Round 7 – Adelaide v St Kilda: Betts Bargain Basement Buy


Saturday; up early off to Pac to umpire and then to Bob Neil number 2 where the scum are convincingly beaten.


Back to Bob Neil 1 where Adelaide Uni are getting thumped by Salisbury North. I head in to the bar to watch the Crows take on the Saints with the game on delay.


It is amazing how relaxed you are when the game is on delay and you know the live score. St Kilda have got off to a flyer, kicking the first three goals with Armitage and Jack Stevens proving a handful and Josh Bruce dangerous around goals, continuing his fine start to the season.


Grigg combines with VB to kick the Crows first, and then Eddie Betts takes a hanger and, as usual, cleverly converts.


As the quarter continues there is a sickening head clash between Nick Riewoldt and Brodie Smith, with huge concern over the welfare of Riewoldt as a neck brace is secured. Riewoldt had a lack of awareness and didn’t get low and brace himself for the clash whatsoever now that the AFL through their own stupidity reported and suspended Steven May from Gold Coast for what was a normal football bump (and other cases), does that mean St Nick is therefore reported for a football collision?


The game eventually starts again with both players off for the rest of the game. Grigg kicks and Tex Walker marks close to the ground as the siren goes. Walker calmly goes back and delivers from 55 meters out, so scores are level at quarter time and all the momentum with the Crows.


Jacobs gets on top in the ruck over Longer and Hickey with his hit outs to advantage proving crucial. Sauce is also linking brilliantly with Thompson and Matt Crouch. A fantastic pick up from Tex results in a goal to the brilliant Betts. The crucial link man in Tom Lynch kicks 2 goals in a minute; his excitement in delivering against his old side is obvious.


Charlie Cameron – who has been quiet the last few weeks, and is probably lucky to keep his spot – kicks multiple goals. A highlight of the quarter is a text book bump by impressive newcomer Jake Lever on Jack Lonie, but who knows how the match review panel will judge it? Surely common sense and play on? Rory Laird would be in line for the most improved award at this stage of the season. He is tough, courageous and a good decision maker. He helps curtail Jack Stevens’ influence.


Patrick Dangerfield, while not at his scintillating best, is still contributing strongly. Betts just continues to dominate the whole game with the synergy and combining with fellow forwards Taylor Walker and Tom Lynch improving by the week.


Today Charlie Cameron has joined in, but it is in this regard Betts also excels. He is a mentor and virtual coach for young Charlie and is always attempting to bring him in to the game and share possessions. The football fraternity was quick to criticize the Crows, re: how much Betts was being paid, saying it was massive overs. At this stage it is the exact opposite.


For the Saints they are on the right track with a lot of quality youth. Jack Newnes, Luke Dunstan and Jack Billings all have fine futures ahead of them, with Josh Bruce the find of the season up forward and with the number 1 draft choice Paddy McCartin  to show his wares in the future. Norwood recruit Cam ‘Rowdy’ Shenton – a last minute inclusion for the Saints – also performed strongly.


A disappointing aspect of the game was some Kath and Kim umpiring (“look at me, look at me”) in particular by Troy Pannell. Just umpire Troy. An appalling attitude.


As the game finishes it is reflection time, re: the serious knee injury to Matty Jaensch and the concussion injuries to Jack Lonie, Brodie Smith and Nick Riewoldt. Thank goodness Nick is given the all clear of serious injury today.


The sight of Brett ‘Radar’ Reilly greeting the players at the end of the game is also cause for a reality check. The sporting world was rocked by the death of Phil Hughes, but then Reilly was seriously injured at training and his life was on a knife’s edge for a few days. Realistically through being an elite athlete is enabling him to recover and he is moving towards a future healthy life.


Radar was a good, tough, courageous player with the individual highlight being that amazing mark he took running backwards against Ryan O’Keefe at the SCG. His best years were when the Crows made preliminary finals in 2005, 2006 and 2012 (when he just missed out on All- Australian selection), but seeing Radar on the ground after the match, and the way he has accepted his lot in life, is a huge reminder it is just a game.



Adelaide Crows 18-11-119 def St Kilda 10-13-79



Adelaide: Betts 6, Cameron, Lynch, Walker 3, Grigg 2, Dangerfield.
St Kilda: Bruce 5, Shenton, Newnes, Steven, Savage, Hickey.


