Round 8 – Adelaide v Melbourne: Still Top Spot

Still Top Spot Part Two

Adelaide versus Melbourne

7.10pm, Saturday May 13

Adelaide Oval

Aidan Hammond Aged 11

Remember in the Footy Almanac 2015 when it was Adelaide v Melbourne in Round 3, the published piece was mine: Still Top Spot. Well, I am back to post a “still top spot” part two. I hope you enjoy this as much you enjoyed part one. Saturday morning tennis, wake up: 5:00 am. Restart. Saturday morning tennis wake up at 7:30, good. So I get up and I make myself some Weet-Bix, I am ready to win.


OK, I am on time, my Dad is happy. We go to my tennis then my grandpa comes and he has to go to work. I play doubles and win 6-1, the other singles were 6-0 and 6-2. Another good win. I go home with my grandparents and we get home, then I realise I have left my racquet case and my computer at the Athelstone tennis club. Then my grandpa and I go back up to the club and then they’re closed.


When we get home we call the club and they say that they will be open at 12:30. In the gap, I have a kick of the footy with my grandpa. The goals closest are taken up. We go to the goals away from the ovals.  I have a kick of the footy. I know I am playing backline but I’m doing some forward line training. It is a really good way to pass the time. So we go back there and we get my computer. I am really lucky that someone didn’t take it.


I have lunch. I chill out until the game, at the start of the game I chill out. The Crows will win. At the start we get the clearance and I am already really confident. I am over confident. It is nice that Crows are a game ahead of everyone. We can make mistakes like when Tex Walker got the ball and just handballs it over his head.


The next thing that happened is that the Demons get the goals; lots of them. That bit isn’t good. Maybe they are in familiar territory, via Bernie Vince and Simon Goodwin. The Crows get the last two goals. In the second quarter the game went the way everyone expected it would go. The Crows got out to a very good 28 point lead, considering that it was only the second quarter. Considering that meant that the Demons could still win.


They get the last couple of goals and the momentum heading into half time. Come on Crows. High risk, high reward was the Demons game, desperate brilliant footy. The way to knock off the best team in the comp. They kick the first seven goals of the quarter. The Crows balance it out minimally.


They have set it up really well so the Crows can’t get their hands on the ball. The last quarter is just really handy for the Demons, because they just blow the margin out to boost their percentage, Don Pyke says that two losses shouldn’t need to be a wakeup call to keep winning. Maybe next week we will win against Brisbane. Not what I expected but still top spot.


ADELAIDE     1.4   6.7   7.8    9.12 (66)
MELBOURNE  2.2   5.3  12.5  17.5 (107)

Adelaide: Walker 2, Betts 2, Jenkins 2, Laird, Atkins, Smith
Melbourne: Pedersen 3, T.McDonald 2, Bugg 2, Jones 2, Garlett 2, Kent 2, Viney, Oliver, Petracca, Hannan

Adelaide: Laird, Jacobs, Atkins
Melbourne: Viney, T.McDonald, Salem, Oliver, Vince, Petracca, Jones, Hibberd

Adelaide: Nil
Melbourne: Hunt (concussion)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Kamolins, Fleer (replaced in second quarter by Hundertmark), Ryan

Official crowd: 47,882

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  1. Please comment which report you liked better, Part one or Part Two. Hopefully next year there will be another Still Top Spot against Melbourne!

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