Round 7 – Geelong v Essendon: Dips, I’ll fill you in.



I’m running behind this week – but I see where you were trapped (happily enough) it seems at a social function. I acknowledge your respectful attention to the important event.

I went with the kids.

Here are the notes I made after the game – which I hope fill you in on a litele of what occurred.


In no order:


Cats: outstanding – again. Essendon were flat – apart from the opening 20 minutes.


First, I think the coach had a very good game. Good on structure. Seemed there was a plan to contain Saad and McDonald Tipungwuti. Whatever he did to stop Merrett was excellent because he was cutting us up. Shiel should be much more effective than he is. Strong key defensive set up too. Not unlike what GWS did to us at Kardinia.


Kelly – outstanding in the first half.


Ablett –great value for each touch. What a player! The set shot goal was superb, and timely, as the Bombers kicked the first of the final quarter and the crowd stirred.


Backline, rock solid. Kolodjashnij and Blicavs unsung heroes. Stewart and Harry with more of the footy. Henry took responsibility numerous times – and I think for a moment ran with Zach Merrett.


Stanley very good. Doubt Bellchambers will remember the game too fondly. Stanley indecisive around goal – just have a ping son!


Tommy – so mature. Wheel and go role is tremendous – especially with the pace in front of him – Rohan (not as good today), Meirs, Dahlhaus. Meirs is naturally decisive and is growing in confidence. Takes the game on. May have watched a bit of Johnno re angles etc.


Pressure to hold footy in the forward line very good. Atkins is tough. And did some stuff in attack.


Duncan! Did he have an opponent? Menegola! Did he have an opponent?


No Dangerfield. And no Selwood.


C. Guthrie also good in patches – and always competitive. Scrapper.


Very hard to assign votes.


But I’d go:   3. Kelly    2. Ablett   1. Hawkins      (how is there no defender in there when defence set the win up!)


Coaches’ votes will be really interesting. I bet they go in part at least to defenders. Could easily have had Stewart in there.


The kids and I loved it



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  1. george smith says

    After the behaviour of the Essendon crowd the previous week – best on ground and bossyboots of the week: Razor Ray!

  2. Great notes JTH. Looks like I missed a very solid (and under rated) Cats win. Bombers were flat apparently but Cats were without Selwood, Danger and (effectively) Ratugolea.

    Our backline the key?

    How on earth was Kelly not drafted earlier in his career?

  3. Dips, re Kelly:
    I bet that there was some ridiculous knock on him, possibly fabricated, that grew legs and did the rounds within the incestuous world of AFL clubs and recruiters.

  4. Peter Flynn says

    Cockatoo was injured and missed the game.

  5. Smoke – Kelly is not an “athlete” but as Jack Dyer would say, “he gets the football”.

  6. A couple of other highlights.

    Cats fans’ cheers drowning out Bomber boos whenever Ablett got near the ball, which was often.
    The form of the Geelong kids. About a quarter of the side haven’t got to 20 games yet. Miers, O’Connor and Atkins outstanding.

    Folly of the day. Dangerfield’s handball to Clark after a mark at the top of the goalsquare. The poor kid nearly had a heart attack when he saw the ball coming his way – slipped over and flubbed a certain goal. He’ll learn.

    Kelly clearly BOG for mine. Hope we can keep him in the hoops.

    Cheers, Burkie

  7. Your right about Miers . That look away 45 degree pass straight to a team mate was pure Stevie J

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