Round 8 – Hawthorn v Fremantle: Shenanigans in Launceston – this will go down in history

Apparently there was a game of footy down in Launceston this afternoon but it was the Freo Dockers’ banner before the game which managed a bigger “score”  than the purple team kicked in the 3rd quarter (and yes, I’m in black yet again for another week and I’m getting bloody sick of it. My purpleness is suffering along with the team and Owen is starting to really, really get on my nerves)!!

Was this a bigger conspiracy than the Harvey sacking/Lyon “hijack” of a few seasons ago? Could it possibly be a moment that will go down in Dockers history, even more controversial than “siren-gate”. How did the banner crew know Tendai Mzungu was playing his 100th game when he had only been listed as an emergency?

What shenanigans were unfolding? Heaven help us all if the banner crew knew a giant secret five minutes before the media and everyone else in football land. Obviously not a lot happening in the Apple Isle today if this was what caused a media meltdown in the stratosphere. What a circus!

For all those uneducated morons and media idiots out there, write this down. Firstly, the banner was not on the “red-eye” from Perth last night and also, let me make this abundantly clear: the banners for ALL the Docker games played outside Perth (except Darwin) are made by the Victorian (Freo) Banner Crew, and are NOT, and I repeat, NOT made in Perth.

Secondly, the Victorian crew transport the banner to all places across the universe (except Perth) by planes, trains and automobiles, even down to Tassie (not to mention Adelaide, Geelong, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast and anywhere else the AFL would like to send us). Maybe China would be nice this time of year so why would a milestone cause us any hassle?

Thirdly (and finally), the Victorian crew had planned for Tendai’s milestone for a number of weeks. A special panel of crepe and letters had been stuck together on the off chance Tendai was playing. It wasn’t that difficult. Made for some interesting banner making challenges but everyone rose to the occasion as being prepared is the “way to go”.

The crepe panel for Tendai had earned its own frequent flyer points and a seat in the front of the plane. Not many coaches (in their after game press conference), are questioned about banner milestone shenanigans!! It was rather special for the Vic crew to finally get the chance to make it happen, even if it meant rolling round on the floor with bits of purple crepe and sticky tape just before the boys were ready to run through.

With no fuss but great effort, the front of the banner (which of course was a great affirmation) became the back and the back (which had the least amount of letters already stuck on) became the front – a bit topsy, turvy, (just like the team). The #foreverfreo was quickly covered over just before the game, without any conspiracy, without any shenanigans, without any deception, without any fanfare, but sorry to say (and what a boring story really) with just some good old fashioned prep work, planning and common sense! The moral to this story is BE PREPARED!!!

Footnote to this story, Tendai was thrilled!


  1. Cat from the Country says

    Where is the picture for us who did not see the game?

  2. Leeanne Moran says

    Well said. Vic Banner Team are a hard working crew who live and breathe purple even when the chips are down!

  3. Annemarie says

    Having seen the effort you guys put in up close, you should know it is appreciated by the true supporters??????

  4. Well said Di. Great article and even greater banner work.

  5. Bugger. Now I’m gonna have to re-write the history with a new cover photo. But can I please leave out the rest of 2016?
    Keep up the good work Di & crew,

  6. Dianne Waddingham says

    Les – you have my permission to leave out the rest of 2016! It’s a real shocker and a blast from the past….At least the game was not a complete right-off with some “good” publicity for the awesomeness of the Vic crew and the extraordinary lengths we go to in making sure we have all bases covered – anywhere, anytime!

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