than your listed players in those spots.

  12. Great work Rulebook. You’ve opened a can of worms here. Couple of players who were unlucky to make it Neil Hein, Mike Poulter and Ian Stazanowski. Coaching wise I would have thought Neil Balme and Bob Hammond were very unlucky. But everyone will have their own ideas.

  13. Coach? Cannot go past Bob Oatey, but then again you are not old enough to have seen him play!
    My favourite player was Brian Sawley. I wonder whether he is still alive.

  14. Neil Hein is unlucky.

  15. Luke Reynolds says

    Love your Redleg passion Rulebook. I haven’t seen most of these guys play but know of several of them from your articles. Looks an impressive team.
    Like the Collingwood flavour with Carman, Taylor & James. Didn’t realise Brett James’ Norwood careeer was as decorated as it was. I was a big fan of him at Collingwood and was disappointed to see him head back to SA. He played some great games in the forward pocket next to Sav Rocca, especially in games at Victoria Park I went to.
    Did Tony Francis play enough games for Norwood to be considered?

  16. Brilliant stuff, Rulebook.

    Are you in the Norwood Hall of Fame yet?

  17. Dr Goatboat says

    CHB: Annie ( R Kneebone), Big Bill….Brian Sawley, HFF……honourable mention to HARd men Glen McMahon, Robert Haines and george dollar ( ruck rovers, you have to have an enforcer) , peter minnervini on the wing ( Dennis Modra?)……Ian Brewer….Carman the best I have ever seen
    The list goes on and on…champions all in my book

  18. Harry Butler says

    Great side Rulebook.
    Can’t dispute any of your selections. I’m old enough to have seen Big Bill Wedding, ‘The Tank’ Ron Kneebone and Bob Oatey, all of whom should be in there though. I’ll leave you the easy decision on who to leave out! Steve Kerley was pretty handy too, ? better than Jim Thiel, but ‘The Tank’ aces both at CHB. How about Andrew Jarman?

  19. Great to see old Kyabram boy Rossie Dillon in your team!

    Knee injuries at Melbourne nearly curtailed his career but he had a great run at Norwood.

    He gets back to Ky every time they make a GF, which has been for the past three years.

    He was a Norm Smith (the man, not the medal) favourite; he was a pall bearer at Norm Smith’s funeral.

  20. Dr Goatboat says

    Peter Redden, a Geranium boy…….Brian Bowe#2, Molloy….Inglis #8…..amazing how often the numbers stick in your head…
    Bunton of course changed the game a lot, not just at the redlegs

  21. Martin Rumsby says

    Wow, what a team! You could come up with a very handy “reserves” team from those players who were unlucky to miss out. One of my favourites from recent years, Brett Zorzi, would be in contention for that team. Interesting that three of our four most recent Magarey Medallists don’t get a mention – Jarman, Matt Thomas and Mitch Grigg. Is that a comment on the standard of the SANFL post 1991/1997?

  22. Jeff Milton says

    That is an awesome side. Probably didn’t need to bother with a back line with that centre square combination and forward line. Agree with leaving out R Oatey (4 times club B&F in the late 60s and early 70s) if the side is based on 1973 and onwards. How many players in your team played made their first SANFL league game when he was coach? My count is 9 of your 22.
    Did you consider the Galloping Hat Rack as a ruckman? Over 150 games, premiership ruckman and made the state side in 1973.
    Outstanding selection job. Not one player in your team that wouldn’t have walked into a VFL side if they had chosen to. Those that did like Taylor, Carman (in his first year with Collingwood went within 3 votes of winning the Brownlow despite only playing 14 games due to injury), Roberts, Thomas and Dillon were stars of their VFL sides. With the exception of Carman, after their VFL stints they all came back to play for Norwood.

  23. Impressive side (and coach) Rulebook.

    I thought that Bassett’s Norwood sides were more competitve and have shaped the style and professionalism in the SANFL more than Balme’s contributions to Norwood during the 80’s.

    I’m old enough to know how good a player McIntosh, Aish, James and McGuiness were, but I’ve also seen Keith Thomas’ remarkable mark in the 1984 GF and Neville Roberts played some great games for South Australia in the 1980’s too. Great article.

  24. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Would love to see this Norwood outfit in action!

  25. Phil Walsh says

    How could Mr Reliable not make it? Not mentioned by anyone else, but saved many a game for the Leggies throughout his career! Quiet gentleman (and a gentleman he is) and this is probably why no-one thinks of him. Quiet, calm and efficient; went about his business with surety and toughness; rarely beaten and never beaten one on one!
    Who you all ask?
    Jerry D’Antochia…….

  26. Dave Brown says

    Yep, a top team, Rulebook. Not one I could add to in my years of watching the Redlegs. Thinking about the club’s last 10 years, as with Martin above, the only other player that stands out for me is Brett Zorzi. Played his guts out for years as an undersized full back in a mostly rubbish side and then reinvented under Bassett as a hard as nails midfielder. Despite the grittiness and reliability he regularly had flashes of brilliance where he would create goals through passes of extraordinary vision. Not sure who he might tip out though.

