Round 6 – GWS v Western Bulldogs: Got One Back

Greater Western Sydney versus Western Bulldogs

7.50pm, Friday 28 April

UNSW Oval, Canberra

Aidan Hammond Aged 11

Last year, it was the Preliminary Final and Bulldogs were winning by five and it was the last moments of the game. The Bulldogs got it into Tory Dickson for a set shot that would wind some time off the clock. The siren sounded and he scored a point, but they were not sad because he missed. No. They were into the grand final.

Now, both teams have a four and one win-loss ratio and are sitting in fourth and fifth positions on the ladder, and it is time for the Giants to get revenge. It’s quite a close match. I can see that both teams are playing really well. The person who is playing really well is Jonathan Patton, the number one draft pick. This rivalry is growing.


We got takeaway from Sushi Train.


We arrived back home at about quarter time. It looked like it was really close. At the start, the Giants had control of the game and looked like they would run away with it. This is a good game in front of Australia’s capital. Jeremy Cameron scored back to back goals giving the Giants a nice lead. Then the Bont comes in; Bont, Cameron, the Package, the Package – all goals. There were only three goal scorers in the 2nd quarter. Cameron with 3 goals, Bontempelli with 2 and Stringer with 2. Bulldogs have a lot of behinds. Giants 6.3 Dogs 6.12.


The Dogs should be winning by more.


Another great 7-plays-in-7 days.


In the third quarter the game just gets better. It is going to be really good. It was 7 minutes to get the goal. Cameron. He is having a really good game. After that Toby Greene gets a goal. Giants are leading by three, wow. Toby Greene is really silly, he is so stupid for what he did against Caleb Daniel, he literally wacked him in the face. Toby Greene needs to control his temper. I remember a couple of years ago he got 2 weeks for spitting at someone.  He must get some weeks for this. He got reported.


The last quarter is amazing, it is just so good. Patton gets some goals. Bont is really good and scores goals. Boyd could have scored the goal for his team. But he actually just shanks it. Bulldogs could still win.


They give away a 50 metre penalty, I turn the TV off.


GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY  3.3   6.3     8.6    11.9  (75)
WESTERN BULLDOGS              2.4   6.12   7.17   9.19 (73)

Greater Western Sydney: Cameron 4, Greene 3, Patton 3, Lobb
Western Bulldogs: Stringer 3, Bontempelli 3, Daniel 2, Suckling

Greater Western Sydney: Williams, Greene, Cameron, Kelly, Shiel, Scully
Western Bulldogs: Macrae, Bontempelli, Daniel, Johannisen, Hunter, Dahlhaus

Umpires: Deboy, Meredith, Ryan, Crowd: 14,048

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  1. Len Rodwell says

    Good report. I could not watch the game because the Channel Seven channel on my cable TV in Honiara, Solomon Islands disappeared for two days. Probably a good thing because when the Dogs posted behind number 19, I would have been in a state of despair.

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