Round 7 – Sal’s preview: It’s just a matter of time!

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David Teague might not quote, ‘have the currency of Chris Fagan’, but he had no issue with the length of the game and noted that all the injuries that caused delays were collision injuries and not soft tissue through fatigue.  Add to that I have yet to hear from any fans that the games are too long.  All the noise comes from the broadcasters who are the main reasons for the games extending beyond their own comfort zones.


They demanded 50 seconds between goals instead of 45, I would argue 30 is sufficient.  They have the technology to drive goal reviews, in the past we accepted that ‘the man in white is always right’.  They may be wearing any colour of the rainbow now but we question everything.  If the ARC can’t be decisive in 15 seconds let’s just go with the goal umpire.  Then there is the nomination of rucks which can usually be answered by Captain Obvious and while the time it takes also allows more congestion.


Overall though the comparison between 2019 and 2021 is valid and the factors above have some influence, the main reason for the extension is that footy is better!  It is more attacking and there are more goals being scored than the dour defensive dross we have been served up over the last few years.  I say more footy and stuff the TV execs who need to fit into their bubble, go and talk to the fans about how much more they love the game now.  Even if the Blues are crap!


Now to prognosticate on a few salivating contests.


Dust Free ($2.62) vs Frankfurters ($1.60)


What an opener to the round with the red hot Dogs taking on the champs and both teams losing important players.  None more so than Dustin Martin, once he departed there was no one to spark the Tigers to come back against the Dees.  Will they be able to drive their efforts knowing the champ can’t help.  The Dogs lose a couple of mids, but they have surplus in that space.  A bigger hole left by Tim English who has stretched defenses and added another challenge to opposition coaches.  Great test for Schache to see if he can do the same.  There are a few holes in the Tigers and the Dogs seem to have the depth to cover their injuries so just going with them.  However for those with a bent on the financials, over $2.40 on the Tigers has to be of interest.


The Buck Stops Where? ($1.55) vs Paying Their Dews ($2.78)


With one appointment sorted for the Pies what do they do next?  The future of Nathan Buckley looks pretty much up to Nathan.  His Pies have the opportunity for redemption up against the Suns.  Stewy’s Suns got a great result last week over Sydney but look too thin in the big man department and they don’t play too many at the G.  A week of relief for Collingwood…..provided they win!


Time for a Lynching ($1.95) vs Take on Trust ($2.02)


Not sure what was going on with Tom Lynch as an injury substitute, completely unprepared for footy and despite the protestations from the coach it was farcical at best.  They get back home to host the Giants who stood up for a while against the Dogs but were eventually overrun.  This should be simple Adelaide at home are 3-4 goals better and there are the underlying trust issues with the Giants.  However there are similar trust issues with Adelaide and the Giants have been more consistent over the last three weeks.  With that reckon the Giants might prevail here.


House of Stoush ($1.67) vs Kosi Fan Tutti ($2.46)


More fight on the track for the Saints than in a couple of matches – not sure how to view the situation, Brett Ratten has no choice but to put a positive spin on it to the outside world not so sure inside.  They take on the Hawks coming off a terrific effort to comeback last week and a great performance from the new Kosi!  A really difficult game to pick, just going with the Saints on the assumption that Ryder comes back and can provide that extra option forward and in the ruck.


Neale Down ($2.00) vs Take no Prisoners ($1.98)


What an effort from Lachie Neale last week to play through adversity and now face a lengthy lay off after surgery.  A real test for the Lions depth.  They face Port who are having their own stoush with the league about wearing their original prison bar strip.  No matter what they are still a great team to watch as have been Brisbane so this should be a beauty.  The Gabba is a fortress however there are questions on the quality of the replacement players for Brisbane.  Port have lost Boak but they have good depth in the midfield and are proven on the road.  Going with the visitors.


Feeling Horse ($2.82) vs The Other Jezza ($1.54)


‘Horse’ Longmire needs to get his young Swans back on track after going down to the Suns, there will be inconsistent performances with a young team.  They need to be up to face the Cats who not only put the Eagles to the sword but unveiled their upgraded forward line featuring Hawkins and Cameron.  With Rampe still out not sure that Sydney can handle that offensive power so their midfield will have to win their share.  Even if they do reckon Geelong can get enough forward entries to convert to a winning score.


Owen ($19.50) vs Sixen ($1.05)


The game of diametric opposites North yet to register and the Dees yet to fail.  Can’t see any change out of this one.


Parish Bulletin ($2.28) vs Unbelievable ($1.76)


The Bombers have let Darcy Parish develop and got a great outcome last week, it is has been building though as he can now play to his strength.  Could be a good blueprint for Carlton to follow with it’s highly touted draft picks who are too often the scapegoats for their poor performances.  That Teague gets up each week and talks of his belief in the group is quite unbelievable – but he does keep picking them.  Not sure that Murphy, Betts and Casboult deserve to be the scapegoats either, but if they are playing they need to be used to their strengths.  Not sure how Carlton are favoured here and only picking them out of blind loyalty.


Damn the Torpedo ($1.78) vs Mundy’s Expert ($2.24)


What a bomb from Mitch Duncan to add salt to the Eagles wounds!  They were nothing short of pathetic against the Cats lacking leadership and desire.  I’m sure that will all be fixed with a trip back home.  The problem is that it is against the locals.  Freo are playing good predictable footy and have their older players doing critical jobs for them especially David Mundy.  It is not just his disposal that is very good, his decision making in heavy traffic is second to none.  West Coast will be better with the inclusion of Hurn and Kennedy and just think that forward line might pack too many guns for the Docker this week.


Friar Time


Great weekend for the Friars claiming four wins.  Up against long time rivals Therry Penola the Friars recorded their first win at Oak Park!  The reserves also recorded are good victory.  The Girls played out a ripping contest against Old Melburnians to win a 5 point thriller, both teams have been promoted into Womens Division 1.  While the thirds fielded a stronger team and won well over Elsternwick.  This week the Friars host PEGS in what should be yet another great test in both games.  The girls won the prize of promotion and head to Williamstown for their first D1 encounter while the thirds kick off the dew in Bennettswood against the Animals.


Go Blues, Go Friars,


Cheers, Sal


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  1. Your weekly intros are worth the price of admission. Spot on Sal. Soundbite du jour “games are too long”. Last week at the Cattery certainly was.
    Remarkable how the 2018 grand finalists have similarly imploded. Doughnut lists with ageing stars and some promising kids but few solid 30-100 gamers.

  2. Daryl Schramm says

    You touch on some major bugbears of mine Sal. I watch footy via an olden TBox set up. Pause the start then ff through the goal breaks. This creates some perceived additional time for other things.

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