  27. Bill Drodge says

    Great side Malcolm.

    I’ve seen most of the players you have lined up, but being a few years younger, it is very much a contemporary side. I never saw Carman play for Norwood, but have no doubt he’s worthy.

    One of the quiet achievers from the 80’s that could’ve possible got a spot (maybe in front of Maynard), is Justin Scanlon.

  28. Good selections there Rulebook. Did Bass shout you lunch before or after you decided on the list?

  29. Good article and some great selections, shame I didn’t ever get to see most of them play.

  30. Tom Warhurst says

    Hey Malcom. Certainly a ripper of a team you’ve selected. , certainly no complaints from me although I would have considered moving Danny. Up onto Ducks wing and putting Buzzard Scanlon onto the back flank. As I could count on 0ne hand how many times Scans was beaten And Zorzi Who I regard along with Mcguines as Norwoods finest players from 2000 onwards is extremely unlucky. I would squeeze him onto the bench for B James It’s obvious I like my defenders !! No doubt as mentioned previously Kneebone and Wedding. b Oatey All time greats of the club but How long do you want to go back. My great mate Winter makes it. Thats going back far enough. Ha ha !! Lastly I would have loved to have seen Jonny Clarke play for 10 yrs rather than be wrecked by his botched knee recon And of course Turbs could have won a Magary and perhaps Brownlow had he not suffered a crook knee That’s it I’m done !!

  31. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Lachlan I just didn’t see enough of Robert Oatey ( re Coach I will explain in a seperate post ) Payney v quick.Phil Craig Kelly was considered re CHB but Jim Thiel re leadership and fanatical re physicality just a bloody good player with only serious knee injuries stopping him being a vfl gun.Mark it shows how good a side it is re how many guns missed out and Poulter v v good both on and off the ground.Steve yep huge man crush re KMac but for mine he was the obvious choice,Stazza and Tommy Warhurst both v good full backs but KMac was arguably the best player in the SANFl just bizarre how he is not a 200 game Afl player.Scott yes Frank Stemper fantastic player line ball selection number of games played for the legs re with line ball selection didn’t help him.Danny Ugo makes the team of characters well and truly.Matthew it’s only re players I have seen play.PB yep only since 73.TD yep the idea was to open the can of worms I have succeeded it was a topic of discussion in the club today and Nugget Hein will be enjoying his mentions.Bizz I will check re Brian Sawley.Luke Brett James just so consistent his speech when being inducted in to the Norwood Hall of fame was a privledge to be present at.Tony Francis not quite enough games a fantastic rover and interestingly he rates Macca a better player than Greg Williams.Smokie I need a hall of fame for selling raffle tickets and memberships thanks folks

  32. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Coach wise Bob Hammond took over from Robert Oatey and while we won our 1st flag in 25 years and the magnificent flag in 78 I thought Bass took over the club when we were at our lowest ebb won 2 flags in 4 years and had Norwood a long way in in front of the comp ( won again in 2014 year after Bass left ) while Robert Oatey had built the base for Bob Hammond to some extent,Bob added the necessary ingredient.Neil Balme is a magnificent man manager just so suited to his current footy world but his strength was also his weakness re coaching he was to trusting and while we won 2 flags a lot of us think we underachieved it ended up a v v close call for mine between Bass and Bob I ended up just going for Bass in that he was so good tactically and that we were so much better than any other club

  33. Sam Bridgy says

    Some great names there Book. Agree that would have been nice to get Zorz in there, a star. From that era J Gags in the mix as well but couldn’t squeeze any out. Bizz, as to Brian Sawley, its a small town this one. He is married to my mother-in-laws cousin and I see him regularly. Great man, still strong as an ox and still loves his legs. Turned 80 last year

  34. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Dr Goatboat love it.Harry certainly considered,Steve Kerley but rated Jim Thiel in front,Jars was fantastic for us but more so at rooster land.Dr Rocket yes I knew Ross always honors his upbringing and have heard him speak re Norm Smith quite rightly Ross is in awe of him.Dr Goatboat yes Burton revultionised footy.Martin enormous respect for Zorza fantastic player and leader ( yes a reserves side is in the pipeline it would be a incredible internal) and yes while all fine players it is a indication to some extent re the standard drop.Milts yep 9 very good point re pointing out the influence of Robert Oatey.Milts considered Michael Gregg v closely went for Pianos greater versatility and yes all of the players would walk in to a Afl side and well spotted re players returning to the parade.Paul thank you and yes that is how I feel.Ben so would i we could celebrate before during and after the game.Phil v hard side to make and yes Jerry will be considered re the reserves side.Dave trust me I didn’t like leaving Zorza up ( yep man crush) Bill Carman simply a freak,Scans considered its a awesome side.Raf it was before and after wanted to get full value.Campbell yep more dvd nights are needed for your footy education.Tommy love your passion for the red and blue and yes Johnny Clarke bloody tragic he was a gun,Mark Ross and I were talking about Terbs today and Johnny Platten is the comparison if only Terbs hadn’t done his bloody knee as well any 1 out there want a hour of footy heaven google,Greg Turbill and watch his highlights it is footy porn and yes Tommy was considered very thoroughly as well thank you !