Best Players

Adelaide: Betts, Jacobs, Walker, Laird, Dangerfield, Thompson, Jaensch, MacKay
St Kilda: Steven, Bruce, Armitage, Weller, Newnes, Savage, Fisher



Malarkey Medal Votes:  Betts (Adelaide) 3 , Jacobs (Adelaide) 2, Walker (Adelaide) 1.




  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I thought Bruce was very good for the Saints. Even at the death, he was still chasing guys down on the wing.

    I watched this in real time, and was, as always, expecting a comeback from the opposition. If the Saints nailed a few more of their opportunities in the third, it might have been a different game.

    Lever’s (legal) crunching of Lonie happened before the Riewoldt-Smith clash, so the Saints were down on numbers for most of the game.

    I’ve seen that a few of my on-line Carlton buddies don’t rate Betts as a big loss as he went missing for them in big games. My take on this is that

    a) that would be a small sample size in Carlton’s case
    b) let’s hope we get a chance to find out
    c) what is the record for small forwards in finals over recent years?

    Who have the Crows got in the twos that are due for promotion ‘Book?

  2. Dave Brown says

    Sound as ever, Malcolm (not just a You Am I album). Agree with Swish re. Bruce. My take on Eddie is that he may not have been worth that money at Carlton but is very much at Adelaide. He is truly loved at Adelaide which is something Carlton are unable to offer.

    Having a few left footers in the team in M Crouch, Kelly and Grigg makes the team better balanced / less predictable. Dangerfield’s understated job was exactly what the team needed (10 tackles) in the absence of Sloane.

    As for the umps, there was plenty of blaming the players for their own not blowing the whistle in a timely fashion. Players seem to be expected to play to the whistle except when the umpire thinks the player should have known he was about to blow the whistle. The Kelly 50 a perfect example of that.

  3. Betts a Coleman/Brownlow smokey????

  4. Nick Raschella says

    Havent watched the game so cant really comment on it but where is that drongo Gary Lyon now after his ill informed article early last year that Eddie Betts is over paid. As Rulebook said he has worked out to be a bargain basement buy for the crows.

  5. NIce work Rulebbok. Betts is certainly repaying the faith. On current form he is a bargain and Carlton can only look on. What a joke they are at the moment. St Kilda have some upswing and there is hope for the saints going forward.

  6. Good job Malcolm. A solid win, but came at a cost. Knocking off a few top four contenders will be instructive as to our real position.

    Who would’ve thought that the Crows v GWS could be the game of the round?

  7. Peter Fuller says

    I’m not just playing devil’s advocate, but my impression was that Eddie had run his race at Princes Park. Whether the reason was staleness, not being used to full capacity or some grievances with other players/coaching staff, I can only guess. I realise the proximate cause was argument over length of a contract, but players happy at their club are typically reluctant to move unless the financial inducements are huge (Ablett to Gold Coast proportions). Eddie is a good example of the player whose career is revived by a change of club, probably enhanced by moving him away from Melbourne as well.
    In his last couple of years, he Garlett and Yarran had occasional games where they were devastating in their effectiveness, and complemented each other. However, there were plenty of other matches where they were all out of sorts, or just one of them turned it on. I’m delighted for him that he has made such a good fist of things with the Crows and hope for his continued success.
    While the consensus that Adelaide played Carlton for mugs is persuasive, I am not convinced that this was even in the top few appalling decisions by Carlton list managers. With hindsight I reckon letting Jacobs go was far worse, although again, the call was made trying to evaluate the alternative potential of Warnock and Hampson measured against him. It’s obvious now, but wasn’t so clear-cut four or five years ago.

  8. Lewis Pounentis says

    Adelaide’s gain is certainly Carlton’s loss

    What a rabble we all are at Princes Park :(

  9. Good one Malcolm. “Kath & Kim” is a (Malcolm) blight on the game.

  10. Campbell says

    Great write-up. Betts has been absolutely dominant for the Crows this season, Carlton must be kicking themselves! Josh Bruce definitely looks like he has a bright future ahead of him.

