Round 9 – Hawthorn v Gold Coast: A Day in the Life.


Sitting through another scintillating workplace Professional Development my mind drifts back to Saturday’s game at York Park. The mighty Mayblooms are playing the Gold Coast and beating them handsomely. Yet I don’t feel satisfied and wonder why? I usually love it when Hawthorn plays in Tassie, it brings back splendid memories of living in Tasmania’s North East, Irishtown Rd, St. Mary’s to be exact. I taught at the local school, drank in the local pub and fished the local Break’o’Day River. Both the trout and the weather could be a little tempestuous at times.


Someone is speaking but I’m lost in thought.


Launceston has turned on local weather for all the visiting footballers. There is wind, rain and low temperatures to remind everyone that footy is meant to be a winter game. I ‘m in Brunswick listening to the wireless; 3AW for a change as the ABC are buggerising about trying to please everyone else and I want to hear the pre-match discussion. Burgoyne, doing the honours during indigenous round, wins the toss and kicks with a stiff breeze.


Judging by the tone of the commentary Hawthorn is getting clobbered; another bloody slow start. Tim Lane and Tony Leonard are appalled at the Mustardpots and in high praise of Gold Coast; yet whenever they give the score it is close. Still I worry some chasm is about to open up between the two sides, if last week’s loss to Sydney wrecked out top two chances, then this will surely damage our top four aspirations!


Weirdly enough, Hawthorn is in front at the first orange break. By the five minute mark of the second quarter, Hawthorn’s demise is still being broadcast on 3AW, also on SEN and then on the ABC; I’m turning the dial trying to find a sympathetic voice but I have this feeling that for a side about to be wiped, Hawthorn is getting a lot of the ball. Mitchell is busy, Hodge is rusty but in the action, Hill and Shiels are racking up possessions. Gold Coast doesn’t seem to be hammering out the goals. I feel in my bones that the broadcasters are simply bulldust. I switch the radio off and wait for the tele version to come on.


I’m forced to pay attention.


Self-efficacy is written on the white board, it’s a good word. Self-efficacy means to believe that you have the ability to achieve a desired result. You positively know you will reach your goals. It’s seems apt for a fly-fishing teacher as well as for today’s footballer. It doesn’t seem to matter how far a team is behind, they believe they can beat their opponents. St. Kilda did it against Footscray, the Mustardpots almost did it against Port and Collingwood strutted their self-efficacy much to Shinboner chagrin. My mind still wafting, I wonder if Clarko discusses self-efficacy with his players.


When I watch this game I think it is a boring, but at times there are some good parts. Mitchell plays a fantastic game, he’s a bit of a wizard and playing his best footy at the moment. Bradley Hill runs well with the ball, he uses it nicely. He is an exciting player. Roughy misses some goals and is struggling. Hallahan plays well and is the stand out Gold Coast player. Gold Coast plays well a lot of the time. They will be a good side in about two years.


Both indigenous jumpers are lovely. Indigenous round is a special time for indigenous players.


I think it could be a better, more exciting match. For all four quarters it is a most ordinary game.


It’s still fantastic for the Hawks to win.


Hawthorn’s self-belief sees them overhaul the Gold Coast and they simply extend their lead. Hale slots three straight, which is a welcome return to form for the big fella. At the other end Lake shows some touch, and Ceglar moves ok around the ground. Suckling, who is dead set lucky to win a reprieve, manages 28 possessions, but that really says it all. He has the ball a lot but nothing much exciting happens. The game just plods on until Hawthorn is way out in front.


To be honest, I’m looking for a distraction and it finally comes when two friends arrive to drag me off to a local establishment called the Northern Git; their motto is “bringing the North to the North.” I protest that it is Saturday and I’m watching the footy. Pru looks at the tele and declares “… Hawthorn are far enough in front. How much do you want to win by?” I don’t really care, so I get up and we walk out of the house. 3 Ravens stout and pork scratching await.


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by Louis and Steve Hodder


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