  35. Dr Goatboat says

    Ask pongo ( Brian sawley) about the John Peck incident. Examined microsopically by Sunday Mail

  36. Although not a long time at the club BRIAN Adamson was a great player

  37. Anthony Coles says

    Great work Malcom.
    Can not think of another human with the picket-fence knowledge, and intellectual capacity, to enunciate objectively a tribute team for the Club (K-Mc man-crush aside) .
    So much to love about this Club, and you are the narrator of its soul.
    Fortis in Procella
    140 years next year… Go for it Fanta.

  38. Dean Bogisch says

    What a great selection, all of us older guys could substitute a couple but it is bloody hard to compare eras when the game has changed so much over the years. I agree with Bassett as coach, he turned our club around (albeit we seem to be going backwards at the mo!) . Balmey had the squad to go consecutive flags and better but!!

  39. Very good Malcolm. Comments have answered all queries but one: G Nicholson. 200 + games, 2x premiership player, a brilliant rebounding back pocket through a dominant era.

  40. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Bridgy there you are a job for you,Rob Brian Adamson showed us how good he was in the 78 gf with 5 goals from CHF alas unfortunately he did not play enough games to qualify to be considered.Anthony thank you for your kind words greatly appreciated ( 140 years a significant milestone! ) Thanks Dean yes very hard comparing re eras while acknowledging the drop yet giving players like K Mac and Brett James the appropriate recognition always remembering re this sought of side it’s only opinion no one is actually right or wrong hopefully 2018 is upwards big time ! Thank you

  41. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Daddsy Nicho very very good player but effectively competing like several others with Kingo Taylor the prince of back pockets for a spot thank you

  42. Eric Weltner says

    Not a Norwood supporter, but I’d have Stazza at full-back for sure. Him and Keith Kulhmann were the two toughest full-backs that multiple-century goalkicker Tim Evans faced.

  43. RB …. so many great players over so many years … how about teams of an era?….that would solve all ..#redandbluebloodedforlife

  44. Not bad, BUT no Brett Zorzi???
    Mid to late 2000s when we were not travelling that flash he was an absolute star!!!

  45. Pretty good effort with that Malcolm – very difficult to gauge playing careers across different times and eras. Most Norwood teams like this are filled with players from the pre crows era and the magic of 1984. Hopefully with time we can focus on the last 20 years a bit more rather than re-hashing teams from the 70’s and 80’s. We all know how good that time was – and it has been celebrated accordingly – but do we have to keep bringing it up?? The club needs to mature into a new phase of its history and attract new people and supporters otherwise there won’t be another team of the century!!

  46. Dr Goatboat says

    Yes Joe, then we can look at Lester Ross, Bob Kite, Les Amery, Ian Della-Pollina, ah the list goes on…sorry showing my age…Fortis in Procella indeed….I remember learning what that meant when i was about 5 I reckon…
    And let’s not overlook the support staff…..Tiger Potts……; and Alan Killigrew brought a different sense of urgency…Bunton bought the handball which was very much maligned by the pundits and took a while to get the supporters on board….I seem to recall a GF loss (to port?) with Bunton bouncing the ball at CHF when the siren went….he would never have made the distance, but I remember thinking, Kick it, Kick it…..
    Ah The mighty Redlegs they just keep on giving

  47. Jill Tathra says

    This old Eagle recognizes a lot of these names and yes they were excellent players. Its great remembering the players and the great game when it was more foot than hand ball.

  48. We’re of an era, Mal. So I can’t complain that you have favoured a team from our prime. Some great players and fond memories. I would have gone for Stemper.

  49. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Eric Stazza great stopper v good player but KMac was the best player in the SANFl noting against,Stazza but KMac class above.Joe teams of eras still have controversy as well as Lachy Waterman has picked best,Glenelg side and Nick Haines North side all 3 sides show how much ability was in the SANFl and that there was stuff all difference re vfl plenty of times I wish the afl had never started.Fester like you I LOVE
    Zorza it was a line ball selection.JC I see where you are coming from but at least this is giving desperately needed publicity re SANFl and KMac and Beefy are in the side.DR Goatboat I had the PRIVILEGE of being coached at Norwood High by Allan Killigrew he was a great man ( I played with Olaf Bode father of current,Norwood Captain Jace ) love your passion for the red and blue.Thanks Jill yes there were elements of the game which were better to watch in the past.Lamby line ball re Stemper who was a gun went more longevity as the reason re Rocket and Danny. thanks folks

  50. Brett James says

    Malcolm I am wrapped to be part of the side I grew up watching all of those legends.Greg Nicholson was my favourite player people don’t realize how good Michael Aish was a unbelievable player.
    You picked a great Norwood team

  51. I still have Danny Jenkins and Neil Button badges on my Redlegs’ scarf.

  52. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Beefy agree totally re legends,Nicho and Rocket Pope were both fantastic recruits from West Adelaide and couldn’t agree with you more re Rowdy one of the all time greats it is a huge achievement to make this side appreciate that you were so pumped to make the side.Lamby remind me to have a look next time you have a very classy scarf !