  11. It was fantastic to see the forwards working together, they seem to really play off each other well. Rather than any of them being out there for themselves individually, there appears a sense of harmony, sharing the ball around. Great to watch.
    It’s a strange thing that Nick & Brodie get head injuries in Radar’s farewell, as though the cosmos has a sick & twisted sense of humour. Or perhaps it helps to remind us of the danger these boys put themselves through, for the entertainment of the great unwashed. Either way, it seemed timely, and perhaps a cosmic message that we on the boundary lines shouldn’t be so quick to unfairly judge those who quite literally have their lives on the line. So easily could Radar have been the next Hughes.
    It’s been a great start to the season, very much looking forward to the coming weeks. We fly as one!!!!!

  12. Hi Malcolm, good write up, particularly the kath and kim reference, was at the game and was totally dismayed at his performance, total joke, not sure how he gets games!

  13. Good write up. Was at the game with my son who is an umpire, admittedly he’s a 2nd year learner, but has played the game since he was 7 and is now 16 so knows the rules, and we were both sitting there wondering what on earth rules #28 was using. He had no idea what he was doing, and the 50m penalties he payed were insane, we think there was maybe 2 that were warranted, the rest soft and pathetic. The umpires need to realise that we pay our memberships or buy tickets for the game to go and watch our team play, we do not go to watch the umpires officiate the game. At the end of the day, if we don’t notice the umpires, it means they’ve done a good job. Troy Pannell needs to either stop umpiring, or stop making the game about himself.

    Other than that, as a supporter there was a lot of frustrating things happening in the game, but a lot of that is learning and we have a lot of kids who will only get better as they get more games under their belts.

    Was sad to see Radar go around the ground, but at the same time thankful that he was able to go around the ground, could have been a heck of a lot worse, I wish him well in retirement and I hope all supporters are grateful for the 203 games and years of service he gave our club.

    Fingers crossed we can hold off GWS this week, and not sustain any more injuries!

  14. Another great article Rulebook. Even though not a Crows fan, I can see the value of Eddie. I wished he was wearing Black, Teal, White and Silver at the moment. Cant win the Brownlow, as small forwards just don’t win Brownlow Medals. Smokey for the Coleman however.

  15. Jill Tathra says

    I have Pay TV so watched the 1st half then went next door for an 80th birthday party. I only stayed and hour and a half then came home and watched the second half on channel 6, which is country 7! I`ve had a couple of good weeks with the Crows winning my Woodville West Torrens winning and Port loosing!!! Another great report mate hope to see you in print in the papers one day soon.

  16. To be fair, Eddie could only improve once out of the sump aka Optus Oval.

  17. Speaking of Carlton, perhaps an article on the bona fides of S Trigg?

  18. E.regnans says

    Well played Rulebook.
    You fit a bit into your day.
    Brett Reilly and his recovery from closed head injury a life-long journey.
    Not sure how he’s going.
    Hope all is well enough.
    All the best to him and those close to him.

  19. Peter Crossing says

    Busy day young Malcolm. Thanks for the run-down. The Eddie Betts factor was also raised on the ABC radio broadcast of the match beamed into Canberra (not often this happens from Adelaide). The broadcast blokes came up with Tony Modra and Darren Jarman as best pick ups by the Crows but surely they sit in a different category. Eddie has taken on a new lease of life just as Scott Thompson has done. Marty Mattner was a good pick up for Sydney from the Crows. Other players have done the same at other clubs – Peter Burgoyne, Brian Lake (momentarily) and Stewart Dew (Enfield High star recruit) for Hawthorn. Dare I mention Jack Gunston? And the man mountain Shane Mumford is doing wondrous things at GWS. Raises the question of just who is the best recruit from somewhere else? I am sure there are many to consider. And would players such as Buddy Franklin, Gary Ablett and, dare I mention him, Kurt Tippett, be excluded because of the shekels factor?
    And another question for you, Malcolm, my good man. Has Mr Ricciuto become the Eddie Everywhere of Adelaide?

  20. Sheridan McLeod says

    Excellent words Malcolm :) I think Eddie is heading for the Brownlow and maybe the Coleman…..Go the Crows :) :)

  21. Nice work Book. Eddie excitement is well worth going along each match – the expectation created and (usually) sublime execution by Mr Baggy (Shorts not as in Sturts #8) definitely compensate for some of the other mediocre performances on show by players & umpires alike. Obviously the 50m was on the umpire shit list last weekend.
    Crows are doing OK overall – 5 & 2 and winning while not playing real well but I think GWS will record their 1st win against us this week. They are formidable across all lines. The big Sauce will need a break soon and definitely needs help this week – time to step up someone.

