Round 7 – Collingwood v Carlton: It’s Not Unusual

it’s not unusual to be loathed by everyone

it’s not unusual to pumped by everyone

but when I see you hangin about with anyone

it’s not unusual to see me cry, who’d be a Pie


it’s not unusual to be down at any time

but when I see them out and shout is such a crime

but should you ever wanna be liked by anyone

don’t serve the crap of Saturday

or any other day

you find it happens all the time

ball can never do what you want it to

how can Magpies play this way

another shitty day

no matter what you say

find it happening all the time

ball can never do  what you want it to

why can’t these Blues be mine?


it’s not unusual to be mocked by everyone

your ‘e so much worse than everyone

but if you ever find that you need change at any time

it’s not unusual to be Blue

not black and white like you

About Tony Robb

A life long Blues supporter of 49 years who has seen some light at the end of the tunnel that isn't Mick Malthouse driving a train.


  1. Malby Dangels says

    Very good! Next hit single – Why oh Whyyyyy McGuire

  2. John Butler says

    TR, just remember, we’re the humble club now.

    At least that’s our cover story.

  3. Tony- great to meet you last Friday. Late afternoon it wouldn’t have surprised if there had been spontaneous singing of Tom Jones’s back catalogue.

  4. G’day Tony,

    It’s not usual being excited to being like a Bluebagger on that game.

    Even only listening to the part of the game, I was happy to see Blues won over Collingwood. Indeed I was extremely happy to see the mighty Saints smashed Collingwood at Round 3.

    How much you love to see Carlton smash your big arch rival?

    Your poem is so brilliant.



  5. Tony Robb says

    Malby A classic if ever there was or poosibly a little Platters ” Yes we’re the great pretenders”
    JB Sorry I dropped my humility for a minute. I will be more circumspect when we beat the other magpie scum this week
    Mickey- terrific to meet last Friday. i hope you all had a great weekend in Melbourne
    Yoshi And well done to your boys for their continuing improvement

  6. E.regnans says

    Any sightings of jox being thrown at the performers on Saturday, TR?

    Good to join you in singing “we are the Navy Blues” on the *Friday*.

  7. Tony Robb says

    Mainly vitriol Dave. From the pies fans. It was even better singing it after the game on Saturday. Yes it was great to meet you and Luke on Friday. We kicked on for a while but managed to get the footy for the first bounce. Hope to do it again soon

  8. Luke Reynolds says

    Nice lyrical work Tony. Well done. Pity about the subject matter though.
    Great to chat all things sport and Canberra on Friday. Look forward to catch up again at an Almanac function or a Manuka Oval Test match!

  9. Tony Robb says

    G’Day Luke. Cheers mate. It was certainly a good day. Dylan and I had a ball. Hopefully the test match at Manuka is not too far away as you presence would certainly be welcome. Be assured we wil lunch again

  10. Well done Tony.
    Would your “it’s not unusual,” to be added to Blueseum’s Carlton poetry collection?

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