  53. Well done Malcolm,I’m staggered at how long it would of taken you to select your side.I am pleased that you were able to fit me in. I’m chuffed.
    So many players to choose from.
    Dramatic changes to the style of game played.
    Significant changes to the type of player that is required to play.
    We all have our opinions and this side you selected may not suit everyone, but it is “your opinion”
    What a great subject to talk about ,we could talk for hours,debate,argue etc
    Quite a formidable team there Malcolm happy to be a part of it.

  54. Paul Minogue says

    Hi Malcolm. Not a Norwood supporter but love the team and the memories it brings back. As a Glenelg supporter since the late 60s I am wondering if you can point me to Lachlan Waterman’s best Bays side. Thanks. Paul

  55. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Payney thank you greatly appreciated and yes it is my opinion and it helps get debate going and desperately needed coverage re any thing SANFl the lack of support by the Afl totally disgusts me and many others and you are a worthy member of the side wrapped that you are chuffed.Thanks Paul are you on face book ? Thank you

  56. Paul Minogue says

    Hi again Malcom. Yes, I am on Facebook. Paul

  57. Michael Aish says

    Always a interesting read. Great line up. Understand the criteria but many great players that are not named and are more than worthy to take their spot. In my time i probably didn’t give the respect to our defense that it deserved. The back 6 were rock solid week in week out. Tommy,Franki, just to name a few were great players for our club.Love you passion for the legs

  58. Geoffrey Wilson says

    A great read and you have done a great job Malcolm. It’s a fantastic side, superstars and class everywhere. The three players that I would have in are Robert Oatey, Craig Kelly and Tony Francis, although I don’t think he played enough games to make your criterion. Roger James is another I might have tried to squeeze in, Goodluck on who to leave out. Picking Bass as coach is very interesting and I don’t disagree with it. I think Hammo and Balmy would agree that they both had the sides to win more premiership. Bass might think the same with 2010. Overall though a great side full of Champions and Premierships, imagine watching that side every week. Well done Malcolm.

  59. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Aishy I understand your point entirely I reckon the majority of footy followers are guilty of that as well ironically I found the half back line the hardest to pick,Stemper,Pope,Warhurst,Kelly,Jerry D,Scanlon,Burns,Stazza, all worthy it was really a case of splitting hairs and thank you.Geoff as you no we are the same age but you had a more footy upbringing than mine so you go back that bit further than I do re Robert Oatey,Tony Francis and Ned considered I just felt others were more influential from a
    Norwood angle,Tony and Ned were more vfl I thought again not a right or wrong good fun debating point
    thank you ( The Coopers box would be in full swing watching that Norwood team destroy the opposition each week )

  60. Geoffrey Wilson says

    Agree totally with Aishy’s comment about the defenders, their are some great ones their that have missed out. All the ones you mentioned were fantastic players. Understand your point about about Kelly and Francis but Kelly did have 6 seasons at Norwood. As for The Coopers Box rocking watching this side in action you are certainly correct.

  61. Ross Dillon says


    So many outstanding players in the team and so many missing out .
    Predict we would kick 30 each week and that would be for away games .
    Assume we would not come out unless there were 20k attending at Norwood .
    Please request Turbs and Craigy desist from trying to take ‘hangers ‘ in the goal square as Phillip and Neville will attend to that .
    Black Duck would be a chance to kick 5 ( mainly goals ) playing out on the wing by himself .
    Please check if the 600 goal left foot half forward flanker is prepared to give off to a teammate in a better position in the goal square … because Aishy would .
    Could you please identify who the inside players for the opposition are .. so we can warn them that 28 , Macca , Butto and Turbs will want the cod as well .
    Is is possible that Hackam Lohman can get on the bench as 28 will want his chewies and Coke . 28 is not permitted to piss on the oval during the quarter time and 3/4 breaks or we will get the cameras on it .
    So many good players not named .. Stemper , Stas , Ado , Seekers ,Craig Kelly , Richard Anderson ,Anthony Harvey ( a courageous favourite of mine ) , Nicho , Paul Adler , Tommy Warhurst ( even if he plays golf elsewhere ) , Von , Kerls ( CHB Premierships x2 )
    Scott Burns ,Roger James , Brett Zorzi plus many more . With more career time , another Aish could well have featured … Andrew .. he also could really play !
    When will Pre season training start .. as I am sure to be away … or get a leave pass like 28 from Sando , Max or Lionel Jarrett .
    Will Sam’s Disco still be operating ?
    Thanks for the memories

