Almanac Rugby League – Rugby League comes to The Footy Almanac

Growing up as a young Canterbury diehard in Orange, when all you would get were two games a week on television and your main contact with the Big League came through Rugby League Week and The Daily Telegraph, the highlight of every Christmas was David Middleton’s Rugby League yearbook.

The book was a goldmine for a rugby league nerd, bringing to life unseen games and the giants of the football world. There is no fact, no stat, no detail the book missed. It was so prized that by the beginning of the next season, the cover slip would be torn and the edges bent as it was dragged into the backyard to recreate a match with my brother Matt on a grey and wet Orange March or stashed away to take to my mate Bossy’s place to play our own season through League Premierships.

I dare say I eventually would have found the beauty in rugby league but that annual yearbook helped crystallise my love for the game.

The hope is that the rugby league version of The Footy Almanac will help reinforce one’s love of the game for those who see a greater truth in the code, for those who see its beauty and most of all, for those who love rugby league and good writing.

For anyone interested in telling their rugby league stories, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]. We will be covering the final three weeks of the season as well as the finals but welcome rugby league tales from far and wide, be it a memory of the Maher Cup to a case against the 10-metre rule.

Check out The Footy Almanac rugby league page.

About Nick Tedeschi

Nick Tedeschi was the chief rugby league writer at Punting Ace for five years after a career in politics and bookmaking. He has written freelance for a number of organisations including Back Page Lead, Crikey and Betfair and now runs his own website. He writes an annual NRL betting preview and is a diehard Canterbury fan who lists Craig Polla-Mounter, David Stagg, Tony Grimaldi and Daryl Halligan as his favourite players.


  1. Great work Nick – welcome aboard.

  2. Thanks Nick, really looking forward to reading some fresh rugby league writing. Cheers JTH

  3. The game has not been the same since they rubbed the “Blue bags” out.

  4. Paul Daffey says

    Did someone say group sex?

  5. Nick,

    Thanks for running with this idea – League has a great tradition and fans as passionate as any other code. Looking forward to the results.

    And ‘Up the Mighty Sea Eagles’!

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