  22. Good Scum!

  23. Rulebook – as usual an interesting read. Crows were a tad lucky. Very interested in how they go against the Giants.

  24. Just out of curiosity does anyone else think the crows hype this year is a little bit of forward thinking seeing they have lost to both Port and Western Bulldogs and the only win over a semi contender this year was round 1 against a “stunned” North Melbourne, and all their wins outside of that have been against cellar dwellers. I think until we see what they show VS Freo, Hawks, Gws, Swans before i can actually take them seriously as a contender………. I think West coast, Collingwood are in the same predicament, with a soft draw making them look better than they actually are. Top 4? I’m not buying it yet…… but it is good to see Any Bets doing well, Tex needs to lift his game/ or work-rate.

  25. Betts for Coleman. Legs for the 4 peat. Worth a shot.

  26. James Jolly says

    Betts outstanding.. jeez they will be dangerous up forward when pods returns. Will give tex a tad more freedom to move. Sloane to the saints in the news is not good news. Not only for the possibility of it happening but the distraction it causes. Hoping danger and sloane do the right thing and stay. Adelaide needs them!

  27. Steve wood says

    Good article mal, to the point as usual. Reiwoldt looked clumsy in his attack on smith and was lucky not to have done more serious damage to either of them.
    As for the umps, it was their appreciation round and after watching a few of the games they looked like they wanted to stand out more with some of their decisions appalling . What’s with all the 50 meter penalties a if a sudden ?

  28. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Robbie – I’ve got us down for 12-10, so no hype from me, just enjoying it while we can.

  29. You nailed this comment. A disappointing aspect of the game was some Kath and Kim umpiring (“look at me, look at me”) in particular by Troy Parnell. Just umpire. An appalling attitude.

    Outstanding reference to this particular umpire. I was at the game and I can tell you now if I could afford the $5000 fine he would have found out how pissed off we were.
    Great article mate

  30. Matt Wilson says

    Concise and enjoyable as always rulebook!
    Watching the game where Betts and Riewoldt dominated the commentary it made me think about natural footballers versus great athletes who become footballers.
    Great to watch Walker and Betts because they are natural instinctive footballers, Bruce for the Saints looked like he could also be a “footballer”, great work rate and gets to the right spots.
    Riewoldt and Ricky Henderson spring to mind as good athletes who play football. Riewoldt is an outstanding player, courageous, athletic, leads by example, but both he and Henderson (and many others across the AFL) seem to end up in situations where they don’t position themselves for football contact. In Henderson’s case he doesn’t appear to know how to use his body to influence a contest.
    Too harsh? Maybe the increased pace of the game has reduced the time to get into the right position?

  31. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Swish Bruce has been fantastic for the saints and Betts re big games he has been fantastic in showdowns also that he is fitter and can go on ball will help him to keep delivering.Kerridge and Martin are the next in line with the rookie ruckman OBrien a chance.Dave great point re Betts feeling at home at the crows and the umpiring was a disgrace.Raj he should have polled well so far and without a dominant key forward kicking bags in the comp,Betts is a outside chance for the Coleman.Papa and Jags he has been ausom so far.Peter interesting point re Betts having although having a key forward in Tex to crumb off is helping Eddie compared to the Blues and at 26 he is entering his prime maybe hecould still have been a gun at Carlton.Lewis yep Carlton certainly are at the moment.Touche Daddsy.Thanks Campbell.Mickey if the crows can make the 8 with there injuries it will be a considerable feat,we’re not far away from the Giants being in the game of the week a lot.MM thank goodness,Radar is recovering hopefully our injuries haven’t caught up with us

  32. Interesting thoughts Matt I tend to agree. There are no substitutes for footy smarts. That applies to all sports.

  33. David Gordon says

    Nice works as always Book.

    I was lucky enough to grab a mate’s Member’s seat at the Saints game.