  62. Norwood FC was my first love, an enduring love. Great stuff. #GoLegs

  63. Stan the Man says

    Love your work Rulebook. In a week where looking at the form guide for the Cup paid dividens for the astute punters. My form guide would suggest looking at : B&F Club Champion in a Premiership Year. You have covered most inclusions : 75 Dillon 78 Taylor 82 Turbill 84 Aish 97 Jarman 11 Zorzi 12 MGuiness 13 Jeffries. All good Nwd men. That form line would suggest you have to include Jarman – he has played 51 Games.

    Payney goes in for his country and western CD collection
    … Marty ROBINS Gene Pitney etc etc

  64. Cameron Glenn says

    A really good side there. Would be really hard to perfect side ever but based on all the qualities of those guys it looks the most perfect you could get. A lot of great players have played for Norwood over time.

  65. I guess one of the tricky aspects of picking a side like this is do you pick players on what they did at Norwood or does what they achieved elsewhere factor into it.

    As a footballer I’d rate Scott Burns well ahead of say Rodney Maynard, even Mick Taylor (I can’t comment on other players I never really saw). But Burns was only young and only played 50 odd games at NFC.

  66. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Geoff went for Thiel over Kelly just felt he had more impact and Francis was close and yes the Coopers box would be very merry.Rossco thank you loved it v v entertaining.Angela thank you.Stan Jars hard one just qualified re games played felt he was more roosters I will talk to Payney re country and western v useful info.Thanks Cameron.JD I have based the side mainly re Norwood and I rate,Scott Burns v v highly was disappointed that the Crows didn’t pick him and re Michael Taylor one of the all time greats click on and have a look at his cv 6 b and fs and 2 runner cups at Collingwood thank you

  67. Mick Taylor had a couple good years at the Pies but we probably didn’t see all he was capable of – being played mainly in the back pocket as he was.

  68. Powerboy was drawn as moth to flame when he spied this little nugget lurking in the almanacs archive!

    Great mental scars have been opened up upon his psyche as he peruses this list of Crows, …er, sorry…Norwood, champions. These persons were the cause of many a sleepless night and subsequent nightmare during Powerboy’s adolescence. Unsavoury memories, long suppressed, have risen from his very Id to inundate his psyche with pain and anguish as recollections of their former glories flood back.

    Being of a similar vintage to the author, Powerboy was there and can also remember all of this list and recall each and every besting inflicted upon each and every individual by a Port Adelaide Magpie.

    The only exception I can see would be McIntosh, G. The rest certainly did give the Magpies quite a few beatings during that era, as the premierships attest (particularly 1978 – your centenary year), but Port Adelaide’s later domination was surely developed against such sterling opposition as this. However, McIntosh, G. was surely one mean opponent whose personal philosophy of “Norwood or nobody” was fully understood by Magpie men who shared this same sentiment about their own club.

    Watching the Sturt blow-ins of the ilk of Oatey, R. and Graham, (Flash) R. and the other interstate mercenaries listed in the team above had none of the pleasure inspired by watching such a fearsome opponent as McIntosh, G. compete with ferocity even more fervent than that of the Magpies.
    Port Adelaide owe much to Gary. To this day, the club has always regretted the circumstances of his birth and the fact that it happened beyond their catchment. He had all the traits of a Magpie soul.

    Dillon. (Rosco) R. must have been the mould for the bespectacled, smiling assassin from the west, Worstfold, J. These two men personified Clarke Kent behind retail counters and black frames by work-a-day and then slipped comfortably into borderline thug suit by weekend. Tough, but unfair, Rosco charmed the matriachs of the parade as a bespectacled and humble newsagent whist honing his kidney tackle and errant elbow for softer targets.

    Powerboy is related by marriage to the good Gallagher clan, fine Catholics all. Powerboy takes much pride in having originally dubbed Phil with his Magpie knickname – Manos. At the time this was a popular brand of poultry which proudly proclaimed the lack of a neck in it’s product. The similarity between Phil’s lack of apparent support for his head, and running style (backwards) and that of a chicken meant that correlation was bound to occur, sooner rather than later. Powerboy’s mob also dubbed Fosdyke, D. ‘Fuckydunk” and this rapidly stuck as well. The name Duncan has unfortunate rhyming possibilities. Woodcock, R. was also fertile ground for our peurile minds.

    Aish was a great. The player we hated the most because we knew our sister would easily flatten him – for all the wrong reasons – and no Magpie player could, despite their best efforts and with boundless opportunities. The man looked like a cream puff waif and played like a wll-o’-the-wisp. I wonder to this day as to the exact number he got to with the player retention fund in place at that time. Rumours went over into seven figures – a big chunk in those days. We seriously doubted he could even get a game in Victoria…which meant he would have shat on them. Typical Aish.

