Round 9 – Collingwood v Western Bulldogs: Theory v Practice (Floreat Pica Society)





Collingwood v Western Bulldogs

7:50pm, Friday May 13




by Shane Cashman



Oh the theories, I have many Collingwood theories. And they proved right and wrong in this game. Whilst we do a match report there is also a place for an essay on where our team and club are at.


First quarter
Our clearance work was not there; we won six clearances in the first quarter. The dogs won 15 with Treloar (5) and McRae (4) doing the damage. Jack Crisp kicked a nice goal.


Theory one – Brodie Grundy
First bounce – this was where thing started to get ugly. From the very first bounce. I am of the view that Brodie Grundy’s work when the ball hits the ground, combined with his boundary throw-ins and ethic (think last quarter on Anzac day) make him an elite ruck. I am not a massive fan of his tap work at the centre bounce. I just don’t think we get value for money with that aspect of his game, but I may need to rethink that theory. Oh how I missed big Brodie’s presence in that first quarter. We got pantsed (new word I know) with Darcy Cameron and Aiden Begg doing their best but unable to counter the clearance dominance


Theory two – Pure Footballers
Some players don’t need much of the ball to make an impact, Jack Ginnivan is one of them, he is charismatic and exciting but at his heart he is a pure footballer. We had good supply into our forward line early in the game but couldn’t hit the scoreboard. Had we been able to play Ginners it’s likely we would have kicked an early goal or two and things may have been different. Unfortunately he was not right and we missed him.



Quarter time:
Pies 1.3
Dogs 6.5


Second quarter
We didn’t gain any ground in the second quarter, things just didn’t get going. We were getting undone my Tom Liberatore, his in and under work was matching Taylor Adams which showed how good he was.


Theory three – Young Players
It’s a fine line between blooding young players with support and throwing them in too quickly. Collingwood have balanced this well over the course of the season ensuring that our kids have experience around them to ensure our kids are supported in their early years. I am a huge wrap for Ollie Henry, he is raw talent and will be a ripper for the pies. He could have kicked five goals, I have no issues with the behinds he kicked; he will make up for that in spades.


Half time:
Pies 2.3
Dogs 7.10


Third quarter
Collingwood spluttered and worked for some changes in the premiership quarter. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the ball going with any regularity or authority. We kicked two goals for the quarter against the Dogs’ four. We were nowhere, it was tough to watch.


Theory four – Makeshift Forward Lines
Our coach nailed it in his press conference when he said we have played well with a makeshift forward line in most of our games. We have talented players who play their role, they are honest and crack in with enough variance and unpredictability to score and excite. I don’t think our forward line will stand up consistently against the top four teams. (That also takes me ahead to theory six)


Three quarter time:
Pies 2.3
Dogs 7.10


Last quarter
The final quarter was a weird affair. Watching the replay BT was talking up a comeback; I didn’t feel as though we were anywhere near it. However we played a lot of kids and that is our future. It was good to see McRae back out there, leave him in I say. Keep playing Poults, Ginners, Nick Daics, Beggsy, Tyler Brown & co and see where it goes.


Theory five – Every Team Has Two Shockers
Every team has two games where they play terribly, the best teams still get out with a win. We are nowhere near that unfortunately. I am hoping this was one of our shockers.


Theory six – Big Marking Forwards
Collingwood has not had a top notch forward who can kick straight since Brian Taylor. Let me run through the field. Big marking forwards who are consistently good at kicking at goal. Saverio and Anthony Rocca were fantastic players but their kicking from 25-40 metres let them down. Chris Tarrant struggled to kick straight and spent his last four years in defence. Travis Cloke was hard working and took big marks, but like the Rocca boys he sprayed too many gettable shots. We have tried to fit players into the position for a few years (Jesse White, Mason Cox, Quinten Lynch) and it has not worked. We drafted Darcy Moore as a forward, he secures our backline. We drafted Liam McMahon as a forward but he plays in the backline in the VFL. Krueger is a likely type but injury prone and probably more aligned as a third tall option. Brodie Mihocek is as honest as they come but has his limitations with missing goals an A-Grader would kick, he is aligned as a second tall option.


Reality is that unless we draft, trade or pick one up as a free agent (but they are all signed up) we will continue to complete but not dominate; I find this incredibly frustrating.




COLLINGWOOD                      1.3       2.6       4.7         7.9 (51)
WESTERN BULLDOGS            6.5       7.10      11.11     14.15 (99)


Collingwood: Crisp 2, De Goey, Hoskin-Elliott, Lipinski, Mihocek, Quaynor
Western Bulldogs: Dunkley, Khamis, Naughton, Treloar 3, Bontempelli, Scott


Collingwood: Crisp, Lipinski, Adams, Noble, N.Daicos
Western Bulldogs: Treloar, Smith, Dunkley, Macrae, Naughton, Liberatore



My Best Players
(3) Jack Crisp (a seriously good player and continues to grow)
(2) Isaac Quaynor (played his heart out under pressure)
(1) vote Brayden Maynard (played well under one-on-one pressure)




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  1. Hayden Kelly says

    I was at the game agree Ginnavan is a pure footballer but not sure he would have made much difference as supply to the forward line was scant . On the same theme Libba is a pure footballer of days gone past who fits into the modern game .
    As a Dogs Supporter I am duty bound to ask your opinion on Treloar’s performance .

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