Round 7 – Fremantle v GWS: Love Hurts

Love Hurts
Fremantle vs Greater Western Sydney
6:10pm, 7th May
Domain Stadium, Perth
Josh Coales

There’s not too many more things I love more than my beloved Fremantle Dockers. Through thick and thin, I have loved them. From the lows of 2008 to the highs between 2010-2015 but, the Dockers’ 2016 season is almost a write off. It hurts to see the boys who, at this time last year, were 6-0, now 0-6 and struggling. But, nonetheless, Grandad and I headed to the pub for the traditional combo after a birthday lunch for Mum. Happy birthday Mum! We settled in and waited for Dad’s mates to take the two spare tickets. We waited and waited until Grandad got a little fed up, after having only one beer, and called them to find they were nowhere near the pub! Not a great start. We met them at the ground and Grandad tips us by 35. I have my doubts about the Dockers after they kicked a woeful 2.12 against Adelaide and GWS dismantled the reigning premiers by a lazy 75 points. I thought GWS by 10 in a close one.

The first quarter, Freo showed glimpses of 2015 form. Chris Mayne took a great mark and kicked truly for the first of the game. He was so excited and celebrated as if it was his first ever AFL goal. Hopefully, that helps his confidence in weeks to come. We go back and forth until in the middle of the quarter, GWS take control. We storm home late in the 35 minute quarter and the score is tied at 5.1 at quarter time. Grandad says that if we can stick with them, Freo have the experience to beat GWS.

After the high standards of the first quarter, the second quarter was probably where Freo lost the game. Grandad said, “if Freo go on to lose this game, it will be because of this quarter.” We did some stupid things and didn’t use the strong wind to our advantage. The wind was blowing across the ground so, kicking on the non-interchange bench side of the ground would be how Freo would score. Freo kicked 2 goals 1 to GWS’ 5 goals 3! The way Freo scored was through that right hand side of the ground. When Freo did kick out on the left hand side of the ground, the ball went out of bounds and GWS could regain possession and launch into their forward 50. It wasn’t high IQ football at times and this was further confirmed when Grandad said, “Christ, Shakespeare could write a play about this called a comedy of errors.” We kept them within 3 goals and were still in the game.

After Grandad’s hilarious Shakespeare comment, the third quarter would be so important. We started well and looked possible to get back with them. As the highlights show, all the good play was GWS apart from an awesome tackle from Lachie Weller. Weller will be an awesome player in the next few years and hopefully he stays with Freo.

We were still in the game in the last quarter. A nice dribble kick from D. Pearce put us within 2 goals. We still could win it but GWS were holding strong. Then, a last second goal from Tom Scully sealed our fate as well as the siren. We had lost.

We may be 0-7 and this season is almost a write off but, there were a lot of positives. Ethan Hughes played his second game and Lachie Weller proved why I like how he plays. He wins the ‘Hot Coales Award’ for his stunning attack on the footy. Football helps teach a lot of life lessons and this is one of them; life hurts.


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  1. E.regnans says

    G’day Josh.
    Life lessons, indeed.
    I admire your match day ritual and your writing. Well played.

    “Hot Coales Award” – brilliant.

  2. Clever and wise report Josh. “Character building” this season for you and your team.
    Suggest you change your Award name. Too many teams “walking over Hot Coales” this season.

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