    Taylor. (Kingo) M. gained our redemption with the Victorian Magpies, as did his confederates Kelly, (Boofhead) C. and Francis, (IsThatThingWithEarsABall) T. The 1990 AFL premiership is as celebrated by South Australian Magpie fans as much as our SANFL flags. This justification no longer exists….

    Carmen. (Fabulous) P. stands out like canine testes! Powerboy based his entire self image upon the man’s projected personna. To say that Errol Flyn and Russel Ebert both envied the man would be to sell him short! “The Bold and The Beautiful” and it’s lead character, Ridge Forrester, were created merely to depict Phil’s lifestyle. Legend!

    Wynne, J. and Turbill, G. garnered vast Magpie respect for their deeds as fine club men and everymen. Those words above regarding the 1978 premiership are directed particularly at these two. Subsequent to that victory, several Boy family great aunts and great uncles went to the grandstand in the sky in a state of grace after the faithful penance of a generation before premiership glory was delivered to them. The Boy clan of the Port were humbly grateful and joyous. These were children of Norwood, born before world wars were known, who taught their children to love their game and to love their club – no matter the colours or the ensign. Wynne and Turbill showed the way. Norwood to their bootstraps, they led by example on and off the field.

    Boy, P. also suspects that Jim Theile was the last ever amateur to play SANFL football. This is worth noting in this day and age. Once upon a time, sport was divided into two ranks and these distinctions were taken very seriously. Such antiquated bonds are now all but forgotten but, as a child, these distinctions were accorded great respect within the Boy household. It saddens Powerboy greatly to see that he is deceased. I recall not of Grave Danger’s fear of him but suspect Grave was secretly terrified of much worse things than men…

    Michalanney, J. was also much loved within the Boy family as Pater Boy trained him as a teacher. It must be explained that much of Pater’s extended family were born within a dropkick of the Parade oval (literally – no hospitals for these tough Irish) and family possession of the old bluestone cottage is still maintained.

    Powerboy very much appreciates the authors reminiscences and fervour for the Norwood Football Club. The rivalry between Port Adelaide and Norwood lives on today within Powerboy’s heart in the shape of the fruit loop CroFoe’s purporting to represent a football heritage well beyond that club’s remit. Powerboy will go to his grave yearning to see the NFC plying it’s trade within the AFL and resuming hostilities with their most respected foe, Port Adelaide, at the highest possible level.

    Powerboy looks forward to co-authorship with Rulebooks when the time comes to present the case for a third AFL side to represent South Australia.


  69. Malcolm Ashwood says

    JD Kingo runner up in 2 Copeland’s ( which Tony Shaw has openly stated was a farce he didn’t win them
    just so consistent.Poweboy overall love your comment,slight correction re playing as a amateur I think you have got the late,Jim Thiel and Michael Gregg confused.Personally Port Adelaide won a licence re their success in the SANFL but it’s a new club ( reality franchise ) which began in 1997 thank you
    ( there was a heated debate on the Norwood Supporters face book page last night so I re posted this article to try and defuse the situation and change topic it helped )

  70. Is this from people you’ve seen only?
    As I’m sure wacka Scott et al would walk in

  71. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Darien no only players I have seen play so from 73 onwards with line ball selections re helping being swayed by b and f placings and hall of fame thank you

  72. Rod Ettridge says

    Great work here form a true afficionado. I saw Big Bill and Tank and yes they would b in my team, but what the hell, just shows how many great Redlegs have graced the stage. MUST agree with Greg Turbill; he was marvellous and what he would have done with okay knees is mind boggling. I worked at The Tivoli in Pirie Street, and a few of the Norwood boys were regulars. One day afetr playing North, Turbs came in and after a couple of triple brandies he says, “Rod, see what Wayne Stringer did”. He pullls his shirt up and his trousers down and there is a bruise from his rib cage to his knee. Anyway, he played the following week and got BOG.

  73. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks Rod my side is from 73 onwards from players I have seen,Turbs courage was remarkable !

  74. Brenton Kemp says

    Hard to argue with any selections Malcolm. I never saw Carman in the flesh sadly, and moved to Sydney in 97 so rarely saw McGuinness or Brett James (was a very good player at Collingwood too). As a young boy (I’m about your vintage) Woodcock was my first hero, but as I got older had a massive opinion of Kingo. Being an old school back pocket type myself, I loved watching some of our great ones over the years, Nicholson, Lester Ross., and what a luxury having Bruce Winter back there. Just looking at the names brings great memories..

