Round 8 – Hawthorn v Brisbane: Hawks, Lions, and York Park: So much to like but something not quite right


While the game never reached any heights the Round 8 clash between the Hawks and Lions at York Park was a thoroughly magnificent afternoon. A trip down to the southern isle for the footy encapsulates the best and worst of our great game.


What’s not to like?

  • Maroon, blue and gold on a Saturday afternoon
    It’s by no means the same but watching the traditional Fitzroy strip go around on a Saturday afternoon still gives you a tingle (see substantial caveat below).
  • York Park
    10,000 punters at an old suburban ground within spitting distance of the play. Footy dappled in early autumn light (see second caveat below).
  • Halftime Heroes
    While Auskick is standard halftime fare in all AFL games, it’s still a joy to watch packs of kids chase the footy with reckless abandon.
  • Old silk
    Burgoyne, all class, poise and balance. On this afternoon, the only of Hawthorn’s veterans that still looked good in the 1s.
  • Landing a pre-game Running Double
    Pedrena into Thelburg at Caulfield called home over a pre-game pot at the Commercial Hotel then basking in the knowledge that the day’s beers are more than covered.
  • Lions scarf and beanie complimented by eight-year-old tracksuit pants
    No self-respecting general admission concrete terrace should be without them. Old mate still had a bounce in his step from the ’44 flag.
  • Young forwards, good hands
    Hawthorn’s newest No.23, Tim O’Brien, and the Lion’s Eric Hopwood both have great hands. Great to watch them fly and clunk it.

Not quite right

  • Brisbane Lions
    The so-called merger that still manages to disgust the bile in the pit of your guts.
  • Wrong Mitchell
    Young Tom is prolific and shapes as a long-term asset for the Hawks but they (and this game) missed Sam’s nous and class.
  • University sponsored stadiums
    The ever-changing branding of stadiums is grotesque at the best of times but there’s something highly unsettling about the commercialisation of higher education when a University is forking out for naming rights.
  • Hodge butchering the ball
    It is hard to watch it slewing it off the side of the boot one of the most attractive kicks in the game. Missed a lot of targets but still named in the best. So many of Hawthorn’s mainstays are playing well below their best.
  • A bowling green surface
    The York Park surface is immaculate which makes for good footy but a part of me misses the mud pits of yesteryear especially on a suburban ground in the middle of a paddock.
  • Life-sized branding
    Maybe it’s just me but the gargantuan posters featuring half of Hawthorn’s list that lines the Launceston Airport welcome hall is a little creepy.
  • Lions midfield depth
    The Lions were competitive up until the last quarter, but sorely missed the class and leadership of Dayne Beams as well as the grunt of Mitch Robinson. Might have been a different result had they played.

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  1. Peter Schumacher says

    They have a real show at home against Adelaide I reckon. The latter have slowed to a crawl. Stop Sloan, stone the Crows!

  2. Crows definitely look vulnerable at the moment. Not sure Brisbane has the midfield depth though.

  3. Luke Hodge’s kick was shocking! Nice Report!

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