    Disappointingly, I did not have The Ox with me! He is due to be recalled for this week’s Uni A Grade Blacks V Payneham game at Payneham though. In the sort of scintillating form he is currently in, The Ox will do serious damage to their weekend barbecue supplies. At last year’s Amateur League final games at the same venue he worked his way through all variations of sausage, steak and hamburger they had on their list. Very impressive….until I had to start buying them for him!!

    Back on topic…I did notice the “waxing” going on between Betts and Cameron up forward. Great if this helps get Cameron’s confidence up and has him wanting to emulate Betts. Would also love to see Eddy’s cheeky grin up there accepting the Coleman. Not inconceivable the way he is going. PS: Tex’s pick up and give from the bootlaces was extra special wasn’t it? Those sort of skills are just as breath-taking (and important) as the 55 metre bombs we all love to see him kick.

  34. Malcolm Ashwood says

    VG,Ness the umpiring particularly,Pannell was bitterly disappointing how he and
    Razor Ray umpire afl with the all about me attitude is rediculous.Thanks Luke.
    Thanks Jill greatly appreciated but unlikely!Half woman I was bemused there was such
    demand for Trigg to say the least.OBP and Noughts I was also out and about after the game selling raffle tickets for Down syndrome( a great cause)Noughts Roo is incredible how he fits so much in a day has me stuffed he is incredible and yes is a person of considerable influence in Adelaide.Thanks Sheridan Betts fever has certainly taken over in sa.Wes go the scum! Thanks AD and good luck to your colt next week.Robbie the crows have done pretty well so far realistically injuries will catch up I am like Swish and agree with his predicted finish

  35. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Raf hope so ! James if Pods plays I reckon it will be down back to help out re experience especially and yep the crows desperately need both of them to stay.
    Steve it was a bizarre by Riewoldt actually more Kositschke like real lack of vision and awareness.CJ as a umpire I was disgusted I reckon a pass the hat around in the crowd would have paid the fine in 5 minutes.Willo outstanding point awareness and peripheral vision are almost impossible to teach,Henderson and most of the other players who have come from a basketball background not having played a huge amount of adult football struggle in this area as Raj says footy smarts are vital interesting to that there was demand from several clubs re 1st round draft choices for Henderson when Vince was let go mmm.Gordo your patience with the Ox is incredible we all admire you for it and the pick up by Tex was special,thanks guys

  36. Betts is the man and the crows would be far worse off without him – give him a raise, I say!

  37. Winnie Snr says

    Tom Scully vs Eddie Betts.

    Crows have got a bargain in comparison to GWS.

  38. Nice writeup Rulebook. can Betts win the Coleman?! Surely he’ll finish top 3.

  39. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Pup and Seags there is no doubt Betts fever has hit town with shades of Modra hero worship.Winnie snr yep at this stage although,Scully has been much maligned and is just really starting to come good he will be vital for the GWS in there I fear era of dominance,thanks guys

  40. Enjoyable read – insightful as always.

  41. Ben Moore says

    Great wrap again ‘Book, you truly are officiating well of late.

    Eddie Betts is a great pick up for the crows. The club timed his recruitment perfectly with the move to the Crowval – fans are ravenous for more Eddie!
    Jake Lever a genuine star in the making too. If the crows can recruit another genuine tall ‘allrounder’ over summer, then our defensive unit could push us higher up the ladder – rumour has it another blue is considering a move, his name may or may not be Lachie Henderson…..
    Hoping for a quick recovery for Reiwoldt, and for Smith to not have any more bad head clashes – he is becoming plagued by this happening far too often.

    Crows v Giants this week. 4th v 5th. massive game, let’s hope Eddie can bring the pride of South Australia the 4 points again!

  42. Andrew Culley says

    Looked great on TV from Sydney and I’ll be at beautiful Western Sydney to see Eddie live this week.

    One thing that annoyed me with the 7 commentators (well more than normal) was their continued reference to the age and inexperience of the Saints team and the fact they played with two injured on the bench. As far as I could tell so did we and Rulebook I’d love you to do the stats on the average games played between the squads, particularly our defence.

    It would also be interesting to see that analysis against GWS as we seem to have some very inexperienced players out there at the moment.

  43. Tom Evans says

    Good read Ashy…gonna be a cracking game this week against GWS away! Big test for the tri-colours!

  44. Lovely Lisa says

    Keep up the good work Book.

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