  75. Kris Montgomery says

    What an amazing side Malcolm! I have great memories of watching all but 2 or 3 of them play. I never saw Kieran McGuinness play – he must have been bloody good to squeeze Stazza and Tommy out. Probably one of the unlikeliest-looking footballers you’d ever see, but Stazza was awesome. I’ll never forget the hip and shoulder I saw him deliver to an unsuspecting West Adelaide (? – I think it was West, it’s a long time ago) player in the north-west pocket at Norwood Oval one day. Knocked him fair into the middle of next week! And that mark at the Bay by Phil Carman, mentioned above by Mark Strange, was without a shadow of a doubt THE greatest mark of all time. Phil was literally standing on a Glenelg player’s shoulders, at full stretch, when he took it. There was a collective intake of breath all around the ground as he grabbed the mark – I don’t think anyone who saw it could actually believe their eyes. What a shame Collingwood stole him from us.

  76. Well done Malcolm. Pity there wasn’t spots for Rod Seekamp (superb centreman despite R Oatey often playing him at half back), Greg Nicholson and hard man Paul McCormack (not sure how many games he played). Going back into the sixties you couldn’t go past Big Bill Wedding, if anyone needed a protector it was Bill, a gentle giant. Opposing ruckmen (especially Glenelg’s Doug Long) hit Wee Willie from piller to post, kitchen sink included. After the games Bill apparently was black and blue all over including numerous sprig marks where he had been kicked. The umpires gave him no protection must to Kiiigrew’s disgust. Oh for a John Wynne as his ruck follower. Ron Kneebone, Bob Oatey, Graham Molloy and Ian Brewer also deserve consideration.As a Redleg man since the ’57 GF(The Butchers’ Picnic) I seen numerous great players and find it impossible to select a team from all those years. Go Legs.

  77. This morning I had the pleasure of reading Paul McCormack’s tribute to Garry McIntosh (Rulebook’s choice as our centre man). As an old Redleg man I had the greatest admiration for Kingsley Arthur (Big Bill) Wedding.Bill would most certainly lead the ruck in my side. Bill hardly ever palmed the ball down to a pack. Instead the would thump the ball out in the open 30 or 49 metres down the ground. Opposing ruckmen devised all sorts of tactics in an endevour to negate him. Jack Oatey, then West’s coach, came up with the check side rucking to cut off Bill’s run. Brian Debrough and Neil Kerley became experts in frustrating Bill whilst the Umpires did next to nothing to protest him. Despite those tactics Bill didn’t retaliate and hence his bruised body. By the way, Bill could also mark well and kicked many goals, often from drop kicks, when resting in the forward pocket I’ll never forget the gentle giant – what a Norwood legend.

  78. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Brenton and Kris v much so and thank you.Fisho Rod Seekamp was the unluckiest omission I virtually tossed a coin between,Rod and Brett James but my criteria was from 73 onwards my 1st memories and if a toss up club awards such as b and f used as the tie breaker with the interchange bench picked as if a game was being played re team balance( Fisho thanks for your comments on various articles greatly appreciated! )

  79. Joey Hollywood says

    No mention of Damien Nygard – lucky to be alive after Knuckles had his way !!!!

  80. Dr Goatboat says

    Full forwards? Carman best player ever, could be anywhere. Maybe a specialist….we have Phil Stevens (as kids he was reputed to be Norwood’s cleanest player….”he was always in the Bath”!!); Ian Brewer, broke my heart when he missed 100 goals…got 94 or 96….was gutted…..Syd Simeon…..fondly remembered for setting the umpire straight when we lost a final (and Syd was a spectator due to injury…..jumped the fence after the game as umpires were leaving!!) Glory days.

  81. Actually it wasn’t a final when Syd jumped the fence to sort out umpire Henderson. It was a match early in the season against central District at the Adelaide Oval.. In the closing stages of the game Centrals led by a few points as Norwood attacked. However a bid storm was brewing and black clouds were on their way over. Anyway Dennis Modra went for a mark at point blank range from Norwood’s goals only to collect a high hit from Central’s playing coach Ken Eustace and not only should have been awarded a mark or free and a 15 metre penalty but Henderson called play on. Centrals cleared and they won by a couple of points. In the crowd, Syd Simeon, out of the side injured, was incensed and jumped the fence and led a charge of irate supporters to the umpires where he laid a punch on Henderson. Not only was he on assault charges but also received a large suspension. He never played for the Redlegs again. Years later, on KG’s sports radio show, Umpire Henderson apologized for his poor lack of decision and claimed the game to be one of his worst games ever. Simeon was one of 3 players Bunton brought to Norwood from WA. One of the others was George Pickering -I forget the other.

  82. Dr Goatboat says

    Thanks, i remember the day well and newspaper coverage, thought it was a final. Definitely central sand a close game…..and Redlegs robbed (again)…..forgot the detail….different times!!

  83. Dr Goatboat says

    Pretty sure brewer came over from WA as well

  84. Malcolm Ashwood says hi guys yes knew about
    Ian Brewer but had never heard the story re Syd Simeon I will look up his name now
    Full forward wise we haven’t had a super star in my time following the legs that’s why I picked
    Phil Carman who as we no could play anywhere at ff thank you

  85. Malcolm Ashwood says Interestingly the red legs museum site says the umpire was Brian Lees also doesn’t mention re suspension which seems a bit odd
    I will make a couple of calls tomorrow thank you

  86. I’m sure the Simeon affair took place in ’65. That year the Legs were eliminated in the first semi by Sturt when Diamond Jim Tilbrook ran amuck cleaning up John Vickers and John Inglis. Sturt went on to lose a close encounter with Port in the GF. Sorry about the Lees / Henderson mix up. After all those years memories can at times be funny – I was sure it was Baldy Henderson.

  87. Dr Goatboat says

    John Vickers, the Master painter, had a wonderful quiff……a painter by trade, he got arrested one early morning after redlegs won a GF at black diamond corner, painting it red and blue….John Inglis a tough nut as well…

  88. Hi Doc, I’ve just discovered a certain Sydney Simeon passed away in WA on the 15th of may 2013. I assume he would be the notorious Simeon that played for the Legs in ’65.

  89. Eric Weltner says

    A great side as this is, I reckon Port Adelaide’s best from 1973 onwards would have been capable of knocking them over. The ‘Legs have won eight flags since 1973, however the Magpies have had individuals that have played in that many premierships just by themselves! In saying that, this Norwood team on their day, would have won their fair share against not only the best ever Magpies’ outfit of this era, but also any other club’s best-ever combination. Not only would this have been a tough, hard and skilful outfit, but there are also plenty of Norwood greats who would be considered unlucky not to have been slotted into this team.

  90. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Fisho and Dr Goatboat great stuff.Eric I think if you pick a best of all the sides it just highlights how strong the Sanfl comp was and good luck containing that Norwood forward line thank you

  91. Grigg for Gallagher. Or have you excluded current players?

  92. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Hi Baldy haven’t excluded current players but felt no 1 had done enough to warrant selection bearing in mind team picked in November 2017,Griggy certainly moved up the order since I admit change wouldn’t be for

  93. The HF line is OUTSTANDING. Ruckline pretty good too.

  94. Rabs good luck re containing that forward line and I maintai,Carman only player who rivals,Robran re sheer natural ability yes white line fever stuffed that up and rucking re centre square to be able to also use,Aishy and Kingo v v strong.The Bear was a fantastic big game player in the ruck thank you

  95. Malcolm, I believe you did a fantastic job putting together your side. It must have been quite a task as many outstanding players had to be left out. When writing my first baseball book I was asked to pick my top side. With so much talent available, I took the cowards way out and devoted a chapter to “Some of my favourite players” instead, giving a little spiel about each. It was a most enjoyable exercise for me. As a fellow Norwood man, I look forward to your next installment – it always makes my day, not only your well researched work but also the great comments from past players and supporters.

  96. Rulebook, it’s with a heavy heart I’m writing this. My old Norwood High School friend and Norwood Footy Club Hall of Famer as you know passed away on the 15th of September. If ever their was someone worthy of one of your special profiles it’s Robert Reginald Oatey.

  97. Malcolm, it’s with a heavy heart I’m writing this. As you know my old Norwood High School friend and Norwood Footy Club Hall of Famer passed away on 15th of September. If ever there’s someone deserving one of your special profiles it’s Robert Reginald Oatey.

  98. Hard to argue with any of those selections. I never saw Carmen or K Mac in the flesh playing for norwood nut but their records speak for themselves. Balmey a candidate for coach, but geez we blew some chances in late 80s.

  99. Barry Lewis says

    A great side & read Malc….saw Michael Gregg play some great games & I would have him in….Stazza would also be myvfull back…Bazz

  100. How is ron brown not in that side still in the top five all time goal kickers for the club for a player that played just over 100 games

  101. Roger Vaughan says

    More superb work from you Rulebook. I would have Tom Warhurst in there, but that is pure bias. Bob Hammond gets the nod as coach – yes, Oatey did a lot of the ground work and Bassett’s achievement was outstanding. Also don’t forget Balme also lifted Norwood from a very low ebb in 79 and again in early 84. But I would argue that 75 and 78 are the two most important flags in our great club’s history. And Hammond’s 3/4 time address in 78 is deservedly the stuff of legend. A three-way tie!!!!

  102. Chris ADDICOAT says

    Jim Michalanny should be at centre half forward Rulebook 4 premiership medallions a very rare breed at the Parade . Dillon could warm the bench with his wonky knees

  103. Thanks folks Ben it is purely re players I’ve seen play so from,72 onwards just my opinion,Chris Rossco was 3rd in 75 Magarey easily the most dominant season of a CHF in my time and v good in other years as well
    Piano to relieve the Bear in the ruck and be used by Bass however he sees fit,Roger fine line could have,
    Hammond,Balme or Bass – thank you

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